AFS 150th Celebration

We're 150 years young and we're celebrating with special articles in Fisheries, a 150th anniversary website, a 150th swag store, and 150 fish to be highlighted throughout the year. And don't miss the special symposia, panels, and exhibits being planned for the Annual Meeting in Columbus!


AFS Roots: The Founding Five

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the American Fisheries Society. President Scott Bonar's theme for our sesquicentennial celebrations is, appropriately, “Learning from the past, meeting challenges of the present, advancing to a sustainable future.” In that spirit, this periodic series will explore some of the important people and pivotal events that have shaped our Society. This paper will look at some of the personalities and events that shaped the beginnings of what we now call the American Fisheries Society.

World Fish Migration Day: An Interview with Zeb Hogan

May 16 will mark the 2020 World Fish Migration Day celebration, a 1‐day global celebration to create awareness about the value/benefits of open rivers and migratory fish. Organizations from around the world will coordinate their own events around the common theme of “Connecting fish, rivers, and people.” I was able to speak with one of the World Fish Migration Day ambassadors for the USA, Zeb Hogan, and learn about his experiences around the world and also how anyone can participate in this global effort.


Using Radiotelemetry to Evaluate Poststocking Survival and Behavior of Large Fingerling Walleye

Stocking Walleye Sander vitreus is a common management tool to augment populations where natural reproduction is limited. Some hatcheries have progressively raised larger fingerling Walleye to improve poststocking survival; however, little is known about the poststocking survival and behavior of large fingerling Walleye. We sought to evaluate the poststocking daily apparent survival, depth use, dispersal, and home range size of large fingerling Walleye (>200 mm TL) in three Iowa, USA, lakes.

RAD‐Seq Refines Previous Estimates of Genetic Structure in Lake Erie Walleye

Delineating population structure helps fishery managers to maintain a diverse “portfolio” of local spawning populations (stocks), as well as facilitate stock‐specific management. In Lake Erie, commercial and recreational fisheries for Walleye Sander vitreus exploit numerous local spawning populations, which cannot be easily differentiated using traditional genetic data (e.g., microsatellites). Here, we used genomic information (12,264 polymorphic loci) generated using restriction site‐associated DNA sequencing to investigate stock structure in Lake Erie Walleye.


Marine Aquaculture Webinar

Marine finfish aquaculture in the United States represents an opportunity to provide domestic seafood, create jobs, contribute to coastal economies, and help improve community health. Hear from marine aquaculture experts about proper siting and husbandry, best management practices, appropriate technologies and tools to minimize or eliminate diseases, therapeutants, and controlling excess nutrients in benthic habitats and the release of nonnative species.


2020 Award Nominations

Not all heroes wear capes...Some wear waders! Nominate your heroes for AFS awards to be presented at the 150th Annual Meeting in Columbus by April 1.

Hutton Student Application Deadline

We are celebrating 20 years of internships for the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program this summer! The Hutton program is a summer internship program for high school students to engage, inspire, and diversify the next generation of fisheries professionals. Applications for Hutton scholars are open until February 16 for Summer 2020.


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