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2024 World Fisheries Congress Abstract Submission Now Open

Abstract submission for the 9th World Fisheries Congress is now open! Submit your abstract to participate in one of more than 60 themed sessions available at the 2024 World Fisheries Congress in Seattle, Washington, USA. Abstracts are due by June 30, 2023.

LACFC Student Travel Awards

Students can apply for funding to attend the Latin American and Caribbean Fisheries Conference! Here are some available travel awards that will support student travel to the LACFC meeting. Deadlines are approaching on February 28 and March 1, so please apply now.


AFS Briefs Congress on Latest Waters of the U.S. Rule

On February 9, the Clean Water For All Coalition, in concert with the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee Minority, hosted a Capitol Hill briefing on Waters of the U.S. for House Democrats. Drue Banta Winters spoke on behalf of AFS regarding the importance of a science-based definition of Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) that recognizes the multiple dimensions of waterbody connectivity and its importance to fish.

The briefing came on the heels of a House T&I hearing on the Biden Administration’s new rule. There was significant misinformation presented at the hearing and the briefing sought to clarify some of that. AFS submitted testimony and Rep. Grace Napolitano entered it into the record at the hearing. Republicans in both chambers have filed bills to pull back the 2023 WOTUS Biden Rule under the Congressional Review Act.
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Federal Agencies Fisheries Summit Held This Week

The Federal Agencies Fisheries Summit held this week at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, was an immersive, in-person, 3-day training event co-planned and co-hosted by several federal agencies with support from AFS. The summit included federal agency staff that manage, research, or otherwise affect federal trust fisheries resources and who are interested in crafting a new collaborative framework. The event also included several tribal representatives, including from the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society. The Summit focused on management and conservation of freshwater, estuarine, and near-shore resources and was intended to foster relationships, collaborations, communication, efficiencies, and awareness among federal agencies rather than specific technical topics or applications. AFS Past President Steve McMullin welcomed attendees in the opening plenary address and AFS Executive Director Doug Austen gave the closing plenary.

Comments Requested on First National Nature Assessment

The Office of Science and Technology Policy, on behalf of the United States Global Change Research Program, is requesting input from the public to help inform the framing, development, and eventual use of the first National Nature Assessment. Responses are due by March 31, 2023:


Diversity in Freshwater Life History in Spring and Summer Chinook Salmon from the Fraser River, Canada

Threatened and endangered Chinook Salmon populations from the upper Fraser River have complex patterns of freshwater habitat use that includes extensive use of the Fraser River main stem.

A Review of Factors Affecting the Susceptibility of Juvenile Salmonids to Avian Predation

Over the course the last 20 years over 50 studies have been published on the effects of avian predation on juvenile salmonids and other fishes of conservation concern in North America. No comprehensive summary of the knowledge gained from these studies, however, was available. As part of this review, the authors synthesize studies of predation, with a focus on environmental and biological factors that are known to influence fish susceptibility to predation. They identify common trends and highlight important differences in results. The results are management-relevant and broader our collective understanding of predator-prey interactions.


Decades of Global Sturgeon Conservation Efforts Are Threatened by an Expanding Captive Culture Industry

This paper highlights some of the most significant threats commercial culture poses to wild populations of sturgeon (Acipenseridae), with particular emphasis on how releases can accelerate wild population declines through mechanisms such as hybridization, introgression, competition, and disease transmission. The authors also note that in some circumstances, commercial captive culture has continued to motivate harvest of wild populations, potentially accelerating species' declines.

Evaluating Effects of Live-Imaging Sonar on Angler Catch of Crappies in a Kansas Impoundment

Crappie fisheries are popular across the United States. Recently, Kansas anglers have expressed concern that using live-imaging sonar during winter months may increase catch, resulting in deleterious effects on crappie populations. Specifically, there was concern that (1) increased angler catch would result in population declines and (2) anglers would selectively capture the largest crappies in the population, thus reducing population size structure.


Nominations for 2023 Awards Now Open

Check out our new awards nomination system, now open for 2023 nominations! The new awards nomination process will address past inconsistencies and submission barriers to increase nominations, decrease the amount of effort it takes to make a nomination, and shine well-deserved light on the incredible work being done by AFS members and others in the aquatics realm. Awards are available for conservation, scientific merit, and service. Numerous travel awards for the AFS Annual Meeting as well as scholarships and fellowships are also available. Most award nominations are due on April 1.

The Window on AFS Membership Renewal Is Closing – Grace Period Ends on February 28!

If you haven’t renewed your membership for 2023 yet, there’s still time! Your support is critical to our mission of serving fisheries professionals and advancing fisheries science. Plus, we don’t want you to miss out on membership benefits like getting access to all AFS journals, Fisheries magazine, Annual Meeting and book discounts, AFS Job Board, and more! Renew today, it’s easy! Simply log into your account. Need help logging in or have questions? Contact the Membership Team at [email protected].


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