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Last Call for Baltimore Symposium Proposals

Symposium proposal submission for the hybrid 2021 Annual Meeting ends on Thursday, March 11. Under the theme of “Investing in People, Habitat, and Science,” we welcome topics for in-person and virtual symposia that exemplify the latest research in fisheries science and that will benefit a range of audiences with the aim of advancing the science of fisheries ecology, conservation, and management.


Zebra Mussels Found in Aquarium Moss Balls

On March 1, USGS scientists were alerted that zebra mussels were found attached and inside moss balls sold as aquarium plants. Zebra mussels are currently invasive in several states, and the public’s help has been requested to ensure this invasive species does not spread further.


Effects of Artificial Lighting at Night on Predator Density and Salmonid Predation

Predation of juvenile salmonids within California’s Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta has been identified as a contributing factor to low survival during out‐migration through the system. Artificial lighting at night (ALAN) may contribute to increased levels of salmonid predation by attracting predators and prey, increasing predator reaction distance, and boosting foraging success. To assess ALAN effects on predator density and the relative predation risk of Chinook Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha smolts in the Delta, field‐based experiments with introduced ALAN were performed.

Hatchery‐Origin Stray Rates and Total Run Characteristics for Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon Returning to Prince William Sound

Over the years, many concerns have been raised about the ways in which large volumes of hatchery-produced salmon might be harming their highly productive wild conspecifics in the valuable Prince William Sound Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon commercial fisheries. Potential further increase in hatchery production is currently on hold until more studies are completed. This paper explores spatial and temporal distribution of hatchery fish relative to wild fish, which has implications for hatchery and wild fish management beyond Prince William Sound.


Perceived Ecological Threats and Economic Benefits of Non‐Native Black Bass in the United States

Black bass Micropterus spp. are highly sought‐after sport fish and, where introduced, are emblematic of the tradeoffs between ensuring productive fisheries and conserving native biodiversity. To disentangle these potentially conflicting interests, fisheries biologists in the United States were surveyed to assess perceptions regarding ecological and economic impacts of non‐native black bass between anthropogenic and natural habitats.

Fisherwomen: Lessons Learned from Launching a New Fisheries Podcast

In October 2019, at the Joint Conference of the American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society in Reno, Nevada, Katherine Osborn had the idea to start a fisheries podcast. The Wildlife Society impressed her in their efforts to promote inclusion and she saw a need for fisheries to step up and also an opportunity to be part of it personally.


AFS 2021 Award Nominations

It’s that time of year again - AFS is now accepting award nominations for 2021! This is your opportunity to recognize a colleague who has contributed to the fisheries community. Awards include funding for travel to the Annual Meeting, for recognizing a career of contributions to fisheries management, and more! Nominations are due May 1.

Omega-3 Webinar with Author Paul Greenberg

Register now for a webinar on March 26 at 4 pm EDT with author Paul Greenberg on his new book, The Omega Principle: Seafood and the Quest for Long Life and a Healthier Planet.

All New Job Board

Check out our all new Career Center with loads of new and improved features for both job seekers and employers. Job hunters now benefit from improved search functions and email alerts, while employers can peruse candidate applications, and submit jobs more quickly and easily through an online submission form with a credit card payment system. Strategic Partners automatically enjoy a number of complimentary ads as well as featured ad placement. Individual AFS members can still advertise for assistants and internship positions at no charge.

eBooks Now Available

Some of our most popular titles are now available in ebook formats for tablets and phones, offering features such as bookmarks, highlighting, and tracking where you left off reading.


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