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Distance Education Plan taken for college credit. Some universities already offer online courses (see first bullet in section I. above), and other universities may develop online courses in the future. AFS could... Read More

AFS Membership Survey 2014

other societies No topical relevance in current position Technological complications Difficulty with online renewal Website would not accept credit card Frustration with online journal subscriptions Problems with electronic communication No... Read More


...translate into American credit hours? A: Generally, a Canadian course that goes for one full year earns 1 credit, and equates to 6 U.S. semester hours. A .5 credit course... Read More

Subscription Rates

Online Print + Online $1,860 $2,325   Single title subscriptions North American Journal of Aquaculture only Online Print + Online $521 $651   Journal of Aquatic Animal Health only Online... Read More


...journals online $25 Early Career Fisheries + journals online $50 Retired Fisheries + journals online $50 Life Member Fisheries + journals online $1,737 Low and Middle Income Countries Fisheries +... Read More

2014-2015—Annual Report

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