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Canada Theme Day

The AFS Canadian Aquatic Resources Section (CARS) has organized a special theme day focused on Canadian fisheries issues. Learn about the past, present, and future of indigenous fisheries and the long, colorful history of fishing in Canada. Also join us for the presentation of the Award of Excellence, the Society's highest scientific honor, and a full afternoon of live symposium sessions. Finally, the AFS officers will hold a town hall to answer all of your questions about the Society and our future plans.


Canada Theme Day

Featured Speakers

Andrea Reid
Indigenous Fisheries: Past, Present and Future
Rowshyra A. Castañeda
A Brief History of Fisheries in Canada


Awards will be presented during the Canada Theme Day plenary session, 1:00 - 3:00 pm EDT.

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is presented to a living person for original and outstanding contributions to fisheries and aquatic biology. It is the Society’s highest award for scientific achievement. This year's recipient is Villy Christensen, Ph.D., from the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at the University of British Columbia. Among his many accomplishments, he was the principal architect behind Ecopath ecosystem modeling software.

Larkin Award

The Peter A. Larkin Award for Excellence in Fisheries at a Canadian Institution is given yearly to two deserving graduate students, one M.Sc. and one Ph.D.

    • Cole Brookson, University of Alberta, M.Sc. winner
    • Beth Watson, Dalhousie University and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, M.Sc. runner-up
    • Alyssa Murdoch, York University, Ph.D. winner
    • Sunci Avlijas, McGill University, Ph.D. runner-up


    3:15 - 5:30 pm EDT
    4:30 - 5:30 pm EDT


    officers (1)

    Officer Town Hall

    Welcome our new slate of officers for 2020-2021, learn about future plans for AFS, and ask questions at this virtual town hall session.

    At the Trade Show

    Take a break, grab some coffee, and browse the virtual exhibits at the Trade Show! See the latest technology, ask questions, and visit their websites. You can also chat with exhibitors in the Trade Show Slack channel.

    Bid in the Virtual Silent Auction

    Bidding is open in the Silent Auction - browse through fishing and nature trips, art and photography, jewelry, fishing equipment, and books. Registration for the Virtual Annual Meeting is not required to bid at the auction. Bidding closes at 4 pm EDT on Friday, September 25.


    #IWasHooked - Share Your Favorites

    Pay it forward and share your favorite talks from the meeting - which ones told a great story, taught you something new, or just made you say "wow" with great photos, videos, or graphics? Use our new # i_was_hooked Slack channel or #IWasHooked on Twitter.

    Angling for Answers

    Seeking more synchronicity in your interactions with presenters? Try Angling for Answers! Authors of 152 presentations will be online to immediately answer questions submitted via the Q&A box on their presentation's page. Thursday's hours are:
    • 3:00 - 6:30 pm EDT (30-min slots)


    It's not too late! All live sessions are being recorded and will be available for later viewing. Most papers and posters are pre-recorded and are available on demand 24/7 during and after the meeting.
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