Western Division Meeting

Call for Papers and Posters – 2nd International Symposium on Mangroves as Fish Habitat

The 2014 Western Division AFS Program Committee is pleased to announce the first call for Papers and Posters for the Western Division AFS meeting which will be held from April 7–11, 2014 in Mazatlán, Mexico. Together with the Mexico Chapter of AFS, the Western Division is pleased to be hosting this meeting with the backdrop of the beautiful city of Mazatlán.

Presenters will be able to contribute to one or more of the symposia, present in one of the general oral presentation sessions, and/or provide a poster. All presentations must be submitted through the Western Division AFS website at http://wdmeeting2014.wordpress.com/. Guidelines on how to submit your oral presentations and posters are presented below.


Paper/Poster Submission Criteria:

1. Use a brief but descriptive title, avoiding acronyms or scientific names in the title unless the common name is not widely known. No more than 150 characters (not including spaces) in the title.

2. Do not capitalize every word in the title. Follow AFS style guide for capitalization http://fisheries.org/docs/pub_style3.pdf

3. Italicize scientific names. Follow AFS style guide for scientific names http://fisheries.org/docs/pub_style10.pdf

4. There is a limit of six co-authors.

5. Do not use acronyms for your affiliation. Spell it out (e.g., University of Washington, U.S. Geological Survey).

6. Spell out your name as you wish it to appear for the online abstracts and in the program.

7. The person presenting the paper should be listed first. Note that you can list up to six (6) co-authors but only the person presenting will be acknowledged in the program.

8. Check the appropriate box on the form for oral presentation or poster.

9. Check the appropriate symposia box on the form if you are presenting in a symposia.

Symposia abstracts can be found on the Western Division AFS website at http://wdmeeting2014.wordpress.com/

10. If you are not presenting in a symposia or unsure if your presentation fits one of the submitted symposia, check the general session box.

11. Provide a brief summary of your findings in the abstract box. Abstracts are restricted to 200 words. Only include major parts of the project, major results and their significance. Be concise and contain no extra words or unnecessary information.

All presenters will receive an acceptance confirmation by email after the closing date.

Please feel free to contact either Program Chairs, Felipe Amezcua at achirus@gmail.com or Hilda Sexauer at hilda.sexauer@wyo.gov (307-367-4352) with any specific questions regarding the program. For information regarding poster submission please contact Diana Miller at diana.miller@wyo.gov (307-733-2321).

Thank you and hope to see you in Mazatlán in 2014!!!

Download the PDF here: PDF