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Abstract Submission Deadline March 20

Check out the list of accepted symposia for the 150th Annual Meeting in Columbus and submit your abstract for a symposium or contributed paper session today!


AFS Roots: The Father of All the Fishes

Most people primarily associate the family name Roosevelt with two U.S. presidents: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt Jr. and his distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt. But decades before Teddy charged to fame with his Rough Riders on Cuba's San Juan Hill, or FDR led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II, the Roosevelt name was well known in political and conservation circles due to the accomplishments and passion of Teddy's paternal uncle, Robert Barnwell Roosevelt.

Updating AFS Dam Removal Policy to Engage with Policymakers

The impact of dams on aquatic ecosystems and fisheries is well established. For dams that have reached the end of their usable life, or that no longer provide societal benefits that exceed their costs, dam removal is often a desired management outcome for safety, cost efficiency, and habitat improvement. As dam removals will continue, the AFS Resource Policy Committee (RPC) identified policy engagement on dam removal as a priority concern brought forth by AFS members.


Using an Integrated Population Model to Evaluate Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Responses to Management Actions

The South Fork Snake River supports one of the few remaining robust populations of fluvial Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in Idaho. Integrated population models were built using multiple data sets (abundance, survival, and fecundity data) to evaluate the effectiveness of management actions.

Energy Density Predictors for a Key Species of the Southwestern Atlantic

Forage fishes have a cosmopolitan distribution and constitute key species in marine trophic webs throughout the world. We estimated the energy density of the Argentine Anchovy, a key component of the base of the food web in a large fraction of the South Western Atlantic Ocean, and compared it to other forage fishes. The differences in energy density could have direct implications on population dynamics of predators in oscillating sardine-anchovy systems.


250 Organizations Call for House Vote on Recovering America's Wildlife Act

More than 250 conservation, professional, and outdoor organizations called on the House of Representatives to vote on the Recovering America's Wildlife Act, citing its bipartisan support by 170 co-sponsors and in the House Committee on Natural Resources.


Meetings Code of Conduct Reminder

All attendees of AFS meetings - Chapter, Division, Section and the Annual Meeting - should be aware of the AFS Meetings Code of Conduct. This policy was developed and adopted by the AFS Governing Board to ensure that we treat all attendees at AFS events with respect and dignity. AFS values the diversity of views, expertise, opinions, backgrounds, and experiences reflected among all attendees, and is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and AFS staff.

The Hutton Challenge

Did you know that this coming summer, the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program will be turning 20 years old? That’s 20 years of inspiring and introducing the next generation of fisheries professionals to the workforce through a hands-on summer internship experience! From March 1 to March 31, we’re asking YOU to join us in meeting the challenge of an anonymous donor who will match up to $10,000 to support the Hutton Program and provide internships to high school students who dream of becoming fisheries professionals.

Upcoming Webinar

Join us on March 24 for our next webinar, "Creating a Movement to Save Migratory Fish from Local to Global," with Herman Wanningen of the World Fish Migration Foundation.

Rotenone Training Course

Register now for the next course on "Planning and Executing Successful Rotenone and Antimycin Projects," at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, May 18-22, 2020.


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