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AFS Recommendations on Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization

A special AFS committee has issued a report to inform the proposed Congressional re-authorization and amendment of the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Management Act, the federal law that governs fisheries management in offshore waters.

Recovering America's Wildlife Act Funding Source Also Targeted for National Parks Maintenance Backlog

AFS and The Wildlife Society urged the House Natural Resources Committee last week to also consider funding for proactive fish and wildlife conservation, because public lands and fish and wildlife are inextricably linked..


Award-winning Papers at Annual Meeting

In the world of fisheries science, being chosen by AFS journal editors as an award winner is an impressive feat. From research using variance structure to ecosystem modeling to age-structured assessments to cross-fertilization and PNT optimization -- a wide array of species, habitats, and methodologies were employed to solve complex problems or bridge gaps in fisheries research. Enjoy free access to these papers during September.

New Journal Axis: The Wiley Hub

The AFS Journals Hub, hosting all of our stellar science journals in one place, is here! And stay tuned for the "how to" video -- which will help you navigate the latest fisheries science even more effectively.

Pacific Bluefin Tuna: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain

Editor Churchill Grimes says the research in this featured Transactions paper "provides not only useful management information for the Pacific Bluefin Tuna fishery but also for the many fisheries where minimum size restrictions are implemented in the management process." (image, SWFSC NOAA)


Three AFS HQ Staff Honored

Kudos to Shawn Johnston, Katrina Dunn, and Steve Kambouris for making unique contributions, both inside and outside of the Society. Read their stories here.

WFisheries Congress:
Call for I

Expressions of interest are now being sought for the 2020 World Fisheries Congress in Adelaide, Australia. This meeting will provide an important forum for identifying the critical developments needed in the coming decades to ensure the world’s oceans, estuaries, lakes, and rivers are managed sustainably.

Atlantic City Video Highlights

Thank you to Deputy Executive Director Dan Cassidy for putting together this highlights video -- and to the local and headquarters teams who made our Annual Meeting a success. Be on the lookout for our 2019 Call for Papers, which is being issued a little later this year (to correspond with a late September 2019 meeting in Reno).

More Stories Emerge from Annual Meeting

Honoring the legacies of fisheries scientists like Stacy Moore Hagan brings people together at venues like our Annual Meeting. In this case, Stockton graduates presented a decade of research to commemorate Hagan.


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