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Science Communication, Awards, and Films

We have an amazing plenary speaker lined up for today! Don't miss Marcy McGinnis at 1:00 pm EDT, followed by the presentation of several prestigious awards. Then you can pick up the pace by browsing through the five-minute science storytelling symposium or wind down with the second session of the AFS Film Festival.


Marcy McGinnis

Marcy McGinnis is a media and communications trainer and professional career coach; a former CBS News executive and producer; and a former facilitator, trainer, and founding member, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.

McGinnis will share the inside scoop on decision making in the news business. She will explain the journey of a news story – how an idea becomes an actual two or three-minute story on a news broadcast. She’ll explain what reporters and producers look for and how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when pitching your ideas. And she will share some examples of compelling science-related stories that aired on CBS News.


Awards presentations will follow Marcy's plenary presentation, starting approximately 2:15 pm EDT.
  • President's Fishery Conservation Award (member): Wolf Dieter Busch, US Fish and Wildlife Service, retired
  • President's Fishery Conservation Award (non-member): Upper Willamette Stewardship Network/Jared Weybright
  • Excellence in Fisheries Education: Larry Nielsen, North Carolina State University
  • William E. Ricker Resource Conservation Award: Doug Dixon, Electric Power Research Institute, retired
  • Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award: Bob Rose, Yakama Nation Fisheries Resource Management Program, retired



Fish Protection Prize

Nine innovative teams are competing for Fish Protection Prizes totaling $700k with their proposals for protecting fish at water diversions and intakes. Catch their pitch session Wednesday at 10 am EDT and learn more about them and possibilities for future hydropower systems.

Visit the Trade Show

Take a break, grab some coffee, and browse the virtual exhibits at the Trade Show! See the latest technology, ask questions, and visit their websites.

11:30 - 12:30 pm EDT: Biomark Tech Talk

12:00 - 1:00 pm EDT: Exhibitors online at Trade Show

Film Festival, Part Deux

Pop some corn and spend this evening enjoying the AFS Annual Film Festival. Session 2 highlights fish migration and the importance of connected aquatic systems. We thank sponsors National Fish Habitat Partnership, NOAA Fisheries Service, Beyond the Pond, and Fishpond.

Browse the Virtual Silent Auction

Browsing is now open for the Silent Auction - look through fishing and nature trips, art and photography, fishing equipment, and books. Bidding will open the second week of the meeting on September 21.

We are still seeking donations for this important fundraiser: experiences, park passes, artistic creations, tours, and more. Show off your hobbies and crafts, your favorite rivers and lakes, or your cabin at the lake - the possibilities are unlimited!



Get Engaged and Network

All registered attendees have been invited to join our Virtual Annual Meeting Slack workspace (click here for invitation). Network with colleagues, introduce yourself, show off your presentation, ask questions, create polls, share photos, and get engaged! We have some quick directions on how to get slacking.


It's not too late! All live sessions are being recorded and will be available for later viewing. Most papers and posters are pre-recorded and are available on demand 24/7 during and after the meeting.
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