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Conservation Challenges and Research Needs for Pacific Lamprey in the Columbia River Basin

By Benjamin J. Clemens, Richard J. Beamish, Kelly C. Coates, Margaret F. Docker,  Jason B. Dunham, Ann E. Gray, Jon E. Hess, Jeffrey C. Jolley, Ralph T. Lampman, Brian J. McIlraith, Mary L. Moser, Joshua G. Murauskas, David L. G. Noakes, Howard A. Schaller, Carl B. Schreck, Steven J. Starcevich, Bianca Streif, Stan J. van de Wetering, Joy Wade, Laurie A. Weitkamp,Lance A. Wyss. The Pacific Lamprey Entosphenus tridentatus, an anadromous fish native to... Read More

Revisiting (or Sharpening) Our Policy Mandate

By Thomas E. Bigford, Policy Director. E-mail: It’s been a busy week in what will be a busy year. As an AFS employee and president of the Fish Habitat Section, I’m preparing for the mid-year Governing Board meeting in Mystic, Connecticut. We’re hoping to accelerate efforts to shift the Society’s policy work toward the more... Read More

Policy Update April 2017

As part of our new AFS approach to policy work, the Society recently spent a day in the halls of Congress. In response to on-going efforts to modernize the Endangered Species Act, Tom Bigford and Patrick Shirey met with Legal Counsel and the Marine Policy Fellow in Sen. Booker’s (D-NJ) office and with the Senior... Read More

Membership Vote on Rules Changes

Membership votes to accompany the AFS officer elections Establish a Science Communication Section of the American Fisheries Society Background:  The purpose of the new section is to advance the Society’s promotion of scientific research and sustainable management of fisheries resources by expanding the science communication knowledge and skills of AFS members.  A Science Communication Section... Read More

AFS Second Vice President Candidate Statement: Brian R. Murphy

BACKGROUND Growing up in Michigan, there were plenty of opportunities to indulge my lifelong fascination with all things aquatic. However, living on the boundary between urban and rural, I also saw firsthand the profound influences that people can exert on the integrity of aquatic systems. I came to fisheries science late in my educational career,... Read More


Guest President's Column The Dark Side of Safety Policy Column Adding Ecosystems to Fisheries Management Second Vice President Candidate Statements Brian R. Murphy and Gary Whelan FEATURES  Causes and Consequences of Straying into Small Populations of Pacific Salmon Estimating Fish Mortality Rates Using Telemetry and Multistate Models Inland Fisheries Habitat Management: Lessons Learned from Wildlife Ecology and... Read More

Causes and Consequences of Straying into Small Populations of Pacific Salmon

Pacific salmon straying has been heavily studied for several decades, particularly from the perspective of the populations that donate the stray migrants. Conservation consequences are experienced primarily by the populations that receive strays, though, and there is recent evidence of significant levels of genetic introgression in small recipient populations, which could contribute to the loss... Read More