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News Bites – January 2017

Ruby seadragon spotted in the wild The aquatic twilight zone “The loneliest whale in the world?” Is there a link between warming waters & lobster landings? “The 7 Wonderful Pikes, Pickerels, and Muskies of the World!“ Have you met the oxeye oreodory? “In Search of Suckers” Archerfish spit water above and below water Nudibranchs: “jewels” and... Read More

Fisheries Techniques, Third Edition, Now Available as a Digital Download

Now Available – PDF downloads (complete book or individual chapters) of the acclaimed and widely-used Fisheries Techniques, third edition. Available since 2013 (previously in hard copy only), Fisheries Techniques is the comprehensive instructional and reference volume on fisheries sampling and analysis techniques. The third edition describes the techniques and approaches used to collect and analyze... Read More

NOAA and AFS: Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management

  AFS is entering the third year of its most recent cooperative agreement with NOAA Fisheries. AFS has been working with NOAA Fisheries since 2015 to disseminate news about the agency’s work on ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management. We organized three congressional briefings in 2015 and are working on one for the coming months. As... Read More