02 Jun 2014

Thierry Oberdorff—Plenary Speaker Abstract for the 144th AFS Annual Meeting

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Patterns in Riverine Fish Diversity: A Macroecological Perspective
Thierry Oberdorff,  Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris

Photo of Thierry Oberdorff

Thierry Oberdorff, AFS Plenary Speaker

Here I develop a conceptual framework that views contemporary riverine fish diversity as a product of a series of filters operating at different spatial and temporal scales and combining different processes, the heart of which is the drainage basin. The approach aids breaking diversity patterns into structures and processes that are specific to each scale, thereby more easily generating hypotheses concerning links between the observed structures and the processes involved. This framework should help us answer questions such as: What should be done to slow the spread of non-native species, and what will be the effects of global changes on maintaining aquatic biodiversity?

Plenary Speaker Abstracts for the 144th Annual Meeting