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U.S. Federal Agencies Promoting New Open Science Debate: Your Thoughts

Is the latest Department of Interior open science policy promoting the best science or is it in fact limiting the amount of science that will be used for policy decision-making? To read more about this issue, and to give your feedback to help inform AFS policy, go here.

AFS Continues to Press Congress for Robust Funding for Coop Units

AFS joined forces with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, the Wildlife Management Institute, and The Wildlife Society to write a letter to congressional appropriators to express support for the Cooperative Research Unit (CRU) program at the U.S. Geological Survey, as they finalize the FY2019 Interior Appropriations bills.

Recovering America's Wildlife Act Reaches 100 Co-sponsors

In addition to actively recruiting RAWA cosponsors, AFS and The Wildlife Society this week sent a letter to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee requesting funding for proactive wildlife conservation be folded into existing discussions on an overall conservation funding framework. Read more on the October 2nd hearing and letter here.


New Book: The Behavior and Ecology of Pacific Salmon and Trout

This completely revised and updated book, by Thomas P. Quinn, covers all aspects of the life cycle of these remarkable fish in the Pacific: homing migration from the open ocean through coastal waters and up rivers to their breeding grounds; courtship and reproduction; the lives of juvenile salmon and trout in rivers and lakes; migration to the sea; the structure of fish populations; and the importance of fish carcasses to the ecosystem. (photo, Jason Ching)

World Rivers Day: Special Interactive Map Featuring AFS Journals

For World Rivers Day, Wiley produced a special, interactive map featuring several AFS journal articles. It was publicized worldwide among traditional and social media in the science sector. To read the individual stories, and to see featured AFS journals, click here.

Wild and Hatchery Juvenile Chinook Salmon are not Nourished Equally

Researchers reveal, through integrated diet analyses, contrasting trophic niches for wild and hatchery juvenile Chinook Salmon in a large river delta, and find strong evidence for foraging benefits in freshwater and estuarine habitats related to differences in diet and body condition. (photo, USGS)

Carp Control in 11-Year Trial of Williams' Cage

"The Williams’ cage has now successfully moved from an experimental idea to full commercial viability, and at Lock 1 it is playing a valuable role in controlling the dispersal and abundance of globally invasive Common Carp," researchers say. (photo, Ivor Stuart)


AFWA Endorses Reno- Tahoe AFS/TWS Annual Meeting in 2019

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) has come out with an official resolution endorsing the 2019 Reno Collaborative Meeting/Conference, and encouraging its member organizations to attend this first-ever gathering of fisheries and wildlife scientists and professionals.

New Webinar: American Eel Population Assessment, Restoration and Monitoring

Join AFS for a few highlights from the 2018 Annual Meeting. During this webinar on October 18, a few selected papers will be re-presented. This is your chance to catch up on a few talks that you may have missed in Atlantic City! (photo, FWS)


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