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Policy Outlook for 2018

AFS had plenty of reasons to stand up for fish and aquatic resources in 2017. Looking ahead to 2018, we will need to stay diligent. Read more.

Thank You, Tom Bigford

With the new year comes bittersweet news from AFS headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland: Tom Bigford is retiring as Director of Policy, with Drue Winters taking his place at the helm. Read more.


New Year, New AFS Book

Another new AFS book is out: Muskellunge Management: Fifty Years of Cooperation Among Anglers, Scientists, and Fisheries Biologists. See AFS Bookstore.
Managing Muskies

Free Member Webinar

Using Bayesian Clustering Algorithms to Discover Population Genetic Structure, January 10, 2018, 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Presenter: Blair Sterba-Boatwright, Ph.D., Professor, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. Read more.
With the Southern Division meeting in San Juan approaching in March, AFS has set up a fund to help colleagues in Puerto Rico attend the meeting and have the opportunity to engage, participate, and learn with the greater AFS and SDAFS community as they seek to recover the island's aquatic resources after Hurricane Maria. The fund will also support service day activities at local sites during the meeting. Give now.


Fisheries sustainability is imperative if we aim to feed an ever-growing population and sustain the livelihoods that depend on them. Despite substantial progress in the science behind fisheries management, more than 90% of the world's fisheries remain unassessed due mostly to data deficiencies… Read more.
Chemical removal of aquatic invasive species can be an effective method of eliminating aquatic invasive species, but chemicals can induce mortality in nontarget organisms and persist in the environment. Read more.

Last Chance to Save in Book Sale

Hurry, the annual AFS book sale ends January 8! Save up to 70% on more than 100 titles.


Saul Saila
Angelo Incerpi

In Memoriam: Saul Saila

Saul B. Saila, 94, died on December 10th in Vallejo, California. Saila was professor emeritus of oceanography at the University of Rhode Island (URI) after 35 years as a faculty member. Read more.

In Memoriam: Angelo Incerpi

Angelo Incerpi, 77, died unexpectedly while working in his barn on December 30, 2017. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Read more.

2018 AFS International Fisheries Section Fellow Award

Applications due by March 6, 2018 - Attention Students and Young Professionals: The International Fisheries Section (IFS) of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) is excited to announce the 2018 International Fisheries Section Fellow Award. The Fellow will present a poster or oral presentation at the 2018 Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI). Read more.

Sign-Up for eTOCs for AFS Journals and Fisheries

Now that online journal access is included with AFS membership, please visit the Wiley Online Library and click “Get New Content Alerts” to sign-up for electronic table of contents. Sign up for your favorite AFS titles here.
summer 2018
Don't let the deadline fly by! Symposia proposals for Atlantic City are due January 19. See Atlantic City Annual Meeting site for more information.
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