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Clean Water Act Win in Supreme Court Maui Case

An amicus brief from AFS and other aquatic science societies was cited in a U.S. Supreme Court majority opinion that a Clean Water Act permit is required when certain discharges into groundwater act as “the functional equivalent” of a direct release into navigable waters. The court, relying heavily on science, closed a major loophole for polluters to evade the act’s jurisdiction.


Online Spring Conference

Four more sessions remain in our Virtual Spring Conference: April 30 (Western Division), May 5 (Cal-Neva Chapter/Western Division), May 7 (Tidewater Chapter), and the Poster Session on May 6. Registration is free but we are encouraging voluntary donations to benefit the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program.


Anglers May Be Exposed to Harmful PFAS Chemicals in Their Catch

In this review, the authors focus on per‐ and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), synthetic compounds used for a variety of applications, including firefighting foam and manufacturing. The authors review known PFAS contamination of wild‐caught fish, and their possible health risk through angler exposure in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska. The conclusions and recommendations from the case study can be applied to and are useful for PFAS‐contaminated communities nationwide.

A Call for Collaboration among Water Quality and Fisheries Professionals

To ensure that protective water quality is maintained while fisheries are effectively managed, better collaboration is needed between fisheries and water quality professionals. This perspective column makes a case that these two groups of professionals can be more effective by working together and sharing perspectives. It highlights the benefits of such partnerships and describes specific opportunities for strengthening collaboration, while noting the role that the American Fisheries Society can play by facilitating collaboration through professional meetings and training.


AFS Welcomes New Journal Associate Editors

The AFS Journals Department is pleased to welcome a new class of associate editors to the journals program for the years 2019–2020. Peer review is the heart of the AFS journals program and associate editors are at the center of the process. Their dedication to quality science greatly benefits their colleagues and provides an invaluable service to the Society. We look forward to receiving your submissions in 2020!


Efficacy of a Modified Health Assessment on Two Stocks of Rainbow Trout

The Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss is maintained in aquaculture facilities and used as a source of protein around the world. Veterinarians need accurate, efficient tools and straightforward assessments to evaluate the health status of fish, like Rainbow Trout, that are cultivated on farms. In this study, two genetically distinct broodstock lines of Rainbow Trout were surveyed with a modified health assessment in a prospective, randomized, single‐blind study.


Hutton Challenge

Less than two weeks left to donate to the Hutton Challenge Campaign! AFS is looking to raise $10,000 to be put toward student internships through the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program. We are SO close to hitting our goal and need your continued support to reach that milestone. All donations to the Hutton Program until May 7th will be matched up to $10,000 by an anonymous donor. For the next nine days your support has twice the impact! Donate today and help AFS introduce a student to the field of fisheries and aquatic sciences.

2020 Award Nomination Deadline

Award nominations close Friday, May 1.
This is your last chance to nominate your colleagues for recognition in 2020!

Hutton Mentor Webinar

Are you interested in applying to be a Hutton Mentor but not sure of the responsibilities of hosting a high school student for the summer? Have you been a Hutton Mentor and want to learn from other mentors? If so, join us Friday, May 1st, at 12 p.m. EDT to learn more about the program and becoming a Hutton Mentor. We will hear from three seasoned Hutton Mentors as they share their experiences and best practices with the program, discuss the duties and responsibilities of hosting a Hutton Scholar, and provide guidance on giving your Hutton Scholar a summer they will never forget!
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2020 AFS Officer Election

April 20–May 20, 2020: All current AFS members are eligible to vote. Voting instructions were emailed on April 20th. Check out our Q&A with both candidates for Second Vice President:
Julie Defilippi Simpson and Cecil Jennings.


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