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Fisheries Seeks New Co-Chief Science Editor

We are looking for someone with an interest in communicating fisheries science to a broad audience of researchers and non-researchers alike to serve as Co-Chief Science Editor.  Fisheries is published by the American Fisheries Society and is widely read by fisheries professionals and others interested in fish and fisheries management.   Articles cover a broad range... Read More

Pushing the Sampling Boundaries: Advanced Technology is Allowing Us to Survey Deeper, Longer, and Harder to Reach Areas of Our Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers

Column: Section News Sarah Grasty, J. Christopher Taylor, and John Janssen | AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section Considering the myriad of ways in which advanced technology is being used in fisheries research, keeping atop of the newest developments is a challenge. The transfer of such specialized knowledge can be difficult, thereby hindering more widespread use... Read More

Meeting of the Generations – Panelists Needed

Meeting of the Generations – Perspectives on fisheries from those got us here to those will take us forward A proposal for the AFS 150th Anniversary  The Concept: A discussion group representing the full spectrum of fisheries professionals will engage in key conversations about the development of the current state of the profession and looking... Read More

Sharing Science in a Post-Fact World

Jesse T. Trushenski | AFS President In Fantasyland, Kurt Andersen describes the growing disconnection between American life and objective reality (Andersen 2017). He explores the concepts of “post‐truth” and “post‐factual” and how these nonsensical terms have gained meaning in today’s society. Both terms trace their origins to a common linguistic forebear, the seemingly harmless “truthiness.” Coined by... Read More