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Did you know the first issue of the current year is available free online? Take a peek:
TAFS, NAJFM, NAJA, JAAH, and Fisheries. Of course MCF is always Open Access.


Reviewer Interface

Have you seen the new reviewer interface in TAFS and NAJFM? In an effort to standardize and simplify the review process, reviewers are now asked to respond via radio button to a series of journal-specific questions. This benefits authors, editors, and reviewers and we hope to roll it out in our other publications soon! Make sure your ScholarOne profile is up to date, and the next time you receive an invitation to review a manuscript click "agree"!


AFS has integrated with Publons. Reviewers are now able to log and track their contributions to the AFS journals program. A Publons profile shows a researcher’s review history across all journals, while maintaining reviewer anonymity. This creates a verified peer review record that can be included in internal reviews as well as job and grant applications.

Who's Handling Your Manuscript?

AFS journals is lucky to have a dedicated team of associate and subject editors who volunteer their time. Keep an eye out, in the next few weeks we're kicking off a new series of short, five question interviews with our editorial board members. Every week we'll be posting a Q&A with a different associate editor, subject editor, or science editor. Find out what your colleagues are working on and what they like about being on the board!


Who Is an Author?

No need to fight about it, AFS has guidelines to help you determine who makes it on the title page and in what order. Check it out here. And when you're ready, submit your manuscript! Photo: Bruce Strickrott/NOAA Ocean Exploration and Research

Fish Plurals

Do you see 12 Longnose Gar or 12 Longnose Gars? As indicated in Appendix C of the AFS Style Guide, the plurals of most fish names are formed by adding the letters s or es. However, researchers occasionally prefer to use the zero plural, i.e., 12 Longnose Gar. Although we prefer that authors follow the examples in Appendix C, we will now allow authors to use the zero plural, provided the usage is consistent throughout the manuscript. Photo: Phil's 1stPix


Experimental Size‐Selective Harvesting Affects Behavioral Types of a Social Fish

Does fish behavior change under commercial fishing pressure? Size-selective harvesting experiments on five generations of Zebrafish affected boldness, activity, and sociability, but only when smaller size-classes were targeted. Free access in TAFS. Photo: Uri Manor, NICHD

The Legacy of Hypoxia

Researchers used geochemical tracers to study the carryover effects of hypoxia on survival and growth in three cohorts of Atlantic Croaker. The approach outlined will be useful for future evaluations of other species in regions where hypoxia is prevalent or growing. Open Access in TAFS. Photo: Matthew Edward Lee Altenritter and Benjamin Walther


To Capitalize or Not

Most people know AFS capitalizes the common names of fishes, but fewer people know that the names of life history variants and hybrids—like kokanee and sunshine bass—should remain lowercase. The AFS Names of Fishes Committee provides an excellent sidebar in their 2013 article that outlines some of the unusual exceptions. Keep it on hand, we do! Photo: Roger Tabor/USFWS

Open, Closed, or Hyphenated

Some terms change form depending on their part of speech:

gill net (noun)
gill-net (adjective)
gillnet (verb)
gillnetter (noun and adjective)
gill netting (noun)
gillnetting (verb)

Check out the spelling list in Appendix A of the AFS Style Guide and get pedantic. Photo: Katrina Liebich/USFWS


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RENO CONFERENCE: Please note that registration for the 2019 Joint Conference with The Wildlife Society opens May 1.


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