27 Jan 2014

Social Media Highlights—January 2014

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From the American Fisheries Facebook Group
 Calling all fish culturists and hatchery workers… One thing that all of us have in common between our facilities is each one of us has an alarm system to keep our fish safe and alive. Be it with float sensors, flow alarms, infrared, etc. Who out there loves their alarm system? Is it efficient and easy to use, reliable and trustworthy? Did you build it yourself or did someone or a company design it for you, and if so, who? What are the features of it, is it all integrated into one main panel, is it PLB and touch screen, can you view it from your smartphone? Myself and my hatchery plan to remodel our alarm system from the ground up, any suggestions for a good place to start?
AFS Member Taylor Scott
Taylor Scott NMFS / NOAA Fisheries Fish Culturist/Field Research Leader
A quick read that uses shifting fisheries baselines to explain the problem that Universities are facing when shifting away from tenure positions towards adjunct faculty. Off Track: Higher Education’s Shifting Baseline Syndrome What can fisheries biologists tell us about the adjunctification of academia? More than you might think. chroniclevitae.com
AFS Member Patrick Cooney
Patrick Cooney Co-Founder and Author at The Fisheries Blog.
And also from Patrick – a call-out Holiday card from five of our favorite members!:
Merry Christmas from the Fisheries Blog Spot
Another great year for AFS, and another great year for The Fisheries Blog.
Happy holidays from the five of us! Patrick CooneyAbigail LynchBrandon PeoplesDana SackettSteve Midway
Reminder STUDENTS: Don’t forget, travel grant applications are due Dec 31 and scholarship applications are due Feb 1. Information is available on the student tab at wdafs.org. Also, submit your abstract for oral or poster presentations by January 17! Contact WDAFSstudent@gmail.com for details.
Jeremiah Osbourne
Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, Policy Analyst at Oregon State University
And speaking of Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey…. he’s the AFS Twitter Guru! From the American Fisheries Twitter:
Twitter logoAm Fisheries Society ‏@AmFisheriesSoc MT @WaterOnline @EPA‘s Top 10 Technology Needs For #Water http://is.gd/ac0tob 
Twitter logo Am Fisheries Society ‏@AmFisheriesSoc Do We Need a Water Ethics Charter? @WaterCultureOrg http://bit.ly/1istD83
Twitter logoAm Fisheries Society ‏@AmFisheriesSoc @SFriedScientist #DrownYourTown: what does your hometown look like w/ sea level rise? @sciam http://ow.ly/rTQGv  @GoogleEarth #climate
Twitter logoAm Fisheries Society ‏@AmFisheriesSoc Blueprint talks @ improving, “greening” of nation’s infrastructure, water reuse, energy reduction @ water utilities #waterchat
Twitter logoAm Fisheries Society ‏@AmFisheriesSoc @EPAwater: You can read the water blueprint on our website. http://water.epa.gov/blueprint.cfm  #waterchat