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Regional Approaches to Marine Resource Management

By Tom Bigford, AFS Policy Co-Director Regional approaches make sense when managing aquatic resources. Critters have no respect for state borders, turf battles, or regulatory jurisdiction. Ditto for air, water, and sediments. For those reasons, I am heartened by the recent progress by regional planning bodies to develop ocean plans for significant sections of our... Read More

Can Fisheries Scientists Win the War on Science?

By Steve McMullin, AFS President In case you had not noticed, scientists have a communication problem. When people in the news disregard, deny, or even attack the science associated with a policy issue, they usually have an agenda that runs counter to the scientific evidence. When people who listen to people in the news disregard,... Read More

Future of Pacific Salmon in the Face of Environmental Change: Lessons from One of the World’s Remaining Productive Salmon Regions

By Erik R. Schoen, Mark S. Wipfli, E. Jamie Trammell, Daniel J. Rinella, Angelica L. Floyd, Jess Grunblatt, Molly D. McCarthy, Benjamin E. Meyer, John M. Morton, James E. Powell, Anupma Prakash, Matthew N. Reimer, Svetlana L. Stuefer, Horacio Toniolo, Brett M. Wells & Frank D. W. Witmer Pacific salmon Oncorhynchus spp. face serious challenges from climate and landscape change, particularly... Read More

Fisheries October 2017

COLUMNS  President’s Commentary Can Fisheries Scientists Win the War on Science? Policy Regional Approaches to Marine Resources Management Guest Column A Conversation about NMFS’ Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management Policy and Roadmap Photo Diary The Unique Ecology of Lembeh Strait Indonesia  FEATURES  Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing Applications for Freshwater Fisheries Future of Pacific Salmon in the Face of Environmental... Read More

AFS Concerned by EPA Decision to Pull Scientists from Providence Workshop

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cancelled the speaking appearances of three scientists at an event launching the “State of the Narragansett Bay and Watershed” report in Providence, Rhode Island. The peer reviewed report summarizes work of more than 50 university, government, non-profit, and private sector scientists. It highlights the many successes resulting from sound, science-based... Read More

AFS Members Testify in Magnuson-Stevens Hearing; McMullin Calls for Special Committee

The Senate Commerce Committee Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard Subcommittee convened a Magnuson-Stevens Act re-authorization hearing focusing on fisheries science on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. The hearing, a fourth of the series, focused on the state of our nation’s fisheries and the science that supports sustainable management. The witnesses included two AFS members, Ray... Read More