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Fisheries Special Issue on Diversity and Inclusion

This special issue of Fisheries is not so much intended to provide information as it is to provoke thought, stimulate awareness, reflection, and in its ultimate aim, to generate conversation and action. These are the voices of your colleagues: scientists, managers, educators, young professionals, seasoned experts. This issue is deliberately not the science voice of your colleagues. They are the voices of who your colleagues are; as people who come to their work from many different perspectives, ideas, cultures, and values. These characteristics are the foundation upon which they do the work they do.


Search for the Smoking Gun in Hatchery‐Reared Sockeye Salmon Smolt Mortality

As part of the Snake River Sockeye Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka recovery effort, a dedicated smolt rearing facility was constructed in 2013 near Springfield, Idaho. In‐hatchery performance and survival were typical for the species, but unexpectedly high mortality rates were observed in the first cohorts of Springfield‐reared smolts upon release into Redfish Lake Creek and during out‐migration. In this Featured Paper (free access), a series of iterative experiments was conducted to identify the cause of the morbidity and mortality observed and to test a range of strategies to mitigate effects on postrelease survival.

Modeling and Mapping to Assess Spatial Distributions and Population Numbers of Species in a Florida Estuary

Habitat Suitability Modeling (HSM) was conducted to relate seasonal abundance (CPUE) of species life stages to environmental conditions in the lower Peace River and Charlotte Harbor, Florida.


Online Registration for Reno Ending Soon

Online pre-registration for the Joint Conference with The Wildlife Society in Reno will end Wednesday, September 18. On-site registration will be available starting Saturday, September 28.
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Rooms Still Available

Still looking for a place to stay in Reno? Rooms are still open at Circus Circus, convenient to Reno's vibrant downtown nightlife. A shuttle bus will run to and from the convention center and discounted car rentals are also available.




Official Reno Hashtags

With social media for the Joint Conference starting to ramp up, please remember to use the official meeting hashtags! The conference mobile app will add these for you automatically. And don't forget to add your social media handles to your app profile.


Fisheries Seeks New Co-Chief Science Editor

We are looking for someone with an interest in communicating fisheries science to a broad audience of researchers and non-researchers alike to serve as Co-Chief Science Editor. Working remotely, the successful candidate will work collaboratively with the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) and other Co-Chief Science Editor to manage the science component of Fisheries and participate as part of the overall creative leadership for the publication. They will also be responsible for providing a good author experience.

Committee Volunteers Welcome

AFS committees for 2019-2020 are now forming. You can indicate your interest in volunteering by completing an online form.


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