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Submit Your Abstract for Virtual Annual Meeting by June 30

The Virtual Annual Meeting in September will include a mix of live plenary sessions, engaging panel presentations, meetings and award presentations, facilitated topical discussions, and convenient on-demand recordings over two weeks, September 14-25, 2020. We anticipate more than 600 papers and 10 days of live programming. Registration rates are now available and registration will open soon. Abstract submission is open until Tuesday, June 30.


Recovering Wildlife Will Also Help Recover Economy

The American Fisheries Society joined 244 other organizations in calling for the Recovering America's Wildlife Act to be included in a future economic recovery package in Congress. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will put Americans back to work expanding our recreational infrastructure, restoring our natural resources, and investing in on-the-ground projects in every state and territory, and on tribal lands.


A Social–Ecological Odyssey in Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Human–environmental connections are well known by some groups of people, but are too often unrecognized or taken for granted in broader society. The consequence of such social–ecological silence is a modern natural resource policy management environment that tends to approach conservation in fragments as opposed to holistically across human/social systems and natural/ecological systems.

Fish Gut Microbiome: A Primer to an Emerging Discipline in the Fisheries Sciences

High throughput next generation sequencing has propelled advances in genomic inquiry, including discoveries on the composition of the host gut microbiota. This perspective highlights what is currently known about the fish gut microbiome, and how research can apply next generation sequencing and related methods to address emerging questions in fisheries and aquaculture. Gut microbiome research will change our understanding of the microbiota's role in fisheries and aquaculture through inquiry into the mutualistic relationship between microbes and fish hosts.


Distribution and Abundance of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in Relation to Habitat Characteristics

The distribution and relative abundance of Westslope Cutthroat Trout Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi (WCT) in relation to habitat characteristics remains unknown across large portions of its range. The goals of this research were to provide a foundational understanding of WCT distribution and relative abundance related to habitat characteristics in tributaries of the St. Maries River, Idaho—a highly altered watershed.


members get members

Members Get Members Campaign Coming in July

AFS is launching a Members-Get-Members campaign next month to help close the gap in recruitment that typically occurs this time of year. With the change in this year’s Annual Meeting to a virtual event, we won’t have the opportunity to connect with people like we normally do.

Recognizing our shared sense of community is one of our biggest assets, AFS is looking for volunteers to leverage their connections and encourage new fisheries students and professionals to join AFS. Our goal is to recruit 500 new members in 50 days through the Members-Get-Members Campaign.

Members who recruit new members are eligible to receive rewards. The campaign begins July 6 and more information and resources will be announced soon.

Fellow Nominations Open

This is your opportunity to recognize members who have made outstanding contributions to the fisheries field and to AFS! The AFS Awards committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2020 AFS Fellows Class. Submissions are due by July 1st.

World Fisheries Congress New Dates Confirmed

The rescheduled dates for the next World Fisheries Congress in Adelaide, Australia, have been confirmed for September 20-24, 2021. Previously submitted abstracts will remain valid and, at a later date, you will be able to update, confirm, or withdraw your abstract.

Nominations Open for Nancy Foster Award

Do you know someone who has demonstrated exceptional achievement & dedication to coastal & marine habitat conservation? Nominations for the 2020 Dr. Nancy Foster Habitat Conservation Award, presented by NOAA Fisheries and the AFS Estuaries and Fish Habitat Sections, are due July 31.


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