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Virtual Spawning Run Registration Now Open

The 2020 AFS Spawning Run and Carcass Crawl 5K is going virtual! Be one of the first 300 registrants to ensure you’ll get a t-shirt featuring this Ray Troll design! Make or join a team to spark some friendly competition among Sections, Chapters, or Student Subunits. Run or crawl anytime and anywhere between August 1 and September 31, 2020. Funds raised will be split equally among the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program, the Equal Opportunities Section Student Travel Award, and the John E. Skinner Memorial Fund for student travel.


Sport Fish Restoration Re-authorization Advances in Senate

Re-authorization of the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund passed out of committee in the Senate on Wednesday, July 22. The American Fisheries Society strongly supports re-authorization of the program, a critical funding source for fisheries management, science, and aquatic conservation.

Aquaculture Statement

In response to efforts to advance marine aquaculture legislation and policy in the U.S., the American Fisheries Society has stated its position on aquaculture. The statement was approved by the Governing Board at its mid-term call on July 20.


A Gap in the Armor: Spearfishing Reduces Invasive Suckermouth Armored Catfish

Introduced Suckermouth Armored Catfish have invaded freshwater ecosystems globally. In the San Marcos River, Texas, control includes spearfishing through public tournaments and contracted spearfishing. A recently developed length‐based Bayesian biomass estimation method was used to assess spearfishing mortality relative to natural mortality and existing biomass relative to an unexploited population.

InFish: A Professional Network to Promote Global Conservation and Responsible Use of Inland Fish

InFish is a voluntary professional network with over 120 members from over 50 organizations in over 20 countries that seeks to address challenges facing inland fish through novel approaches and international collaborations. InFish fosters opportunities to share knowledge, pursue proposals, co-author publications, and organize conference‐related events focused on inland fisheries.


Special Journal Section on Essential Fatty Acids

In recognition of the need to develop more efficient predictive abilities for species‐specific fatty acid requirements, this Special Section on Essential Fatty Acids in Fish was compiled by Jesse Trushenski and colleagues. This body of work introduces the concept of using trophic level as a means of predicting the EFA requirements of fish, as initially proposed by Sargent et al. (1995) more than 25 years ago. Comprising a series of six articles, the topic is initially reviewed and the terms “essential” and “requirement” are defined in the context of fatty acids prior to highlighting the inaccuracies of basing the EFA requirements of a species on its thermal and salinity preferences.

Maintaining Connectivity in a Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Metapopulation

A multi-faceted approach provides multiple lines of evidence of the presence of a fluvial life history expression in imperiled Weber River Bonneville Cutthroat Trout, despite previous anecdotal suspicions it had been lost as elsewhere. Fish also demonstrated very complex movement patterns across their life span, sometimes visiting several different tributaries and the mainstem. This metapopulation may need little further human intervention if connectivity could be restored.


NAJA Associate Editors Needed

We are seeking fisheries scientists to serve as Associate Editors of the North American Journal of Aquaculture (NAJA). Experience in reviewing and publishing in NAJA or companion AFS journals preferred. NAJA publishes papers in all areas of intensive and extensive fish culture.

Member Get A Member Campaign

We already have nearly 40 new members recruited by 8 members highlighted on our leader board! Do you know someone who would benefit from membership in AFS? Use our tools to help bring them on board!

Webinar Topics Sought

AFS hosts a monthly webinar series for fisheries professionals, which features topics including research studies, book previews, career skills and more. AFS is currently soliciting webinar topics and speakers for fall 2020! All members are welcome to submit ideas and/or become webinar presenters. Contact Lauren Maza at [email protected] with questions.


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