GUEST COLUMN Raising the Bar: Taking a More Strategic and Integrated Approach to AFS Communications Gwen White

POLICY Wetlands Thrive on Connectivity Thomas E. Bigford

MEMBER VOICE Value Added by Being a Member of a Professional Society Sean Lucey

AFS NEWS The Sordid Trail of an AFS Response to New York Times Op-Ed Piece Douglas Austen

What Not to Miss at the Annual Meeting (including the Most Unique Symposium): 5 Questions with Program Co-Chairs Jim Bowker and Nancy Leonard

Recognition of the American Fisheries Society Professional Certification Program

NOAA Fisheries At-Sea Volunteer Opportunities: Hands-On, Hard Work, and a Great Experience Shelley Dawicki

My Adventure Volunteering on NOAA Ships Joseph Kunkel

A Voyage that Changed the Way I Thought About Life at Sea Carol Glor

Membership Testimonials

Meet the Annual Meeting Staff

INTERVIEW Q&A: The Success Story of the Oregon Chub: An Interview with Paul Scheerer Bob Hughes

COOL FISH Adventures of an Urban Angler Christopher Moore

JOURNAL REVIEWS Fisheries Classics: Ryder’s Morphoedaphic Index Jeff Schaeffer

Identifying Endocrine Disrupters as an Emerging Issue: Smallmouth Bass in the Potomac River Jeff Schaeffer

Avoiding Domestication of an Endangered Species: Conservation Culture of California’s Delta Smelt Jeff Schaeffer

The Gulf Oil Spill Impacted Red Snapper Sarah Harrison

Economic Impact and Value Data Can Be Used to Assess Policy Changes Sarah Harrison

COOL SCHOOLS University of Southern Mississippi–Gulf Coast Research Laboratory: Interview with Jim Franks Sarah Harrison

STUDENT ANGLES From Landlocked to Longlining: A Summer with Sharks Puts Stress into Perspective Claire E. Robinson Exploring the Wonders of the Arctic from a Lab Bench Marci Trana

ESSAYS AND FEATURES Fishing Down Through the Food Web Villy Christensen

Fishing Impacts on Food Webs: Multiple Working Hypotheses Trevor A. Branch

Are We Catching What They Eat? Moving Beyond Trends in the Mean Trophic Level of Catch Konstantine J. Rountos, Michael G. Frisk, and Ellen K. Pikitch

Characterizing the Human Dimensions of a Hidden Fishery: Riverine Trotline Fishers Benjamin D. Dickinson, Donald J. Orth, and Steve L. McMullin

Translating Climate Change Effects into Everyday Language: An Example of More Driving and Less Angling Jefferson T. DeWeber and Tyler Wagner

Finding the Path to a Successful Graduate and Research Career: Advice for Early Career Researchers Bryan M. Maitland, Steven J. Cooke, and Mark Poesch





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