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Guidelines for the Use of Fishes in Research

...Operating Procedures [SOPs],, or EPA 2002, Guidance for Quality Assurance Project Plans, or the FDA (various questions and answers regarding quality assurance and SOPs are included in FDA... Read More

Distance Education Plan

...vehicles for online delivery, but their utility and quality is only as good the instructors behind them. Crafting a high-quality online course is a daunting task that requires a great... Read More

Fisheries Safety Handbook training courses, AEDs, and wilderness training visit: American Heart Association ( American Red Cross ( Citizen CPR Foundation ( Federal Occupational Health ( National Safety Council ( OSHA ( Read More

AFS Membership Survey 2014

analyses. We conducted an analysis of the 2,741 survey respondents, where the goal of the analysis was to identify global trends among all respondents with respect to steps AFS could... Read More

Use of Best Available Science

...underlying values is especially important when proposing scientific solutions to complex environmental problems. The analytical tools commonly used to aid environmental decision making, such as ecological risk assessment and benefit–cost... Read More

2011-2012 Annual Report achieve the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. The AFS is represented on the National Fish Habitat Action Plan Board by Past President, Stan Moberly. POLICY STATEMENTS Policy statements are... Read More