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Call In Today Before Tomorrow's Vote!

We have exciting news: Recovering America’s Wildlife Act has been scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives TOMORROW (6/14)! That means it’s time for us to make a big push on behalf of fish and wildlife. From 9 am – 6 pm ET TODAY, please call your representative and ask them to vote YES in tomorrow’s vote! Here’s how to do it:
  1. Click this link to be automatically connected to the office of your representative: bit.ly/39mtWUO
  2. Before you are connected, it will provide you with a short script. When you connect with their office (whether through a staff member or a voicemail) say the following:
State your name and the city where you live. Then say, "I am your constituent, and I care about fish and wildlife. Please vote “yes” for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.”

It’s that simple! We need EVERYONE to make a call today in order to let our representatives know that this bill matters to us. So, once you call, please share with your networks! Together, we can build a better future for fish and for ourselves.

Thank you!

Drue Banta Winters
Policy Director
American Fisheries Society
[email protected]
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