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Call for Symposia for Latin America and Caribbean Fisheries Congress

Symposium proposal submission is now open for the Latin America and Caribbean Fisheries Congress, to be held in Cancun, Mexico, in May 2023. Symposium submissions, as well as proposals for innovative sessions and educational workshops, are due by October 1.


Climate Ambassadors Recruitment

Applications for the next class of Climate Ambassadors will open in late August! Administered by AFS with the assistance of a team of dedicated and skilled science communication trainers, the Climate Ambassadors Program provides a specialized 2-year communication skills training program that focuses on connecting with specific audiences over climate change and its impact on aquatic environments. Ambassadors will learn a variety of specific communication skills with weekly follow-up opportunities to discuss and practice their application in different formats. Founded on the latest research on science communications, program trainings will be in-depth, interactive, and provide the tools for fisheries scientists to more effectively communicate with thought leaders, journalists, stakeholders, and lay audiences. Stop by the Climate Ambassadors Program booth in Spokane to meet the trainers and learn more about the program.
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Aquatic Invasive Species Commission

A new Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Commission convened for a science listening session last week. AFS Policy Director Drue Winters served as a meeting facilitator. Experts briefed the commission on the current state of science as it relates to AIS control, risk assessments, engineering and technology, and genetics and biocontrol. In 2023, the commission will present their findings to policymakers and the public with hopes of enacting comprehensive policy reforms to better address the threat of AIS. We thank the AFS AIS Working Group for their assistance in recommending speakers for the panel.


Temporal and Spatial Relationships of Yellowfin Tuna to Gulf Oil Platforms

In 2006–2007, 110 Yellowfin Tuna were tagged with acoustic transmitters near deepwater oil platforms and one drillship in the northern Gulf of Mexico to determine the extent to which platforms act as fish aggregating devices.

Efficiency of Hydraulic Patent Tongs for Surveying Restored Eastern Oyster Reefs

Hydraulic patent tongs are commonly used to monitor eastern oyster densities throughout the U.S. East Coast. Researchers usually assume that hydraulic patent tongs collect all the oysters in their swath based on a previous study. The authors of this paper tested if hydraulic patent tongs provided accurate estimates of eastern oyster abundance on restored reefs in Harris Creek, Maryland, by comparing hydraulic patent tong samples to those collected by a diver.


Endangered Species Act Expenditures for Fish Taxa Managed by The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Are Predicted by Lawsuits, Captive Propagation, and Region

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) established a priority ranking system in 1983 to guide expenditure allocations for implementing recovery plans. Priorities were intended to be based on factors such as magnitude and immediacy of threat as well as distinctiveness of gene pools. This paper examined what predicts expenditures for fish taxa listed under the Endangered Species Act and managed by the USFWS.

How Shall We Meet? Embracing the Opportunities of Virtual Conferencing

The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic triggered dramatic shifts in the way that ecologists teach, research, and interact. As the world now adjusts to a “new normal” era, there is notable and open discussion about the merits or desire to return to practices used prior to the pandemic. A dominant aspect of these discussions is when and how researchers can return to the practice of large, centralized, in-person conferences that have been the primary mode of professional interaction for decades. While questions of safety are naturally paramount and will guide decision making for some time, there remains the broader question of whether and how to implement virtual and hybrid formats in the future.


In-person and Virtual Continuing Education Workshops

Are you looking to take a deep dive into fisheries topics from the comfort of home? AFS has two upcoming courses open to a virtual audience!
  • Introduction to InSTREAM and InSALMO, Salmonid Models for Instream Flow & Temperature Assessment and Habitat Restoration Design
  • Quick Start to Mastering Online Meetings - Easy Ways to Improve Virtual Meetings
It's not too late to register for an in-person Continuing Education Course in Spokane! In the ever-evolving world of fisheries science, it is imperative to keep up to date with the latest technology and techniques. Make the most of your time at the AFS Annual Meeting, and leave the event ready to take your career to the next level.

Stakeholder Engagement Day

As part of the upcoming 152nd AFS Annual Meeting in August, there will be a Stakeholder Engagement Day (SED) on Tuesday, August 23rd to encourage the fishing and aquaculture industry stakeholders to attend the meeting. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to learn about the latest research and issues impacting their industries, and discuss collaborative opportunities with scientists and fishery managers.

On this day, AFS is offering fishing and aquaculture industry stakeholders the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting on Stakeholder Engagement Day at a reduced participation fee of $60. To apply for the special rate, industry members will need to complete an application by August 12.
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Silent Auction Donations

We are looking for more items for the Silent Auction in Spokane! The auction supports the Skinner Fund, which helps fund student travel to the Annual Meeting. Contact Tamara Knudson, Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair, [email protected].

Child Care in Spokane

Professional child care provided by Plus One Meetings for infants and children is available daily from 7:45 am– 5:15 pm as well as from 5:15 pm - 9:30 pm (10:00 pm end on Sunday) to accommodate attendance at a number of evening social/networking activities. Advance registration is required.


Hutton Funding Challenge

The Hutton Program brought 22 scholars to Bozeman, Montana, for the second annual Scholar's Summit. Students stayed on campus at Montana State University and had the opportunity to learn from fisheries students and professionals about how to pursue a career in fisheries. They toured the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Fish Tech Center where they learned about fish diet studies and visited a Trout Unlimited stream restoration site. Most importantly, students gave presentations to each other about their research, field work, and experiences as a Hutton scholar.

Next week is your last chance to participate in our 3rd Annual Hutton Funding Challenge. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the Hutton Program between June 16th to August 11th. This would allow us to fund an additional student next summer!

New Publications Director

We are pleased to announce that Laura Hendee has been permanently promoted to Director of Publications, replacing Aaron Lerner, who retired last year. Please stop by the AFS Bookstore in the exhibit hall in Spokane and congratulate her!


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