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Published by American Fisheries Society, 1997


The AFS fish slide collection contains 970 slides (35 mm) of North American fishes. Slides in the catalog are arranged in the order the fish appears in Robins et al. 1980, A List of Common And Scientific Names of Fishes from the United States and Canada, AFS Special Publication 12. The fish are listed alphabetically by genus and species and the contributor and the photo style are provided for each. Many slides also have information of fish size and capture location.

The slides offered in the catalog were contributed to the AFS Fish Photo Committee with the understanding that copies will be used only for projection for nonprofit, educational purposes.

Slides (list follows) are $4.50 each; minimum order $25.00. To order individual slides, please call Aaron Lerner, AFS Director of Publications at 301-897-8616, ext. 231.

Slide Fish

120.1 AFRICAN POMPANO (YOUNG) Alectis ciliaris (Flescher, Museum, 148 mm FL, 34o50′N 75o57′W)

62.9 ALABAMA HOG SUCKER Hypentelium etowanum (Bauer, Museum, 65 mm SL, Butler Creek, Cobb Co., GA)

61.31 ALABAMA SHINER Notropis callistius (Johnson 1987 plate 4.6 by Roston, u/w)

149.1 ALASKAN RONQUIL Bathymaster caeruleofasciatus (Cooke, u/w, Tasu, Queen Charlotte Islands)

39.2 ALEWIFE Alosa pseudoharengus (Scarola, Museum)

30.1 AMERICAN EEL Anguilla rostrata (Scarola, Museum)

185.2 AMERICAN PLAICE Hippoglossoides platessoides (Flescher, Museum, 369 mm TL, 42o43′N 66o26′W)

39.3 AMERICAN SHAD Alosa sapidissima (Flescher, Museum, 148 mm FL, 34o39′N 77o00′W)

136.1 ANGELFISH hybrid Holacanthus bermudensis x H. ciliaris (Flescher, Museum, 189 mm TL, 33o51′N 76o51′W)

113.92 APPALACHIA DARTER Percina gymnocephala (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 32, Museum, Nuptial male, 61 mm TL, Little River, Floyd Co., VA)

109.39 APRICOT BASS Plectranthias garrupellus (Flescher, Museum, 58 mm FL, 33o13′N 77o16′W)

42.25 ARCTIC GRAYLING Thymallus arcticus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 7, Museum, 8.6 in)

113.62 ARROW DARTER Etheostoma sagitta (Roston, u/w)

113.98 ASHY DARTER Etheostoma cinereum (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 34, Museum, nuptial male, 52 mm TL, Little River, Blount Co., TN)

15.1 ATLANTIC ANGEL SHARK Squatina dumeril (Flescher, Museum, 356 mm TL, 35o01′N 75o20′W)

44.1 ATLANTIC ARGENTINE Argentina silus (Flescher, Museum, 261 mm FL, 42o28′N 66o17′W)

76.1 ATLANTIC BATFISH Dibranchus atlanticus (Flescher, Museum, 141 mm TL, 36o07′N 74o46′W)

170.1 ATLANTIC BONITO Sarda sarda (Flescher, Museum, 256 mm FL, 37o38′N 75o09′W)

120.5 ATLANTIC BUMPER Chloroscombrus chrysurus (Flescher, Museum, 15 centimeters FL, 27o19′N 83o07′W)

80.3 ATLANTIC COD Gadus morhua (Flescher, Museum, 388 mm TL, 41o57′N 66o15′W)

130.11 ATLANTIC CROAKER Micropogonias undulatus (Flescher, Museum, 250 mm TL, 36o35′N 75o17′W)

169.1 ATLANTIC CUTLASSFISH Trichiurus lepturus (Flescher, Museum, 727 mm TL, 34o41′N 76o27′W)

1.1 ATLANTIC HAGFISH Myxine glutinosa (Flescher, Museum, 38 centimeters, 42o25′N 67o20′W)

185.3 ATLANTIC HALIBUT Hippoglossus hippoglossus (Flescher, Museum, 65 centimeters FL, 42o17′N 65o32′W)

39.5 ATLANTIC HERRING Clupea harengus (Flescher, Museum, 275 mm FL, 36o14′N 75o33′W)

170.3 ATLANTIC MACKEREL Scomber scombrus (Flescher, Museum, 344 mm FL, 44o25′N 67o10′W)

39.4 ATLANTIC MENHADEN Brevoortia tyrannus (Flescher, Museum, 200 mm FL, 35o13′N 75o35′W)

71.2 ATLANTIC MIDSHIPMAN Porichthys plectrodon (Flescher, Museum, 151 mm TL, 34o47′N, 75o40′W)

120.6 ATLANTIC MOONFISH Selene setapinnis (Flescher, Museum, 226 mm FL, 34o26′N 76o25′W)

42.20 ATLANTIC SALMON Salmo salar (Scarola, Museum)

88.1 ATLANTIC SAURY Scomberesox saurus (Flescher, Museum, 225 mm FL, 41o05′N 69o04′W)

12.3 ATLANTIC SHARPNOSE SHARK Rhizoprionodon terraenovae (Flescher, Museum, 444 mm TL, 34o26′N 76o25′W)

91.1 ATLANTIC SILVERSIDE Menidia menidia (Flescher, Museum, 102 mm FL, 37o02′N 75o41′W)

85.3 ATLANTIC SOFT POUT Melanostigma atlanticum (Flescher, Museum, 118 mm TL, 35o17′N 74o56′W)

134.1 ATLANTIC SPADEFISH Chaetodipterus faber (Flescher, Museum, 41 centimeters FL, 34o58′N 75o50′W)

157.1 ATLANTIC WOLFFISH Anarhichas lupus (Flescher, Museum, 340 mm TL, 42o07′N 66o10′W)

192.1 BALLOONFISH (Museum) Diodon holocanthus (Flescher, 146 mm TL, 33o39′N 76o52′W)

192.5 BALLOONFISH (u/w) Diodon holocanthus (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

135.9 BANDED BUTTERFLYFISH Chaetodon striatus (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

113.35 BANDED DARTER Etheostoma zonale (Roston, u/w)

17.2 BANDED GUITARFISH Zapteryx exasperata (Gotshall, page 26, u/w, vertical format slide)

89.8 BANDED KILLIFISH Fundulus diaphanus (Scarola, Museum)

112.19 BANDED PYGMY SUNFISH Elassoma zonatum (Pflieger, Museum, 40 mm TL, Holly Ridge State Forest, Stoddard Co., MO)

120.9 BANDED RUDDERFISH Seriola zonata (Flescher, Museum, 197 mm FL, 34o53′N 75o50′W)

180.23 BANDED SCULPIN (Museum) Cottus carolinae (Pflieger, Museum, 67 mm SL, Cowskin Creek, Douglas Co., MO)

180.3 BANDED SCULPIN (u/w) Cottus carolinae (Johnson 1987 plate 11.7 by Roston, MO)

112.3 BANDED SUNFISH Enneacanthus obesus (Roston, u/w)

89.7 BANDED TOPMINNOW Fundulus cingulatus (Shute, Museum, 34 mm SL, Franklin Co., FL)

113.36 BANDFIN DARTER Etheostoma zonistium (Roston, u/w)

61.129 BANDFIN SHINER Notropis zonistius (Wallace, Aquar., Halawakee Creek, Lee Co., AL)

191.5 BANDTAIL PUFFER Sphoeroides spengleri (Flescher, Museum, 135 mm TL, 27o05′N 83o35′W)

135.5 BANK BUTTERFLYFISH Chaetodon aya (Flescher, Museum, 119 mm TL, 33o25′N 77o03′W)

82.3 BANK CUSK-EEL Ophidion holbrooki (Flescher, Museum, 222 mm TL, 33o21′N 77o57′W)

109.2 BANK SEA BASS Centropristis ocyurus (Flescher, Museum, 205 mm FL, 33o32′N 77o13′W)

120.15 BAR JACK Caranx ruber (Randall, fig. 123, Museum, 10.8 in, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall places this fish in the genus Carangoides)

176.2 BARBFISH Scorpaena brasiliensis (Flescher, Museum, 215 mm TL, 33o54′N 76o47′W)

176.27 BARBFISH Scorpaena brasiliensis (Randall, fig. 196, 8 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

113.58 BARCHEEK DARTER Etheostoma obeyense (Roston, u/w)

19.4 BARNDOOR SKATE Raja laevis (Flescher, Museum, 695 mm TL, 41o38′N 65o54′W)

109.25 BARRED HAMLET Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. puella (Randall, fig. 78, Museum, 4.6 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

109.37 BARRED SAND BASS Paralabrax nebulifer (Gotshall, u/w)

89.11 BARRENS TOPMINNOW Fundulus julisia (Bauer, Museum, 68 mm SL, Joe Banks Spring, Coffee Co., TN)

10.1 BASKING SHARK (head only) Cetorhinus maximus (Gotshall, u/w)

21.3 BAT RAY Myliobatis californica (Gotshall, u/w)

92.1 BEARDFISH Polymixia lowei (Flescher, Museum, 130 mm FL, 36o19′N 74o47′W)

140.4 BEAUGREGORY Pomacentrus leucostictus (Roston, u/w)

61.33 BEAUTIFUL SHINER Notropis formosus (Johnson 1987 plate 4.7 by Rinne, Aquar.)

115.6 BELTED CARDINALFISH Apogon townsendi (Randall, Museum, 42 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

140.18 BICOLOR DAMSELFISH (u/w) Pomacentrus partitus (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

114.1 BIGEYE (Museum) Priacanthus arenatus (Flescher, 23 centimeters FL, 34o02′N 76o58′W)

114.3 BIGEYE (u/w) Priacanthus arenatus (Roston)

62.29 BIGEYE JUMPROCK Scartomyzon ariommus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 21, Museum, adult male, 130 mm TL, South Fork Roanoke River, Montgomery Co., VA)

120.16 BIGEYE SCAD Selar crumenophthalmus (Flescher, Museum, 149 mm FL, 37o47′N 75o15′W)

61.29 BIGEYE SHINER Notropis boops (Johnson 1987 plate 4.4 by Roston, u/w)

93.3 BIGEYE SOLDIERFISH Ostichthys trachypoma (Flescher, Museum, 147 mm FL, 32o39′N 77o54′W)

62.22 BIGMOUTH BUFFALO Ictiobus cyprinellus (Pflieger, Museum, 6.6 in SL, Silver Fork, Boone Co., MO)

61.115 BIGMOUTH SHINER Notropis dorsalis (Pflieger, Museum, Clear Creek, Clay Co., MO)

+64.2 BLACK BULLHEAD Ameiurus melas (Purkett, Museum)

112.16 BLACK CRAPPIE Pomoxis nigromaculatus (Purkett, Museum)

130.13 BLACK CROAKER Cheilotrema saturnum (Gotshall, page 63, u/w)

130.12 BLACK DRUM Pogonias cromis (Flescher, Museum, 440 mm FL, 38o08′N 75o08′W)

109.26 BLACK HAMLET Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. nigricans (Randall, fig. 81, Museum, 120 mm SL, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)

62.28 BLACK JUMPROCK Scartomyzon cervinus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 21, Museum, Adult female, 123 mm TL, Blackwater River, Franklin Co., VA)

64.17 BLACK MADTOM Noturus funebris (Shute, Museum, 93 mm SL, Tallapoosa River, Paulding Co., GA)

127.6 BLACK MARGATE Anisotremus surinamensis (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

139.2 BLACK PERCH Embiotoca jacksoni (Gotshall, u/w)

176.19 BLACK ROCKFISH Sebastes melanops (Gotshall, u/w)

180.29 BLACK SCULPIN Cottus baileyi (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 26, Museum, numptial male, 54 mm TL, Middle Fork Holston River, Smyth Co., VA)

180.30 BLACK SCULPIN Cottus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 26, Museum, adult female, 56 mm TL, Middle Fork Holston River, Smyth Co.,VA)

109.4 BLACK SEA BASS Centropristis striata (Flescher, Museum, 210 mm TL, 34o02′N 76o58′W)

176.16 BLACK-AND-YELLOW ROCKFISH Sebastes chrysomelas (Gotshall, u/w)

113.70 BLACKBANDED DARTER Percina nigrofasciata (Roston, u/w)

112.31 BLACKBANDED SUNFISH Enneacanthus chaetodon (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 29, Museum, adult female, 51 mm TL, Coppahaunk Swamp, Sussex Co., VA)

93.2 BLACKBAR SOLDIERFISH Myripristis jacobus (Flescher, Museum, 145 mm FL, 33o38′N 76o55′W)

93.7 BLACKBAR SOLDIERFISH Myripristis jacobus (Randall, fig. 53, 156 mm SL, Trinidad)

187.1 BLACKCHEEK TONGUEFISH Symphurus plagiusa (Flescher, Museum, 208 mm TL, 35o21′N 75o06′W)

142.17 BLACKEAR WRASSE (MALE) Halichoeres poeyi (Randall, fig. 236 of second edition of Caribbean Reef Fishes, Museum, 101 mm SL, Rincon, Puerto Rico)

165.1 BLACKEYE GOBY Coryphopterus nicholsi (Cooke, u/w,, Wolfeel Rocks, BC)

113.43 BLACKFIN DARTER Percina sp. (Johnson 1987 plate 11.6 by Roston, u/w)

73.3 BLACKFIN GOOSEFISH Lophius gastrophysus (Flescher, Museum, 14 centimeters TL, 33o39′N 76o43′W)

124.8 BLACKFIN SNAPPER Lutjanus buccanella (Randall, Museum)

61.48 BLACKNOSE DACE (Museum) Rhinichthys atratulus (Scarola)

61.95 BLACKNOSE DACE (u/w) Rhinichthys atratulus (Roston)

61.132 BLACKSIDE DACE Phoxinus cumberlandensis (Shute, Museum, 52 mm SL, Eagle Creek, McCreary Co., KY)

113.53 BLACKSIDE SNUBNOSE DARTER Etheostoma duryi (Roston, u/w)

140.5 BLACKSMITH Chromis punctipinnis (Gotshall, u/w)

89.13 BLACKSPOTTED TOPMINNOW Fundulus olivaceus (Roston, u/w)

89.12 BLACKSTRIPE TOPMINNOW Fundulus notatus (Johnson 1987 plate 7.9 by Roston, u/w)

62.24 BLACKTAIL REDHORSE Moxostoma poecilurum (Shute, Museum, 128 mm SL, Big Black River, Montgomery Co., MS)

61.126 BLACKTAIL SHINER Notropis venustus (Pflieger, Museum, 4 in TL, New Madrid Co., MO)

61.109 BLACKTIP SHINER Notropis atrapiculus (Wallace, Museum, Uchee Creek, Russell Co, AL)

61.90 BLEEDING SHINER (Museum) Notropis zonatus (Pflieger, 3.6 in TL, Big Saline Creek, Miller Co., MO)

61.42 BLEEDING SHINER (u/w) Notropis zonatus (Roston)

113.51 BLENNY DARTER Etheostoma blennius (Roston, u/w)

+61.20 BLOTCHED CHUB Erimystax insignis (Johnson 1987 plate 3.5 by Roston, u/w)

82.2 BLOTCHED CUSK-EEL Ophidion grayi (Flescher, Museum, 200 mm TL, 34o46′N 75o44′W)

113.88 BLOTCHSIDE LOGPERCH Percina burtoni (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 31, Museum, Nuptial male, 112 mm TL, Copper Creek Scott Co., VA)

140.11 BLUE CHROMIS Chromis cyaneus (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

143.8 BLUE PARROTFISH (MALE-Museum) Scarus coeruleus (Randall, fig. 264, 24.6 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.9 BLUE PARROTFISH (Museum) Scarus coeruleus (Randall, fig. 263, 270 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.1 BLUE PARROTFISH (u/w) Scarus coeruleus (Randall, Grand Bahama Island)

176.20 BLUE ROCKFISH Sebastes mystinus (Gotshall, u/w)

120.3 BLUE RUNNER Caranx crysos (Flescher, Museum, 205 mm FL, 35o01′N 76o03′W)

61.30 BLUE SHINER Notropis caeruleus (Johnson 1987 plate 4.5 by Roston, u/w)

167.4 BLUE TANG (YOUNG) Acanthurus coeruleus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

167.2 BLUE TANG Acanthurus coeruleus (Roston, u/w)

133.3 BLUE-BRONZE CHUB Kyphosus analogus (Gotshall, u/w)

39.1 BLUEBACK HERRING Alosa aestivalis (Flescher, Museum, 261 mm FL, 36o52′N 75o10′W)

165.3 BLUEBANDED GOBY Lythrypnus dalli (Gotshall, page 80, u/w)

113.4 BLUEBREAST DARTER Etheostoma camurum (Roston, u/w)

89.21 BLUEFIN KILLIFISH Lucania goodei (Roston, u/w)

117.1 BLUEFISH Pomatomus saltatrix (Flescher, Museum, 281 mm FL, 37o47′N 75o30′W)

112.8 BLUEGILL Lepomis macrochirus (Scarola, Museum)

142.27 BLUEHEAD (FEMALE-Museum) Thalassoma bifasciatum (Randall, fig. 237, 3.5 in, Puerto Rico)

142.7 BLUEHEAD (MALE-u/w) Thalassoma bifasciatum (Roston)

61.107 BLUEHEAD CHUB Nocomis leptocephalus (Bauer, Museum, 145 mm SL, Back Creek, Mecklenburg Co., NC)

61.34 BLUEHEAD SHINER Notropis hubbsi (Johnson 1987 plate 4.8 by Roston, u/w)

62.4 BLUEHEAD SUCKER Catostomus discobolus (Rinne, Aquar., 155 mm, Paria River)

116.1 BLUELINE TILEFISH Caulolatilus microps (Flescher, Museum, 423 mm FL, 32o48′N 78o05′W)

143.6 BLUELIP PARROTFISH Cryptotomus roseus (Randall, fig. 246, Museum, 3.9 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

61.40 BLUENOSE SHINER Notropis welaka (Johnson 1987 plate 5.2 by Roston, u/w)

113.8 BLUESIDE DARTER Etheostoma jessiae (Roston, u/w)

112.30 BLUESPOTTED SUNFISH Enneacanthus gloriosus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 28, Museum, adult female, 50 mm TL, Coppahaunk Swamp, Sussex Co., VA)

180.34 BLUESTONE SCULPIN Cottus sp., (Jenkins & Burkhead PLate 27, Museum, nuptial male, 67 mm TL, Bluestone River, Tazewell Co., VA)

180.35 BLUESTONE SCULPIN Cottus sp., (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 27, Museum, juvenile, 43 mm TL, Bluestone River, Tazewell Co., VA)

113.38 BLUESTRIPE DARTER Percina cymatotaenia (Roston, u/w)

61.110 BLUESTRIPE SHINER Notropis callitaenia (Wallace, Aquar., Uchee Creek, Russell Co., AL)

127.8 BLUESTRIPED GRUNT Haemulon sciurus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

61.111 BLUNTFACE SHINER Notropis camurus (Shute, Museum, 99 mm SL, Big Black River, Montgomery Co., MS)

61.133 BLUNTNOSE MINNOW Pimephales notatus (Pflieger, Museum, 2.8 in SL, Hinkson Creek, Boone Co., MO)

20.1 BLUNTNOSE STINGRAY Dasyatis sayi (Flescher, Museum, 199 mm TW, 38o36′N 75o00′W)

176.34 BOCACCIO Sebastes paucispinis (Gotshall, page 35, u/w)

128.1 BOGA Inermia vittata (Flescher, Museum, 97 mm FL, 33o50′N 76o55′W)

61.11 BONYTAIL Gila elegans (Johnson 1987 plate 2.6 by Rinne, Aquar., 351 mm, AZ)

27.1 BOWFIN (YOUNG) Amia calva (Bauer, Museum, 70 mm SL, Big Cow Creek, Newton Co., TX)

62.16 BRIDGELIP SUCKER Catostomus columbianus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 42, Museum, 15.5 in, Yakima River, WA)

61.28 BRIDLE SHINER Notropis bifrenatus (Scarola, Museum)

64.27 BRINDLED MADTOM Noturus miurus (Bauer, Museum, 41 mm SL, Duck River, Humphreys Co., TN)

184.10 BROAD FLOUNDER Paralichthys squamilentus (Flescher, Museum, 377 mm TL, 32o54′N 77o51′W)

14.2 BROADBAND DOGFISH Etmopterus gracilispinis (Flescher, Museum, 214 mm TL, 38o16′N 73o38′W)

61.116 BROADSTRIPE SHINER Notropis euryzonus (Wallace, Aquar., Maringo Creek, Russell Co., AL)

113.40 BRONZE DARTER Percina palmaris (Roston, u/w)

91.2 BROOK SILVERSIDE Labidesthes sicculus (Roston, u/w)

102.4 BROOK STICKLEBACK Culaea inconstans (Roston, u/w)

42.22 BROOK TROUT Salvelinus fontinalis (Scarola, Museum)

+64.4 BROWN BULLHEAD Ameiurus nebulosus (Scarola, Museum)

140.13 BROWN CHROMIS (Museum) Chromis multilineatus (Randall, fig. 221, 97 mm SL, Grand Bahama Island)

140.12 BROWN CHROMIS (u/w) Chromis multilineatus (Wallace)

113.54 BROWN DARTER Etheostoma edwini (Roston, u/w)

64.23 BROWN MADTOM Noturus phaeus (Shute, Museum, 39 mm SL, Spring Creek, Hardeman Co., TN)

176.14 BROWN ROCKFISH Sebastes auriculatus (Gotshall, u/w)

42.21 BROWN TROUT Salmo trutta (Scarola, Museum)

94.2 BUCKLER DORY Zenopsis conchifera (Flescher, Museum, 15cm)

143.19 BUCKTOOTH PARROTFISH (FEMALE) Sparisoma radians (Randall, fig. 255, Museum, 3.5 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

180.24 BUFFALO SCULPIN Enophrys bison (Gotshall, u/w)

61.147 BULL CHUB Nocomis raneyi (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 13, Museum, Nuptial male, 237 mm TL, Johns Creek, Craig Co., VA)

42.23 BULL TROUT Salvelinus confluentus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 17a, Museum, 22 in, Icicle River, WA)

61.134 BULLHEAD MINNOW Pimephales vigilax (Pflieger, Museum, 59 mm SL, Castor River, Stoddard Co., MO)

21.1 BULLNOSE RAY Myliobatis freminvillei (Flescher, Museum, 950 mm TL, 37o15′N 75o31′W)

80.4 BURBOT Lota lota (Scarola, Museum)

109.24 BUTTER HAMLET Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. unicolor (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

174.2 BUTTERFISH Peprilus triacanthus (Flescher, Museum, 135 mm FL, 37o44′N 75o24′W)

185.9 C-O SOLE Pleuronichthys coenosus (Gotshall, u/w)

180.19 CABEZON Scorpaenichthys marmoratus (Gotshall, u/w)

127.9 CAESAR GRUNT Haemulon carbonarium (Randall, fig. 157, Museum, 220 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

176.18 CALICO ROCKFISH Sebastes dalli (Gotshall, u/w)

33.4 CALIFORNIA MORAY (head only) Gymnothorax mordax (Gotshall, page 28, u/w)

142.9 CALIFORNIA SHEEPHEAD (FEMALE) Semicossyphus pulcher (Gotshall, u/w)

142.26 CALIFORNIA SHEEPHEAD (MALE) Semicossyphus pulcher (Gotshall, u/w)

142.10 CALIFORNIA SHEEPHEAD (YOUNG) Semicossyphus pulcher (Gotshall, u/w)

176.11 CANARY ROCKFISH (YOUNG) Sebastes pinniger (Cooke, u/w, Barkley Sound, BC)

113.101 CANDY DARTER Etheostoma osburni (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 34, Museum, Nuptial male, 86 mm TL, Big Stony Creek, Giles Co., VA)

61.82 CARDINAL SHINER (Museum) Notropis cardinalis (Pflieger, 3.5 in TL, Hudson Creek, Barry Co., MO)

61.36 CARDINAL SHINER (u/w) Notropis cardinalis (Roston, School)

113.118 CAROLINA DARTER Etheostoma collis (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 40, Museum, Male & female spawning in aquarium, Mines Creek, Mecklenburg, Co., VA)

64.18 CAROLINA MADTOM Noturus furiosus (Shute, Museum, 64 mm SL, Tar River, Edgecombe Co., NC)

109.34 CAVE BASS Liopropoma mowbrayi (Randall, fig. 98, 1.7 in, Nassau, Bahama Islands)

47.2 CENTRAL MUDMINNOW Umbra limi (Pflieger, Museum, 81 mm TL, Clark Co., MO)

61.55 CENTRAL STONEROLLER Campostoma anomalum (Pflieger, Museum, Little Bonne Femme Creek, Boone Co., MO)

11.1 CHAIN DOGFISH Scyliorhinus retifer (Flescher, Museum)

48.2 CHAIN PICKEREL Esox niger (Scarola, Museum)

109.45 CHALK BASS Serranus tortugarum (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

64.6 CHANNEL CATFISH Ictalurus punctatus (Wydoski & Whitney fig 44, Museum, 10.5 in, Columbia River)

113.97 CHANNEL DARTER Percina copelandi (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 33, Museum, Adult female, 37 mm TL, Clinch River, Scott Co., VA)

64.14 CHECKERED MADTOM (Museum) Noturus flavater (Pflieger, 2.1 in TL, North Fork, Ozark Co., MO)

64.13 CHECKERED MADTOM (u/w) Noturus flavater (Roston)

113.55 CHERRY DARTER Etheostoma etnieri (Roston, u/w)

61.83 CHERRYFIN SHINER Notropis roseipinnis (Roston, u/w)

136.7 CHERUBFISH (Museum) Centropyge argi (Randall, fig. 212, 42 mm SL, Piscadera Bay, Curacao)

136.4 CHERUBFISH (u/w) Centropyge argi (Randall, Bonaire)

2.4 CHESTNUT LAMPREY Ichthyomyzon castaneus (Pflieger, Museum, 10.6 in TL, Big Saline Creek, Miller Co., MO)

61.13 CHIHUAHUA CHUB Gila nigrescens (Johnson 1987 plate 2.8 by Johnson, Aquar., Mimbres River, NM)

176.31 CHILIPEPPER Sebastes goodei (Gotshall, page 34, u/w)

176.9 CHINA ROCKFISH Sebastes nebulosus (Cooke, u/w, Barkley Sound, BC)

42.11 CHINOOK SALMON (FEMALE) Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 20b, Museum, 30 in, University of Washington Hatchery)

42.10 CHINOOK SALMON (MALE) Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 20a, Museum, 30 in, University of Washington Hatchery)

61.53 CHISELMOUTH Acrocheilus alutaceus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 30b, Museum, 5.5 in, Yakima River, WA)

170.2 CHUB MACKEREL Scomber japonicus (Flescher, Museum, 252 mm FL, 32o54′N 77o41′W)

42.5 CHUM SALMON (FEMALE) Oncorhynchus keta (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 22b, Museum, 30.8 in, Quilcene River, WA)

42.4 CHUM SALMON (MALE) Oncorhynchus keta (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 22a, Museum, 33.2 in, Quilcene River, WA)

19.1 CLEARNOSE SKATE Raja eglanteria (Flescher, Museum, 539 mm TL, 36o09′N 75o18′W)

180.33 CLINCH SCULPIN Cottus Sp., (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 26, Museum, nuptial male, 77 mm TL, Little River, Tazewell Co., VA)

142.14 CLOWN WRASSE (FEMALE) Halichoeres maculipinna (Randall, fig. 231, Museum, 45 mm SL, Boqueron, Puerto Rico)

42.15 COASTAL SEA-RUN CUTTHROAT TROUT (MALE) Oncorhynchus clarki (Wydoski & Whitney, fig. 13a, Museum, 16.5 in, Salmon Creek, Cowlitz River, WA)

180.20 COASTRANGE SCULPIN Cottus aleuticus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 66, Museum, 2.9 in, Issaquah Creek)

118.1 COBIA Rachycentron canadum (Flescher, Museum, 307 mm FL, 34o35′N 77o14′W)

42.7 COHO SALMON (FEMALE) Oncorhynchus kisutch (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 19b, Museum, 30.8 in, Satsop River, WA)

42.6 COHO SALMON (MALE) Oncorhynchus kisutch (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 19a, Museum, 31.5 in, Satsop River, WA)

61.47 COLORADO SQUAWFISH Ptychocheilus lucius (Johnson 1987 plate 5.8 by Johnson, Aquar., NM)

89.3 COMANCHE SPRINGS PUPFISH Cyprinodon elegans (Johnson 1987 plate 7.4 by Johnson, Aquar., Reeves Co., TX)

61.6 COMMON CARP Cyprinus carpio (Scarola, Museum)

168.1 CONEJO Promethichthys prometheus (Flescher, Museum, 161 mm FL, 35o07′N 75o08′W)

109.20 CONEY (BICOLOR PHASE) Epinephelus fulvus (Wallace, u/w. Two individuals, top color of one is red, top color of other is brown)

109.15 CONEY (BICOLOR PHASE) Epinephelus fulvus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire, top color is dark brown)

109.21 CONEY (YELLOW PHASE) Epinephelus fulvus (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

113.5 COOSA DARTER Etheostoma coosae (Roston, u/w)

176.4 COPPER ROCKFISH Sebastes caurinus (Cooke, u/w, Kyuquot Sound, BC)

180.21 CORALLINE SCULPIN Artedius corallinus (Gotshall, page 54, u/w)

120.12 COTTONMOUTH JACK Uraspis secunda (Flescher, Museum, 272 mm FL, 34o53′N 75o43′W)

127.14 COTTONWICK Haemulon melanurum (Randall, fig. 153, Museum, 145 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

21.2 COWNOSE RAY Rhinoptera bonasus (Flescher, Museum, 863 mm TL, 35o13′N 75o35′W)

61.50 CREEK CHUB Semotilus atromaculatus (Scarola, Museum)

62.8 CREEK CHUBSUCKER (Museum) Erimyzon oblongus (Scarola)

62.18 CREEK CHUBSUCKER (u/w) Erimyzon oblongus (Roston)

113.52 CREOLE DARTER Etheostoma collettei (Roston, u/w)

109.38 CREOLE-FISH Paranthias furcifer (Randall, fig. 99, Museum, 9.6 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

109.12 CREOLE-FISH Paranthias furcifer (Flescher, Museum, 285 mm FL, 33o39′N 76o46′W)

156.2 CRESCENT GUNNEL Pholis laeta (Cooke, u/w, Turgoose Point, near Sidney, BC)

61.112 CRESCENT SHINER (Museum) Notropis cerasinus (Shute, 61 mm SL, Peters Creek, Stokes Co., NC)

+61.69 CRESCENT SHINER (u/w) Luxilus cerasinus (Roston)

120.4 CREVALLE JACK Caranx hippos (Flescher, Museum, 187 mm FL, 40o23′N 73o56′W)

130.7 CUBBYU Equetus umbrosus (Flescher, Museum, 212 mm TL, 33o43′N 76o43′W)

113.47 CUMBERLAND SNUBNOSE DARTER Etheostoma atripinne (Roston, u/w)

142.6 CUNNER Tautogolabrus adspersus (Flescher, Museum, 191 mm TL, 41o57′N 66o37′W)

185.10 CURLFIN SOLE (head only) Pleuronichthys decurrens (Gotshall, page 85, u/w, body buried in sand with head visible)

80.1 CUSK Brosme brosme (Flescher, Museum, 58 centimeters TL, 42o36′N 68o49′W)

61.145 CUTLIPS MINNOW Exoglossum maxillingua (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 12, Museum, nuptial male, 104 mm TL Craig Creek, Craig Co., VA)

113.61 CYPRESS DARTER Etheostoma proeliare (Roston, u/w)

155.6 DAUBED SHANNY Lumpenus maculatus (Flescher, Museum, 99 mm TL, 43o05′N 70o20′W)

155.2 DECORATED WARBONNET (head only) Chirolophis decoratus (Cooke, u/w, Tasu, Queen Charlotte Islands)

155.1 DECORATED WARBONNET Chirolophis decoratus (Cooke, u/w, Tasu, Queen Charlotte Islands)

96.1 DEEPBODY BOARFISH Antigonia capros (Flescher, Museum, 10 centimeters TL)

19.5 DEEPWATER SKATE Breviraja plutonia (Flescher, Museum, 267 mm TL, 34o46′N 75o27′W, 328 meters water depth)

89.4 DESERT PUPFISH Cyprinodon macularius (Johnson 1987 plate 7.5 by Rinne, Aquar.)

167.5 DOCTORFISH Acanthurus chirurgus (Randall, fig. 289, 170 mm SL, Museum, St. John, Virgin Islands)

112.9 DOLLAR SUNFISH Leomis marginatus (Roston, u/w)

189.1 DOTTEREL FILEFISH Aluterus heudeloti (Flescher, Museum, 217 mm TL, 34o53′N 75o50′W)

140.17 DUSKY DAMSELFISH (ADULT) Pomacentrus fuscus (Axelrod, u/w)

140.16 DUSKY DAMSELFISH (YOUNG) Pomacentrus fuscus (Axelrod, u/w)

113.72 DUSKY DARTER (Museum) Percina sciera (Pflieger, 96 mm TL, Castor River, Stoddard Co., MO)

113.71 DUSKY DARTER (u/w) Percina sciera (Roston)

184.17 DUSKY FLOUNDER Syacium papillosum (Flescher, Museum, 27 centimeters TL, 32o10′N 94o14′W)

176.28 DUSKY ROCKFISH Sebastes ciliatus (Gotshall, page 36, u/w)

93.6 DUSKY SQUIRRELFISH Holocentrus vexillarius (Randall, fig. 52, Museum, 3.9 in, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall places this fish in the genus Sargocentron)

131.2 DWARF GOATFISH Upeneus parvus (Flescher, Museum, 132 mm FL, 33o40′N 77o55′W)

+90.3 EASTERN MOSQUITOFISH (FEMALE) Gambusia holbrooki (Pflieger, Museum, 2 in TL, New Madrid Co., MO)

+90.4 EASTERN MOSQUITOFISH (MALE) Gambusia holbrooki (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 48a, 1.1 in, Sacajawea State Park)

47.3 EASTERN MUDMINNOW Umbra pygmaea (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 10, musuem, adult female, 60 mm TL, Coppahaunk Swamp, Sussex Co., VA)

61.18 EASTERN SILVERY MINNOW Hybognathus regius (Scarola, Museum)

64.10 ELEGANT MADTOM Noturus elegans (Shute, Museum, 59 mm SL, Indian Creek, Wayne Co., TN)

113.1 EMERALD DARTER Etheostoma baileyi (Roston, u/w)

185.5 ENGLISH SOLE Parophrys vetulus (Cooke, Museum, Mill Bay, BC)

43.3 EULACHON Thaleichthys pacificus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 23, Museum, 7.7 in, Cowlitz River, WA)

112.2 EVERGLADES PYGMY SUNFISH Elassoma evergladei(Roston, u/w)

184.14 EYED FLOUNDER Bothus ocellatus (Flescher, Museum, 15 centimeters TL, 32o10′N 79o14′W)

61.51 FALLFISH Semotilus corporalis (Scarola, Museum)

113.6 FANTAIL DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma flabellare (Purkett)

113.56 FANTAIL DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma flabellare (Roston)

61.93 FATHEAD MINNOW Pimephales promelas (Roston, u/w)

61.153 FATLIPS MINNOW Phenacobius crassilabrum (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 14, Museum, nuptial male, 72 mm TL, South Fork Holston River, Washington, Co., VA)

82.1 FAWN CUSK-EEL Lepophidium profundorum (Flescher, Museum, 234 mm TL, 38o07′N 73o55′W)

61.37 FIERYBLACK SHINER (Museum) Notropis pyrrhomelas (Bauer, 66 mm SL, Henry River, Burke Co., NC)

61.122 FIERYBLACK SHINER (u/w) Notropis pyrrhomelas (Roston)

113.21 FINESCALE SADDLED DARTER Etheostoma osburni (Roston, u/w)

176.22 FLAG ROCKFISH Sebastes rubrivinctus (Gotshall, page 48, u/w)

61.123 FLAGFIN SHINER Notropis signipinnis (Wallace, Aquar., Alabama)

89.20 FLAGFISH Jordanella floridae (Roston, u/w)

61.17 FLAME CHUB (Museum) Hemitremia flammea (Shute, 44 mm SL, Hickory Creek, Coffee Co., TN)

61.60 FLAME CHUB (u/w) Hemitremia flammea (Roston)

115.3 FLAMEFISH (AQUAR.) Apogon maculatus (Axelrod)

115.4 FLAMEFISH (Museum) Apogon maculatus (Randall, fig. 108, 2.3 in, Puerto Rico)

62.5 FLANNELMOUTH SUCKER Catostomus latipinnis (Rinne, Aquar., 328 mm, Virgin River)

+64.30 FLAT BULLHEAD Ameiurus platycephalus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 22, Museum, juvenile, 76 mm TL, Twittys Creek, Charlotte Co., VA)

87.1 FLAT NEEDLEFISH Ablennes hians (Flescher, Museum, 530 mm FL, 35o52′N 75o16′W)

112.18 FLIER Centrarchus macropterus (Pflieger, Museum, Mingo Swamp, Wayne Co., MO)

120.10 FLORIDA POMPANO Trachinotus carolinus (Flescher, Museum, 211 mm FL, 34o41′N 76o27′W)

86.1 FLYINGFISH Cypselurus sp. (Flescher, Museum, 33o10′N 77o23′W)

80.2 FOURBEARD ROCKLING Enchelyopus cimbrius (Flescher, Museum, 192 mm TL, 36o09′N 74o47′W)

135.2 FOUREYE BUTTERFLYFISH Chaetodon capistratus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

102.1 FOURSPINE STICKLEBACK Apeltes quadracus (Scarola, Museum)

184.9 FOURSPOT FLOUNDER Paralichthys oblongus Flescher, Museum, 255 mm TL, 32o54′N 77o37′W)

64.28 FRECKLEBELLY MADTOM Noturus munitus (Bauer, Museum, 61 mm SL, Etowah River, Cherokee Co., GA)

115.7 FRECKLED CARDINALFISH Phaeoptyx conklini (Randall, fig. 109, Museum, 40 mm SL, Puerto Rico)

64.22 FRECKLED MADTOM Noturus nocturnus (Pflieger, Museum, 75 mm TL, Stoddard Co., MO)

110.1 FRECKLED SOAPFISH Rypticus bistrispinus (Flescher, Museum, 131 mm TL, 33o43′N 77o03′W)

136.8 FRENCH ANGELFISH (ADULT-Museum) Pomacanthus paru (Randall, fig. 206, 9.5 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

136.6 FRENCH ANGELFISH (ADULT-u/w) Pomacanthus paru (Randall, Bonaire)

136.9 FRENCH ANGELFISH (YOUNG-u/w) Pomacanthus paru (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

127.11 FRENCH GRUNT Haemulon flavolineatum (Wallace, u/w, St. Croix, Virgin Islands)

130.1 FRESHWATER DRUM Aplodinotus grunniens (Purkett, Museum)

189.7 FRINGED FILEFISH Monacanthus ciliatus (Flescher, Museum, 108 mm TL, 26o45′N 84o13′W)

184.5 FRINGED FLOUNDER Etropus crossotus (Flescher, Museum, 159 mm TL, 34o39′N 76o59′W)

109.11 GAG Mycteroperca microlepis (Flescher, Museum, 733 mm TL, 34o38′N 76o59′w)

140.6 GARIBALDI (ADULT) Hypsypops rubicundus (Gotshall, u/w)

140.14 GARIBALDI (YOUNG) Hypsypops rubicundus (Gotshall, u/w)

153.2 GIANT KELPFISH (DARK COLOR) Heterostichus rostratus (Gotshall, u/w)

153.3 GIANT KELPFISH (GOLD COLOR) Heterostichus rostratus (Gotshall, page 78, u/w)

108.3 GIANT SEA BASS Stereolepis gigas (Gotshall, u/w)

61.12 GILA CHUB Gila intermedia (Johnson 1987 plate 2.7 by Rinne, Aquar.)

90.2 GILA TOPMINNOW Poeciliopsis occidentalis (Rinne, Aquar., Monkey Springs)

42.19 GILA TROUT Oncorhynchus gilae (Rinne, Aquar., 147mm, Main Diamond Creek, NM)

113.39 GILT DARTER Percina evides (Roston, u/w)

39.6 GIZZARD SHAD Dorosoma cepedianum (Purkett, Museum)

114.4 GLASSEYE SNAPPER (YOUNG) Priacanthus cruentatus (Flescher, Museum, 88 mm TL, 33o43′N 77o03′W)

113.110 GLASSY DARTER etheostoma vitreum (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 36, Museum, Nuptial or postnuptial male, 59 mm TL, Blackwater River, Franklin Co., VA)

132.1 GLASSY SWEEPER Pempheris schomburgki (Randall, fig. 177, Museum, 93 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

109.27 GOLDEN HAMLET Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. gummigutta (Wallace, u/w, vertical format slide, Jamaica)

62.13 GOLDEN REDHORSE Moxostoma erythrurum (Purkett, Museum)

61.25 GOLDEN SHINER Notemigonus crysoleucas (Scarola, Museum)

89.6 GOLDEN TOPMINNOW Fundulus chrysotus (Johnson 1987 plate 7.8 by Roston, u/w)

42.14 GOLDEN TROUT Oncorhynchus aguabonita (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 12, Museum, 14 in, Lime Lake)

33.5 GOLDENTAIL MORAY (head only) Muraena miliaris (Wallace, u/w)

41.1 GOLDEYE Hiodon alosoides (Pflieger, Museum, 9.8 in TL, Moniteau Creek, Moniteau Co., MO)

61.57 GOLDFISH (DARK OLIVE COLOR) Carassius auratus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 28b, Museum, 4.6 in, University of Washington Arboretum)

61.2 GOLDFISH (RED COLOR) Carassius auratus (Scarola, Museum)

36.3 GOLDSPOTTED EEL Myrichthys ocellatus (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico. Forepart of body only and partly hidden by vegetation)

113.80 GOLDSTRIPE DARTER Etheostoma parvipinne (Pflieger, Museum, 62 mm, Holly Ridge Natural Area, Stoddard Co., MO)

73.2 GOOSEFISH Lophius americanus (Flescher, Museum, 201 mm TL, 36o53′N 74o43′W)

176.15 GOPHER ROCKFISH Sebastes carnatus (Gotshall, u/w)

48.3 GRASS PICKEREL Esox americanus vermiculatus (Pflieger, Museum, 7.8 in TL, Courtais Creek, Crawford Co., MO)

136.3 GRAY ANGELFISH Pomacanthus arcuatus (Roston, u/w)

184.7 GRAY FLOUNDER Etropus rimosus (Flescher, Museum, 102 mm TL, 34o26′N 76o00′W)

124.9 GRAY SNAPPER Lutjanus griseus (Randall, fig. 139, Museum, 15.6 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

124.2 GRAY SNAPPER Lutjanus griseus (Flescher, Museum, 22 centimeters TL, 26o15′N 82o36′W)

189.3 GRAY TRIGGERFISH Balistes capriscus (Flescher, Museum, 112 mm TL, 34o53′N 75o50′W)

109.14 GRAYSBY Epinephelus cruentatus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

180.7 GREAT SCULPIN (Museum) Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus (Cooke, Mill Bay, BC)

180.27 GREAT SCULPIN (u/w) Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus (Gotshall, page 51)

120.8 GREATER AMBERJACK Seriola dumerili (Flescher, Museum, 291 mm FL, Cape Hatteras, NC)

33.6 GREEN MORAY (head only) Gymnothorax funebris (Wallace, u/w)

142.24 GREEN RAZORFISH (MALE) Hemipteronotus splendens (Randall, fig. 243, Museum, 104 mm SL, La Parquera, Puerto Rico. Randall places this fish in the genus Xyrichtys)

142.23 GREEN RAZORFISH (YOUNG) Hemipteronotus splendens (Randall, fig. 242, 41 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall places this fish in the genus Xyrichtys)

24.2 GREEN STURGEON (Museum) Acipenser medirostris (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 5, 52 in, Chehalis River, WA)

24.4 GREEN STURGEON (u/w) Acipenser medirostris (Gotshall, page 28)

112.20 GREEN SUNFISH Lepomis cyanellus (Pflieger, Museum, 7.25 in TL, Bonne Femme Creek, Boone Co., MO)

113.9 GREENBREAST DARTER Etheostoma jordani (Roston, u/w)

61.70 GREENHEAD SHINER Notropis chlorocephalus (Roston. u/w)

113.50 GREENSIDE DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma blennioides (Pflieger, 84 mm TL, Sugar Creek, Osage Co., MO)

113.49 GREENSIDE DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma blennioides (Roston)

176.29 GREENSTRIPED ROCKFISH Sebastes elongatus (Gotshall, Museum)

113.12 GREENTHROAT DARTER Etheostoma lepidum (Roston, u/w)

180.5 GRUBBY Myoxocephalus aenaeus (Flescher, Museum, 114 mm TL, 38o55′N 74o51′W)

180.8 GRUNT SCULPIN Rhamphocottus richardsoni (Cooke, u/w, Chatham Channel, BC)

115.1 GUADALUPE CARDINALFISH Apogon guadalupensis (Gotshall, u/w)

145.2 GUAGUANCHE Sphyraena guachancho (Flescher, Museum, 335 mm FL, 33o54′N 78o15′W)

113.83 GULF DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma swaini (Wallace, Tallapoosa River, AL)

113.31 GULF DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma swaini (Roston)

89.9 GULF KILLIFISH (Museum) Fundulus grandis (Shute, 104 mm SL, Franklin Co., FL)

89.22 GULF KILLIFISH (u/w) Fundulus grandis (Roston)

80.5 HADDOCK Melanogrammus aeglefinus (Flescher, Museum, 402 mm TL, 42o17′N 65o41′W)

176.37 HALFBANDED ROCKFISH Sebastes semicinctus (Gotshall, page 46, u/w)

133.4 HALFMOON Medialuna californiensis (Gotshall, page 64, u/w)

66.1 HARDHEAD CATFISH Arius felis (Flescher, Museum, 29 centimeters FL, 29o39′N 85o48′W)

109.19 HARLEQUIN BASS Serranus tigrinus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

174.1 HARVESTFISH Peprilus alepidotus (Flescher, Museum, 181 mm FL, 34o37′N 77o07′W)

130.16 HIGH-HAT (ADULT-Museum) Equetus acuminatus (Randall, fig. 172, 119 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall places this fish in the genus Pareques)

130.14 HIGH-HAT (ADULT-u/w)) Equetus acuminatus (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

130.15 HIGH-HAT (YOUNG) Equetus acuminatus (Wallace, u/w)

61.62 HIGHBACK CHUB Hybopsis hypsinotus (Roston, u/w)

186.3 HOGCHOKER Trinectes maculatus (Flescher, Museum, 141 mm TL, 37o41′N 75o33′W)

142.3 HOGFISH (ADULT-Museum) Lachnolaimus maximus (Flescher, 620 mm FL, 33o13′N 77o53′W)

142.25 HOGFISH (u/w) Lachnolaimus maximus (Wallace)

142.4 HOGFISH (YOUNG-Museum) Lachnolaimus maximus (Flescher, 118 mm FL, 34o24′N 77o08′W )

180.32 HOLSTON SCULPIN Cottus sp., (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 26, Museum, adult female 78 mm TL, Middle Fork Holston River, Smyth Co., VA)

176.25 HONEYCOMB ROCKFISH Sebastes umbrosus (Gotshall, page 45, u/w)

5.1 HORN SHARK Heterodontus francisci (Gotshall, u/w)

184.15 HORNED WHIFF Citharichthys cornutus (Flescher, Museum, 96 mm TL, 32o54′N 77o51′W)

61.67 HORNYHEAD CHUB (Museum) Nocomis biguttatus (Pflieger, 7.2 in TL, Big Saline Creek, Miller Co., MO)

61.66 HORNYHEAD CHUB (SPAWNING) Nocomis biguttatus (Roston, u/w)

120.14 HORSE-EYE JACK Caranx latus (Randall, fig. 127, Museum, 13.3 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

61.9 HUMPBACK CHUB Gila cypha (Johnson 1987 plate 2.4 by Rinne,Aquar., 402mm, AZ)

109.29 INDIGO HAMLET (Museum) Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. indigo (Randall, fig. 80, 92 mm SL, Nassau, Bahama Islands)

109.28 INDIGO HAMLET (u/w) Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. indigo (Wallace, Jamaica)

53.3 INSHORE LIZARDFISH Synodus foetens (Flescher, Museum, 187 mm FL, 33o44′N 77o54′W)

153.1 ISLAND KELPFISH Alloclinus holderi (Gotshall, u/w)

130.5 JACKKNIFE-FISH Equetus lanceolatus (Flescher, Museum, 251 mm TL, 33o16′N 77o46′W)

113.79 JOHNNY DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma nigrum (Pflieger, 50 mm SL, Hinkson Creek, Boone Co., MO)

113.17 JOHNNY DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma nigrum (Roston)

113.11 KANAWHA DARTER Etheostoma kanawhae (Roston, u/w)

61.152 KANAWHA MINNOW Phenacobius teretulas (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 14, Museum, nuptial male, 72 mm TL Little River, Floyd Co., VA)

109.17 KELP BASS Paralabrax clathratus (Gotshall, u/w)

179.4 KELP GREENLING (MALE) Hexagrammos decagrammus (Gotshall, page 49, u/w)

139.7 KELP PERCH Brachyistius frenatus (Gotshall, u/w)

176.13 KELP ROCKFISH Sebastes atrovirens (Gotshall, page 41, u/w)

113.25 KENTUCKY SNUBNOSE DARTER Etheostoma rafinesquei (Roston, u/w) 61.5 LAKE CHUB Couesius plumbeus (Scarola, Museum)

62.19 LAKE CHUBSUCKER Erimyzon sucetta (Pflieger, Museum, 132 mm TL, Mississippi Co., MO)

42.24 LAKE TROUT Salvelinus namaycush (Scarola, Museum)

42.1 LAKE WHITEFISH Coregonus clupeaformis (Scarola, Museum)

152.1 LANCER STARGAZER Kathetostoma albigutta (Flescher, Museum, 13 centimeters TL, 33o05′N 77o40′W)

124.11 LANE SNAPPER (Museum) Lutjanus synagris (Randall, fig. 143, 7.2 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

124.3 LANE SNAPPER (Museum) Lutjanus synagris (Flescher, 144 mm FL, 33o54′N 78o15′W)

109.42 LANTERN BASS (Museum) Serranus baldwini (Randall, fig. 91, Museum, 38 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

109.41 LANTERN BASS (u/w) Serranus baldwini (Wallace, vertical format slide) 112.14 LARGEMOUTH BASS Micropterus salmoides (Scarola, Museum)

53.1 LARGESCALE LIZARDFISH Saurida brasiliensis (Flescher, Museum, 90 mm FL, 32o56′N 77o56′W)

61.100 LARGESCALE STONEROLLER (AQUAR.) Campostoma oligolepis (Wallace, Cahaba River, Bibb Co., AL)

61.56 LARGESCALE STONEROLLER (Museum) Campostoma oligolepis (Pflieger, 154 mm TL, Webster Co., MO)

62.17 LARGESCALE SUCKER Catostomus macrocheilus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 40, Museum, 11.4 in, Lake Washington, WA)

180.16 LAVENDER SCULPIN Leiocottus hirundo (Gotshall, u/w)

2.6 LEAST BROOK LAMPREY Lampetra aepyptera (Pflieger, Museum, 126 mm TL, Pine Valley Creek, Carter Co., MO)

90.5 LEAST KILLIFISH Heterandria formosa (Roston, u/w)

89.2 LEON SPRINGS PUPFISH Cyprinodon bovinus (Johnson 1987 plate 7.2 by Johnson, Aquar., Dexter National Fish Hatchery, NM)

61.96 LEOPARD DACE Rhinichthys falcatus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 37, Museum, 4.1 in, Yakima River, WA)

113.41 LEOPARD DARTER Percina pantherina (Johnson 1987 plate 11.4 by Roston, u/w)

12.4 LEOPARD SHARK Triakis semifasciata (Gotshall, u/w)

18.1 LESSER ELECTRIC RAY Narcine brasiliensis (Flescher, Museum, 260 mm TL, 34o25′N 76o20′W)

106.1 LINED SEAHORSE Hippocampus erectus (Flescher, Museum)

89.23 LINED TOPMINNOW Fundulus lineolatus (Wallace, Museum, Little Alligator Creek, GA)

179.2 LINGCOD (Museum) Ophiodon elongatus (Cooke, Mill Bay, BC)

179.5 LINGCOD (u/w) Ophiodon elongatus (Gotshall)

19.2 LITTLE SKATE Raja erinacea (Flescher, Museum, 274 mm TL, 38o02′N 74o48′W)

61.52 LOACH MINNOW Tiaroga cobitis (Johnson 1987 plate 6.1 by Rinne, Aquar., 64 mm, Aravaipa Creek)

113.69 LOGPERCH (Museum) Percina caprodes (Pflieger, 144 mm TL, James River, Webster Co., MO)

113.68 LOGPERCH (u/w) Percina caprodes (Roston)

113.57 LOLLIPOP DARTER Etheostoma neopterum (Roston, u/w)

112.10 LONGEAR SUNFISH Lepomis megalotis (Purkett, Museum)

61.54 LONGFIN DACE Agosia chrysogaster (Roston, u/w)

140.7 LONGFIN DAMSELFISH Pomacentrus diencaeus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

113.107 LONGFIN DARTER Etheostoma longimanum (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 36, Museum, Nuptial male, 51 mm TL, Catawba Creek, Roanoke Co., VA)

156.1 LONGFIN GUNNEL Pholis clemensi (Cooke, u/w, Tasu, Queen Charlotte Islands)

180.26 LONGFIN SCULPIN Jordania zonope (Gotshall, page 52, u/w)

43.2 LONGFIN SMELT Spirinchus thaleichthys (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 24a, Museum, 4.8 in, Lake Washington, WA)

180.6 LONGHORN SCULPIN Myoxocephalus octodecemspinosus (Flescher, Museum, 29 centimeters TL, 41o56′N 66o28′W)

74.2 LONGLURE FROGFISH Antennarius multiocellatus (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

76.4 LONGNOSE BATFISH Ogcocephalus vespertilio (Flescher, Museum, 186 mm TL, 34o08′N 76o08′W)

61.49 LONGNOSE DACE Rhinichthys cataractae (Scarola, Museum)

26.1 LONGNOSE GAR (YOUNG) Lepisosteus osseus (Pflieger, Museum, 4.3 in TL, Jacks Fork, Shannon Co., MO)

54.2 LONGNOSE GREENEYE Parasudis truculenta (Flescher, Museum, 98 mm FL, 36o43′N 74o40′W)

89.14 LONGNOSE KILLIFISH Fundulus similis (Shute, Museum, 69 mm SL, Franklin Co., FL)

61.77 LONGNOSE SHINER Notropis longirostris (Roston, u/w)

62.2 LONGNOSE SUCKER Catostomus catostomus (Scarola, Museum)

135.4 LONGSNOUT BUTTERFLYFISH (Museum) Chaetodon aculeatus (Randall, fig. 204, 62 mm SL, Nassau, Bahama Islands)

135.3 LONGSNOUT BUTTERFLYFISH (u/w) Chaetodon aculeatus (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

176.26 LONGSPINE SCORPIONFISH Pontinus longispinis (Flescher, Museum, 12 centimeters FL, 29o15′N 85o55′W)

105.1 LONGSPINE SNIPEFISH Macrorhamphosus scolopax (Flescher, Museum, 121 mm FL, 38o00′N 73o53′W)

93.5 LONGSPINE SQUIRRELFISH (Museum) Holocentrus rufus (Randall, fig. 49, Museum, 185 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

93.4 LONGSPINE SQUIRRELFISH (u/w) Holocentrus rufus (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

120.7 LOOKDOWN Selene vomer (Flescher, Museum, 149 mm FL, 34o41′N 76o27′W)

124.10 MAHOGANY SNAPPER Lutjanus mahogoni (Randall, fig. 144, Museum, 9.5 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

174.4 MAN-OF-WAR FISH Nomeus gronovii (Flescher, Museum, 97 mm FL, 34o42′N 75o39′W)

191.3 MARBLED PUFFER Sphoeroides dorsalis (Flescher, Museum, 149 mm TL, 34o01′N 76o20′W)

64.26 MARGINED MADTOM (Museum) Noturus insignis (Shute, 57 mm SL, Waccamaw River, Brunswick Co., NC)

64.7 MARGINED MADTOM (u/w) Noturus insignis (Roston)

180.14 MARGINED SCULPIN Cottus marginatus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 72, Museum, 3.1 in, Tucannon River)

174.3 MEDUSAFISH Icichthys lockingtoni (Gotshall, page 82, u/w. Young individual in association with a jellyfish)

61.1 MEXICAN STONEROLLER Campostoma ornatum (Johnson 1987 plate 1.7, by Rinne, Aquar.)

60.1 MEXICAN TETRA Astyanax mexicanus (Johnson 1987 plate 1.6 by Johnson, Aquar., Reeves Co., TX)

143.7 MIDNIGHT PARROTFISH Scarus coelestinus (Randall, fig. 266, Museum, 410 mm, St. John, Virgin Islands)

61.127 MIMIC SHINER Notropis volucellus (Shute, Museum, 47 mm SL, Little River, Blount Co., TN)

61.177 MIRROR SHINER Notropis spectrunculus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 19, Museum, nuptial male, 56 mm TL, Middle Fork Holston River, Smyth County, VA)

61.101 MISSISSIPPI SILVERY MINNOW Hybognathus nuchalis (Wallace, Aquar., Alabama)

113.84 MISSOURI SADDLED DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma terazonum (Pflieger, 58 mm SL, Big Tavern Creek, Miller Co., MO)

113.32 MISSOURI SADDLED DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma tetrazonum (Roston)

61.24 MOAPA DACE Moapa coriacea (Johnson 1987 plate 4.1 by Rinne, Aquar.)

126.1 MOJARRA sp. Eucinostomus sp. (Flescher, Museum, 105 mm FL, 24o55′N 82o34′W)

155.5 MONKEYFACE PRICKLEBACK Cebidichthys violaceus (Gotshall, u/w)

2.13 MOUNTAIN BROOK LAMPREY Ichthyomyzon greeleyi (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 9, Museum, nuptial male, 130 mm TL, Middle Fork Holston River, Smyth Co., VA)

64.11 MOUNTAIN MADTOM Noturus eleutherus (Shute, Museum, 36 mm SL, Nolichucky River, Greene/Cocke Counties, TN)

61.45 MOUNTAIN REDBELLY DACE Phoxinus oreas (Johnson 1987 plate 5.6 by Roston, u/w)

61.119 MOUNTAIN SHINER Lythrurus lirus (Shute, Museum, 49 mm SL, Duck River, Maury Co., TN)

62.6 MOUNTAIN SUCKER Catostomus platyrhynchus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 41, Museum, 3.5 in, Yakima River, WA)

42.13 MOUNTAIN WHITEFISH Prosopium williamsoni (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 10, Museum, 9.8 in, Skagit River, WA)

180.9 MOUSTACHE SCULPIN Triglops murrayi Flescher, Museum, 106 mm TL, 42o00′N 66o19′W)

112.27 MUD SUNFISH Acantharchus pomotis (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 28, Museum, adult male, 103 mm TL, Coppahaunk Swamp, Sussex, Co., VA)

89.10 MUMMICHOG Fundulus heteroclitus (Scarola, Museum)

48.4 MUSKELLUNGE Esox masquinongy (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 10, Museum, juvenile, 175mm TL, Buller Hatchery, Smyth Co., VA)

186.2 NAKED SOLE Gymnachirus melas (Flescher, Museum, 119 mm TL, 33o10′N 77o27′W)

109.8 NASSAU GROUPER Epinephelus striatus (Roston, u/w)

61.175 NEW RIVER SHINER Notropis scabriceps (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 18, Museum, adult female, 59 mm TL, Little River, Floyd Co., VA)

113.78 NIANGUA DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma nianguae (Pflieger, 81 mm SL, Big Tavern Creek, Miller Co., MO)

113.16 NIANGUA DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma nianguae (Johnson 1987 plate 9.8 by Roston)

2.5 NORTHERN BROOK LAMPREY Ichthyomyzon fossor (Pflieger, Museum, 108 mm TL, Meramec River, Crawford Co., MO)

62.10 NORTHERN HOG SUCKER Hypentelium nigricans (Purkett, Museum)

130.10 NORTHERN KINGFISH Menticirrhus saxatilis (Flescher, Museum, 296 mm TL, 37o07′N 75o47′W)

48.1 NORTHERN PIKE Esox lucius (Scarola, Museum)

191.4 NORTHERN PUFFER Sphoeroides maculatus (Flescher, Museum, 195 mm TL, 34o09′N 76o55′W)

61.43 NORTHERN REDBELLY DACE Phoxinus eos (Scarola, Museum)

149.2 NORTHERN RONQUIL Ronquilus jordani (Cooke, u/w, Lasqueti Island, BC)

162.1 NORTHERN SAND LANCE Ammodytes dubius (Flescher, Museum, 17 centimeters FL, 40o52′N 68o24′W)

177.1 NORTHERN SEAROBIN Prionotus carolinus (Flescher, Museum, 220 mm FL, 38o02′N 74o48′W)

145.1 NORTHERN SENNET Sphyraena borealis (Flescher, Museum, 276 mm FL, 34o16′N 76o42′W)

61.94 NORTHERN SQUAWFISH Ptychocheilus oregonensis (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 33, Museum, 20.1 in, Lake Washington, WA)

89.5 NORTHERN STUDFISH Fundulus catenatus (Johnson 1987 plate 7.7 by Roston, u/w)

85.2 OCEAN POUT Macrozoarces americanus (Flescher, Museum, 376 mm TL, 38o53′N 73o28′W)

193.1 OCEAN SUNFISH Mola mola (Gotshall, u/w)

167.3 OCEAN SURGEON Acanthurus bahianus (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

116.3 OCEAN WHITEFISH Caulolatilus princeps (Gotshall, u/w)

184.1 OCELLATED FLOUNDER Ancylopsetta quadrocellata (Flescher, Museum, 261 mm TL, 34o29′N 76o08′W)

74.1 OCELLATED FROGFISH Antennarius ocellatus (Flescher, Museum, 164 mm TL, 33o28′N 78o15′W)

33.2 OCELLATED MORAY Gymnothorax saxicola (Flescher, Museum, 452 mm TL, 33o38′N 76o55′W)

2.12 OHIO LAMPREY Ichthyomyzon bdellium (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 9, Museum, parasitic juvenile, 197 mm TL, Clinch River, Scott Co. VA)

113.19 OKALOOSA DARTER Etheostoma okaloosae (Johnson 1987 plate 9.10 by Roston, u/w)

176.23 OLIVE ROCKFISH Sebastes serranoides (Gotshall, u/w)

47.1 OLYMPIC MUDMINNOW Novumbra hubbsi (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 25a, Museum, 2.5 in, Conner Creek)

133.1 0PALEYE Girella nigricans (Gotshall, page 63, u/w)

109.40 ORANGEBACK BASS Serranus annularis (Randall, fig. 92, Museum, 50 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

113.24 ORANGEBELLY DARTER Etheostoma radiosum (Roston, u/w, Saline River, AR)

113.48 ORANGEFIN DARTER Etheostoma bellum (Roston, u/w)

-64.33 ORANGEFIN MADTOM Noturus gilberti (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 23, Museum, Adult female, 62 mm TL, South fork Roanoke River, Montgomery Co., VA)

189.6 ORANGESPOTTED FILEFISH (Museum) Cantherhines pullus (Randall)

189.5 ORANGESPOTTED FILEFISH (u/w) Cantherhines pullus (Randall, Bonaire)

112.7 ORANGESPOTTED SUNFISH Lepomis humilis (Roston, u/w)

113.63 ORANGETHROAT DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma spectabile (Pflieger, 45mm TL, near Clearwater Dam, Wayne Co., MO)

113.29 ORANGETHROAT DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma spectabile(Johnson plate 10.5 by Roston)

64.20 OUACHITA MADTOM Noturus lachneri (Shute, Museum, 54 mm SL, Ten Mile Creek, Saline Co., AR)

64.9 OZARK MADTOM (Museum) Noturus albater (Pflieger, 84 mm TL, James River, Webster Co., MO)

64.8 OZARK MADTOM (u/w) Noturus albater (Roston)

61.81 OZARK MINNOW (Museum) Notropis nubilus (Pflieger, 68 mm TL, James River, Webster Co., MO)

61.7 OZARK MINNOW (u/w) Notropis nubilus (Roston)

180.2 OZARK SCULPIN Cottus hypselurus (Purkett, Museum)

15.2 PACIFIC ANGEL SHARK Squatina californica (Gotshall; u/w)

2.11 PACIFIC LAMPREY (mouth only) Lampetra tridentata (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 2)

2.2 PACIFIC LAMPREY Lampetra tridentata (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 2, Museum, 26.5 in, Big Beef Creek, Hood Canal, WA)

184.16 PACIFIC SANDDAB Citharichthys sordidus (Gotshall, page 83, u/w)

106.2 PACIFIC SEAHORSE Hippocampus ingens (Gotshall, page 33, u/w)

4.2 PACIFIC SEVENGILL SHARK Notorynchus maculatus (Gotshall, u/w)

182.1 PACIFIC SPINY LUMPSUCKER Eumicrotremus orbis (Cooke, u/w, Bazan Bay, near Sidney, BC)

180.17 PACIFIC STAGHORN SCULPIN Leptocottus armatus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 65, Museum, 8 in, Skagit River, WA)

25.1 PADDLEFISH Polyodon spathula (MacGregor, u/w)

179.3 PAINTED GREENLING Oxylebius pictus (Cooke, u/w, North Pender Island, BC)

180.11 PAIUTE SCULPIN Cottus beldingi (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 68, Museum, 2.8 in, Naches River)

113.60 PALEBACK DARTER Etheostoma pallididorsum (Roston, u/w)

36.2 PALESPOTTED EEL Ophichthus punticeps (Flescher, Museum, 428 mm TL, 35o01′N 75o20′W)

76.2 PANCAKE BATFISH Halieutichthys aculeatus (Flescher, Museum, 95 mm TL, 34o01′N 76o20′W)

184.13 PEACOCK FLOUNDER Bothus lunatus (Randall, fig. 185, Museum, 230 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

61.64 PEAMOUTH Mylocheilus caurinus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 35, Museum, 9.3 in, Swamp Creek, Lake Washington, WA)

84.1 PEARLFISH Carapus bermudensis (Flescher, Museum, 122 mm TL, 33o25′N 78o02′W)

_+61.141 PEARL DACE Margariscus margarita (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 12, Museum, prenuptial male 57 mm TL, Mossy Creek, Augusta Co., VA)

142.22 PEARLY RAZORFISH Hemipteronotus novacula (Randall, fig. 241, Museum, 7 in, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall places this fish in the genus Xyrichtys)

90.1 PECOS GAMBUSIA Gambusia nobilis (Johnson 1987 plate 8.4 by Johnson, Aquar., Reeves Co., TX)

89.16 PECOS PUPFISH Cyprinodon pecosensis (Roston, u/w)

109.36 PEPPERMINT BASS (Museum) Liopropoma rubre (Randall, fig. 96, Museum, 2.9 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

109.35 PEPPERMINT BASS (u/w) Liopropoma rubre (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

127.4 PIGFISH Orthopristis chrysoptera (Flescher, Museum, 168 mm FL, 34o58′N 75o44′W)

139.6 PILE PERCH Rhacochilus vacca (Gotshall, page 65, u/w)

129.7 PINFISH Lagodon rhomboides (Flescher, Museum, 19 centimeters FL, 28o14′N 84o24′W)

42.3 PINK SALMON (FEMALE) Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 18b, Museum, 26.4 in, Skagit River, WA)

42.2 PINK SALMON (MALE) Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 18a, Museum, 27 in, Skagit River, WA)

69.1 PIRATE PERCH Aphredoderus sayanus (Pflieger, Museum, 4 in TL, Wayne Co., MO)

71.3 PLAINFIN MIDSHIPMAN (head only) Porichthys notatus (Gotshall, u/w, fish burrowed in sand with only head showing)

71.1 PLAINFIN MIDSHIPMAN (Museum) Porichthys notatus (Cooke, Mill Bay, BC)

89.19 PLAINS KILLIFISH Fundulus zebrinus (Pflieger, Museum, 3 in TL, Clear Creek, Clay Co., MO)

89.18 PLAINS TOPMINNOW Fundulus sciadicus (Pflieger, Museum, 2.1 in TL, Clifty Creek, Maries Co., MO)

189.4 PLANEHEAD FILEFISH Monacanthus hispidus (Flescher, Museum, 190 mm TL, 33o44′N 77o54′W)

80.7 POLLOCK Pollachius virens (Flescher, Museum, 34 centimeters TL, 42o00′N 66o19′W)

61.173 POPEYE SHINER Notropis ariommus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 18, Museum, adult male, 72 mm TL, North Fork Holston River, Washington, Co., VA)

127.7 PORKFISH Anisotremus virginicus (Randall, u/w, Grand Bahama Island)

14.1 PORTUGUESE SHARK Centroscymnus coelolepis (Flescher, Museum, 1062 mm TL, 42o19′N 67o24′W)

180.39 POTOMAC SCULPIN Cottus girardi (Jenkins Burkhead Plate 27, Mueseum, adult female, 75 mm TL, War Branch, Rockingham, Co., VA)

180.38 POTOMAC SCULPIN Cottus girardi (Jenkins & Burkhead 27, Mueseum, prenuptial male, 81 mm TL, War Branch, Rockingham Co., VA)

180.10 PRICKLY SCULPIN Cottus asper (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 71, Museum, 4.3 in, Lake Washington, WA)

143.13 PRINCESS PARROTFISH (FEMALE-Museum) Scarus taeniopterus (Randall, fig. 261, 153 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.14 PRINCESS PARROTFISH (MALE-Museum) Scarus taeniopterus (Randall, fig. 262, 197 mm SL, La Parquera, Puerto Rico)

143.2 PRINCESS PARROTFISH (MALE-u/w) Scarus taeniopterus (Randall, Bonaire)

143.12 PRINCESS PARROTFISH (YOUNG-u/w) Scarus taeniopterus (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

142.19 PUDDINGWIFE (ADULT AND YOUNG) Halichoeres radiatus (Randall, Museum, young is 92 mm SL, and is shown as fig. 227, adult is 137 mm SL and doesn’t appear in Caribbean Reef Fishes, St. John, Virgin Islands)

142.18 PUDDINGWIFE (FEMALE) Halichoeres radiatus (Randall, fig. 228, Museum, 220 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

176.5 PUGET SOUND ROCKFISH Sebastes emphaeus (Cooke, u/w, Nigei Island, BC)

112.5 PUMPKINSEED Lepomis gibbosus (Scarola, Museum)

89.15 PYGMY KILLIFISH Leptolucania ommata (Johnson 1987 plate 8.1 by Roston, u/w)

64.24 PYGMY MADTOM Noturus stanauli (Shute, Museum, 30 mm SL, Clinch River, TN)

42.26 PYGMY WHITEFISH Prosopium coulteri (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 9, Museum, 9.3 in, Lake Chester Morse, WA)

136.5 QUEEN ANGELFISH Holacanthus ciliaris (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

143.15 QUEEN PARROTFISH (FEMALE-Museum) Scarus vetula (Randall, fig. 257, 215 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.16 QUEEN PARROTFISH (MALE-Museum) Scarus vetula (Randall, fig. 258, 263 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.3 QUEEN PARROTFISH (u/w) Scarus vetula (Randall, Bonaire)

62.15 QUILLBACK Carpiodes cyprinus (Pflieger, Museum, 8.2 in TL, Silver Fork, Boone Co., MO)

176.7 QUILLBACK ROCKFISH Sebastes maliger (Cooke, u/w, Arbutus Island, near Sidney, BC)

153.7 QUILLFIN BLENNY Labrisomus filamentosus (Wallace, u/w, Jamaica)

113.75 RAINBOW DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma caeruleum (Pflieger, 2.0 in TL, Big Saline Creek, Miller Co., MO)

113.3 RAINBOW DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma caeruleum (Roston)

139.3 RAINBOW SEAPERCH Hypsurus caryi (Gotshall, page 69 of the first edition of Pacific Coast Inshore Fishes, u/w)

61.114 RAINBOW SHINER (AQUAR.) Notropis chrosomus (Wallace, Pridgeon Creek, Talladega Co., AL)

61.71 RAINBOW SHINER (SCHOOL) Notropis chrosomus (Roston, u/w)

43.1 RAINBOW SMELT Osmerus mordax (Scarola, Museum)

42.18 RAINBOW TROUT Oncorhynchus mykiss (Scarola, Museum)

142.15 RAINBOW WRASSE (FEMALE) Halichoeres pictus (Randall, fig. 233, Museum, 75 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

142.16 RAINBOW WRASSE (MALE) Halichoeres pictus (Randall, fig. 234, Museum, 95 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

62.14 RAZORBACK SUCKER Xyrauchen texanus (Rinne, Aquar., 575 mm TL, Lake Mohave, AZ)

109.10 RED BARBIER Hemanthias vivanus (Flescher, Museum, 128 mm FL, 34o31′N 75o51′W)

91A.1 RED BREAM Beryx dedactylus (Flescher, Museum, 415 mm FL, 43o50′N 67o40′W)

83.1 RED BROTULA Brosmophycis marginata (Gotshall, page 30, u/w)

94.1 RED DORY Cyttopsis roseus (Flescher, Museum, 10 centimeters FL, 35o03′N 75o10′W)

180.25 RED IRISH LORD (head only) Hemilepidotus hemilepidotus (Gotshall, page 52, u/w)

53.4 RED LIZARDFISH Synodus synodus (Flescher, Museum, 78 mm FL, 33o48′N 76o58′W)

129.4 RED PORGY Pagrus pagrus (Flescher, Museum, 115 mm FL, 33o01′N 78o05′W)

61.79 RED SHINER (Museum) Notropis lutrensis (Pflieger, 2.7 in TL, Grindstone Creek, Boone Co., MO)

61.78 RED SHINER (u/w) Notropis lutrensis (Roston)

124.1 RED SNAPPER Lutjanus campechanus (Flescher, Museum, 118 mm FL, 33o51′N 77o51′W)

113.13 REDBAND DARTER Etheostoma luteovinctum (Roston, u/w)

143.17 REDBAND PARROTFISH (FEMALE & MALE-Museum) Sparisoma aurofrenatum (Randall, fig. 254, female is 133 mm; male is 156 mm, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.4 REDBAND PARROTFISH (MALE-u/w) Sparisoma aurofrenatum (Randall, Bonaire)

112.37 REDBREAST SUNFISH X BLUEGILL hybrid Lepomis auritus x Lepomis macrochirus, (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 30, Museum, adult male, 120 mm TL, Ferrum College Pond, Franklin County, VA)

112.4 REDBREAST SUNFISH Lepomis auritus (Scarola, Museum)

112.21 REDEAR SUNFISH Lepomis microlophus (Pflieger, Museum, 6.2 in TL, Boone Co., MO)

112.11 REDEYE BASS Micropterus coosae (Bauer, Museum, 95 mm SL, Ellijay River, Gilmer Co., GA)

153.6 REDEYE TRIPLEFIN Enneanectes pectoralis (Wallace, Aquar., Puerto Rico)

113.34 REDFIN DARTER Etheostoma whipplei (Roston, u/w)

143.20 REDFIN PARROTFISH Sparisoma rubripinne (Randall, fig. 248 of the first edition of Caribbean Reef Fishes, Museum, 150 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

48.6 REDFIN PICKEREL Esox americanus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 10, Museum, adult female, 140 mm TL, Twittys Creek, Charlotte Co., VA)

61.89 REDFIN SHINER (Museum) Notropis umbratilis (Pflieger, 2.5 in TL, Grindstone Creek, Boone Co., MO)

61.88 REDFIN SHINER (u/w) Notropis umbratilis (Roston)

113.26 REDLINE DARTER Etheostoma rufilineatum (Roston, u/w)

61.113 REDLIP SHINER Notropis chiliticus (Shute, Museum, 47 mm SL, Peters Creek, Stokes Co., NC)

61.3 REDSIDE DACE Clinostomus elongatus (Johnson 1987 plate 1.8 by Roston, u/w)

61.98 REDSIDE SHINER Richardsonius balteatus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 31, Museum, 3.9 in, Sherwood Creek)

61.105 REDSPOT CHUB (Museum) Nocomis asper (Pflieger, 6.4 in SL, Hudson Creek, Barry Co., MO)

61.65 REDSPOT CHUB (u/w) Nocomis asper (Roston)

141.2 REDSPOTTED HAWKFISH (Museum) Amblycirrhitus pinos (Randall, fig. 113, 54 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

141.1 REDSPOTTED HAWKFISH (u/w) Amblycirrhitus pinos (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

61.106 REDTAIL CHUB Nocomis effusus (Shute, Museum, 115 mm SL, Stones River, Rutherford Co., TN)

143.18 REDTAIL PARROTFISH (FEMALE-Museum) Sparisoma chrysopterum (Randall, fig. 250, 209 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.5 REDTAIL PARROTFISH (MALE-u/w) Sparisoma chrysopterum (Randall, Grand Bahama Island)

135.8 REEF BUTTERFLYFISH Chaetodon sedentarius (Randall, fig. 203, Museum, 4.5 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

139.9 REEF PERCH Micrometrus aurora (Gotshall, page 69, u/w)

73.1 RETICULATE GOOSEFISH Lophiodes reticulatus (Flescher, Museum, 230 mm TL, 35o07′N 75o07′W)

33.3 RETICULATE MORAY Muraena retifera (Flescher, Museum, 723 mm TL, 33o36′N 77o06′W)

61.91 RIFFLE MINNOW Phenacobius catostomus (Roston, u/w)

180.13 RIFFLE SCULPIN Cottus gulosus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 74, Museum, 3 in, Cowlitz River, WA)

61.14 RIO GRANDE CHUB Gila pandora (Johnson 1987 plate 2.9 by Johnson, Aquar., Rio Hondo River, Charles Co., NM)

42.16 RIO GRANDE CUTTHROAT Oncorhynchus clarki virginalis (Johnson 1987 plate 1.4 by Rinne, Aquar.)

62.7 RIO GRANDE SUCKER Catostomus plebeius (Johnson 1987 plate 6.3 by Rinne, Aquar.)

113.108 RIVERWEED DARTER Etheostoma podostemone Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 36, Museum, nuptial or postnuptial Male, 54 mm TL, Roanoke River, Roanoke County, VA)

62.1 RIVER CARPSUCKER Carpiodes carpio (Purkett, Museum)

61.146 RIVER CHUB Nocomis micropogon (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 13, Museum, nuptial male, 175 mm TL Copper Creek, Scott Co., VA)

113.73 RIVER DARTER Percina shumardi (Pflieger, Museum, 3 in TL, New Madrid Co., MO)

2.8 RIVER LAMPREY (mouth only) Lampetra ayresi (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 3)

2.7 RIVER LAMPREY Lampetra ayresi (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 3, Museum, 10.5 in, Big Beef Creek, Hood Canal, WA)

62.23 RIVER REDHORSE Moxostoma carinatum (Shute, Museum, 118 mm SL, Elk River, Giles Co., TN)

113.94 ROAKNOKE DARTER Percina roanoka (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 32, Museum, Nuptial male, 55 mm TL, South Fork Roanoke River, VA)

112.26 ROANOKE BASS Ambloplites cavifrons (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 28, Museum, subadult or adult male, 158 mm TL, North Meherrin River, Lunenburg, Co., VA)

62.11 ROANOKE HOG SUCKER Hypentelium roanokense (Johnson 1987 plate 6.5 by Roston, Aquar.)

113.42 ROANOKE LOGPERCH Percina rex (Johnson 1987 plate 11.5 by Roston, u/w)

112.1 ROCK BASS Ambloplites rupestris (Scarola, Museum)

136.2 ROCK BEAUTY Holacanthus tricolor (Roston, u/w)

113.27 ROCK DARTER Etheostoma rupestre (Roston, u/w)

109.6 ROCK HIND Epinephelus adscensionis (Flescher, Museum, 428 mm TL, 33o45′N 76o45′W)

109.3 ROCK SEA BASS Centropristis philadelphica (Flescher, Museum, 127 mm TL, 34o39′N 76o59′W)

185.8 ROCK SOLE Lepidopsetta bilineata (Gotshall, page 83, u/w)

142.20 ROCK WRASSE (FEMALE) Halichoeres semicinctus (Gotshall, u/w)

142.21 ROCK WRASSE (MALE) Halichoeres semicinctus (Gotshall, page 73, u/w)

61.26 ROSEFIN SHINER Lythrurus ardens (Johnson 1987 plate 4.3 by Roston, u/w)

176.32 ROSETHORN ROCKFISH Sebastes helvomaculatus (Gotshall, Museum)

19.3 ROSETTE SKATE Raja garmani (Flescher, Museum, 290 mm TL, 37o22′N 74o30′W)

176.21 ROSY ROCKFISH Sebastes rosaceus (Gotshall, u/w)

93A.1 ROSY SOLDIERFISH Hoplostethus mediterraneus (Flescher, Museum, 79 mm FL, 35o34′N 74o49′W)

61.38 ROSYFACE SHINER Notropis rubellus (Johnson 1987 plate 5.1 by Roston, u/w)

61.4 ROSYSIDE DACE (u/w) Clinostomus funduloides (Johnson 1987 plate 1.9 by Roston)

120.11 ROUGH SCAD Trachurus lathami (Flescher, Museum, 134 mm FL, 33o20′N 77o34′W)

61.27 ROUGH SHINER (Museum) Notropis baileyi (Etnier, Escambia Creek, Escambia Co., AL)

61.68 ROUGH SHINER (u/w) Notropis baileyi (Roston)

76.3 ROUGHBACK BATFISH Ogcocephalus parvus (Flescher, Museum, 138 mm TL, 33o08′N 77o30′W)

109.23 ROUGHTONGUE BASS Holanthias martinicensis (Flescher, Museum, 143 mm FL, 33o25′N 77o03′W)

20.3 ROUND STINGRAY Urolophus halleri (Gotshall, page 27, u/w)

42.12 ROUND WHITEFISH Prosopium cylindraceum (Scarola, Museum)

61.58 ROUNDNOSE MINNOW Dionda episcopa (Roston, u/w)

111.2 ROYAL GRAMMA (Museum) Gramma loreto (Randall, fig. 100, 50 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

111.1 ROYAL GRAMMA (u/w) Gramma loreto (Wallace)

139.5 RUBBERLIP SEAPERCH Rhacochilus toxotes (Gotshall, u/w)

165.5 RUSTY GOBY Quisquilius hipoliti (Randall, fig. 284, 1.1 in, Puerto Rico)

56.1 SABERTOOTH Coccorella atlantica (Flescher, Museum, 150 mm FL, 36o36′N 73o48′W)

61.84 SABINE SHINER Notropis sabinae (Roston, u/w)

178.1 SABLEFISH Anoplopoma fimbria (Gotshall, u/w)

156.3 SADDLEBACK GUNNEL Pholis ornata (Cooke, u/w, Turgoose Point, near Sidney, BC)

61.39 SAFFRON SHINER Notropis rubricroceus (Roston, u/w)

153.5 SAILFIN BLENNY Emblemaria pandionis (Wallace, Aquar., Puerto Rico)

61.118 SAILFIN SHINER (Museum) Notropis hyselopterus (Shute, 59 mm SL, Mill Creek, Sumter Co., SC)

61.75 SAILFIN SHINER (u/w) Notropis hypselopterus (Roston)

53.6 SAND DIVER Synodus intermedius (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

109.5 SAND PERCH Diplectrum formosum (Flescher, Museum, 177 mm FL, 34o34′N 76o06′W)

70.2 SAND ROLLER Percopsis transmontana (Wydoski & Whitney fig 51, Museum, 2.8 in, Cowlitz River, WA)

8.1 SAND TIGER Odontaspis taurus (Flescher, Museum, 1002 mm TL, 34o59′N 76o06′W)

12.1 SANDBAR SHARK Carcharhinus plumbeus (Flescher, Museum, 705 mm TL, 38o40′N 75o00′W)

61.104 SANTEE CHUB Hybopsis zanema (Shute, Museum, 47 mm SL, First Broad River, Rutherford Co., NC)

153.8 SARCASTIC FRINGEHEAD (head only) Neoclinus blanchardi (Gotshall, page 77, u/w)

189.8 SARGASSUM TRIGGERFISH Xanthichthys ringens (Randall, Museum, 141 mm SL, Puerto Rico)

127.5 SARGO Anisotremus davidsoni (Gotshall, u/w)

+61.159 SATINFIN SHINER Cyprinella analostana (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 15, Museum, adult male, 54 mm TL, Twittys Creek, Charlotte Co., VA)

113.45 SAUGER Stizostedion canadense (Purkett, Museum)

115.5 SAWCHEEK CARDINALFISH Apogon quadrisquamatus (Randall, Museum, 34 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

113.117 SAWCHEEK DARTER Etheostoma serrifer (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 38, Museum, Adult female, 45 mm TL, Coppahaunk Swamp, Sussex Co., VA)

61.176 SAWFIN SHINER Notropis sp. (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 19, Museum, nuptial male, 49 mm TL, North Fork Holston River, Washington, Co. VA.)

13.1 SCALLOPED HAMMERHEAD Sphyrna lewini (Flescher, Museum, 860 mm TL, 35o18′N 75o22′W)

180.22 SCALYHEAD SCULPIN Artedius harringtoni (Gotshall, page 54, u/w)

124.7 SCHOOLMASTER Lutjanus apodus (Randall, fig. 140, Museum, 10 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

190.1 SCRAWLED COWFISH (YOUNG) Lactophrys quadricornis (Flescher, Museum, 90 mm TL, 34o01′N 76o20′W)

129.5 SCUP Stenotomus chrysops (Flescher, Museum, 176 mm FL, 40o32′N 73o48′W)

135.6 SCYTHE BUTTERFLYFISH Chaetodon falcifer (Gotshall, page 65, u/w)

129.6 SEA BREAM Archosargus rhomboidalis (Randall, fig. 168, Museum, 134 mm SL, La Parquera, Puerto Rico)

2.3 SEA LAMPREY Petromyzon marinus (Scarola, Museum)

113.66 SEAGREEN DARTER Etheostoma thalassinum (Roston, u/w)

142.8 SENORITA Oxyjulis californica (Gotshall, u/w)

140.9 SERGEANT MAJOR (Museum) Abudefduf saxatilis (Randall, fig. 219, 5.3 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

140.1 SERGEANT MAJOR (u/w) Abudefduf saxatilis (Roston, School)

112.17 SHADOW BASS (Museum) Ambloplites ariommus (Pflieger, 7.1 in TL, Jacks Fork, Shannon Co., MO)

112.23 SHADOW BASS (u/w) Ambloplites ariommus (Wallace)

113.114 SHARPHEAD DARTER Etheostoma acuticips (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 37, Museum, nuptial male, 64 mm TL, Nolichucky River, Greene Co., TN)

113.87 SHARPENOSE DARTER Percina oxyrhynchus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 31, Museum, Adult male, 91 mm TL, Big Reed Island Creek, Carroll Co., VA)

62.21 SHARPFIN CHUBSUCKER Erimyzon tenuis (Wallace, Aquar., Alabama)

191.1 SHARPNOSE PUFFER (Museum)Canthigaster rostrata (Flescher, Museum, 113 mm TL, 33o47′N 76o36′W)

191.6 SHARPNOSE PUFFER (u/w) Canthigaster rostrata (Wallace)

139.10 SHARPNOSE SEAPERCH Phanerodon atripes (Gotshall, page 66, u/w)

4.1 SHARPNOSE SEVENGILL SHARK Heptranchias perlo (Flescher, Museum, 466 mm TL, 32o54′N 77o41′W)

129.1 SHEEPSHEAD Archosargus probatocephalus (Flescher, Museum, 311 mm FL, 34o35′N 77o14′W)

89.17 SHEEPSHEAD MINNOW Cyprinodon variegatus (Roston, u/w)

113.93 SHIELD DARTER Percina peltata (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 32, Museum, adult female, 71 mm TL, Twittys Creek, Charlotte Co., VA)

114.2 SHORT BIGEYE Pristigenys alta (Flescher, Museum, 250 mm TL, 33o43′N 76o43′W)

180.12 SHORTHEAD SCULPIN Cottus confusus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 67, Museum, 3.5 in, Icicle River, WA)

53.2 SHORTJAW LIZARDFISH Saurida normani (Flescher, Museum, 285 mm FL, 32o54′N 77o51′W)

54.1 SHORTNOSE GREENEYE Chlorophthalmus agassizi (Flescher, Museum, 96 mm FL, 37o29′N 74o21′W)

24.3 SHOVELNOSE STURGEON Scaphirhynchus platorynchus (Pflieger, Museum, 8 in TL,Missouri River, Boone Co., MO)

182.3 SHOWY SNAILFISH Liparis pulchellus (Cooke, u/w, Bazan Bay, near Sidney, BC)

109.30 SHY HAMLET Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. guttavarius (Randall, fig. 84, Museum, 80 mm SL, St. Croix, Virgin Islands)

80.6 SILVER HAKE Merluccius bilinearis (Flescher, Museum, 258 mm TL, 41o15′N 66o46′W)

50.1 SILVER HATCHETFISH Argyropelecus aculeatus (Flescher, Museum, 69 mm FL, 37o39′N 74o14′W)

130.3 SILVER SEATROUT Cynoscion nothus (Flescher, Museum, 214 mm TL, 34o08′N 77o45′W)

61.121 SILVER SHINER Notropis photogenis (Shute, Museum, 69 mm SL, Little River, Blount Co., TN)

61.8 SILVERJAW MINNOW (u/w) Notropis buccatus (Johnson 1987 plate 1.10 by Roston)

180.1 SILVERSPOTTED SCULPIN Blepsias cirrhosus (Cooke, Museum, near Sidney, BC)

+61.19 SLENDER CHUB Margariscus margarita (Shute, Museum, 67 mm SL, Clinch River, Hancock Co., TN)

64.12 SLENDER MADTOM Noturus exilis (Shute, Museum, 69 mm SL, Fountain Creek, Maury Co., TN)

180.4 SLIMY SCULPIN Cottus cognatus (Scarola, Museum)

142.1 SLIPPERY DICK Halichoeres bivittatus (Flescher, Museum, 168 mm TL, 33o27′N 77o24′W)

113.76 SLOUGH DARTER Etheostoma gracile (Pflieger, Museum, 2 in TL, Scott Co., MO)

112.12 SMALLMOUTH BASS Micropterus dolomieui (Scarola, Museum)

62.12 SMALLMOUTH BUFFALO Ictiobus bubalus (Purkett, Museum)

184.6 SMALLMOUTH FLOUNDER Etropus microstomus (Flescher, Museum, 161 mm TL, 39o13′N 74o09′W)

127.10 SMALLMOUTH GRUNT Haemulon chrysargyreum (Randall, fig. 148, Museum, 159 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

12.2 SMOOTH DOGFISH Mustelus canis (Flescher, Museum, 466 mm TL, 35o02′N 75o44′W)

191.2 SMOOTH PUFFER Lagocephalus laevigatus (Flescher, Museum, 148 mm FL, 34o56′N 75o40′W)

149.3 SMOOTH RONQUIL (PLAIN COLOR) Rathbunella hypoplecta(Gotshall, u/w)

149.4 SMOOTH RONQUIL (SPOTTED COLOR) Rathbunella hypoplecta (Gotshall, u/w)

176.3 SMOOTHHEAD SCORPIONFISH Scorpaena calcarata (Flescher, Museum, 160 mm TL, 34o09′N 76o55′W)

+64.25 SNAIL BULLHEAD Ameiurus brunneus (Bauer, 90 mm SL, Rocky River, Chatham Co., NC)

113.44 SNAIL DARTER Percina tanasi (Shute, Museum, 50 mm, Big Sewee Creek, Meigs Co., TN)

155.4 SNAKE PRICKLEBACK Lumpenus sagitta (Cooke, u/w, Saanich Inlet, Pat Bay, BC)

155.3 SNAKEBLENNY Lumpenus lumpretaeformis (Flescher, Museum, 180 mm TL, 43o05′N 70o20′W)

53.5 SNAKEFISH Trachinocephalus myops (Flescher, Museum, 21 centimeters FL, 33o14′N 77o54′W)

109.22 SNOWY GROUPER (YOUNG) Epinephelus niveatus (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

109.7 SNOWY GROUPER Epinephelus niveatus (Flescher, Museum, 456 mm TL, 34o08′N 76o08′W)

113.105 SNUBNOSE DARTER Etheostoma simoterum (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 35, Museum, Nuptial male, 48 mm TL, Laurel Creek, Washington, Co., VA)

180.18 SNUBNOSE SCULPIN Orthonopias triacis (Gotshall, u/w)

42.9 SOCKEYE SALMON (FEMALE) Oncorhynchus nerka (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 21b, Museum, 26.1 in, Cedar River, WA)

42.8 SOCKEYE SALMON (MALE) Oncorhynchus nerka (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 21a, Museum, 27.2 in, Cedar River, WA)

61.10 SONORA CHUB Gila ditaenia (Johnson 1987 plate 2.5 by Johnson, Aquar., Sycamore Creek, Santa Cruz Co., AZ)

2.1 SOUTHERN BROOK LAMPREY Ichthyomyzon gagei (Bauer, Museum, 130 mm, Nonday Creek, Cherokee Co., GA)

68.3 SOUTHERN CAVEFISH Typhlichthys subterraneus (Pflieger, Museum, Camden Co., MO)

130.9 SOUTHERN KINGFISH Menticirrhus americanus (Flescher, Museum, 26 centimeters TL, 33o48′N 77o59′W)

61.44 SOUTHERN REDBELLY DACE (u/w) Phoxinus erythrogaster (Johnson 1987 plate 5.5 by Roston, School)

61.92 SOUTHERN REDBELLY DACE (Museum) Phoxinus erythrogaster (Pflieger, 65mm TL, Cowskin Creek, Douglas, Co., MO)

127.13 SPANISH GRUNT (Museum) Haemulon macrostomum (Randall, fig. 154, 325 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

127.12 SPANISH GRUNT (u/w) Haemulon macrostomum (Wallace, Looe Key, FL)

170.4 SPANISH MACKEREL Scomberomorus maculatus (Flescher, Museum, 323 mm FL, 35o16′N 75o17′W)

61.97 SPECKLED DACE Rhinichthys osculus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 38a, Museum, 3.4 in, Antatum Creek, Yakima River, WA)

113.82 SPECKLED DARTER (AQUAR.) Etheostoma stigmaeum (Wallace, Hillabee Creek, Tallapoosa River, AL)

113.3 SPECKLED DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma stigmaeum (Roston)

89.25 SPECKLED KILLIFISH Fundulus rathbuni (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 25, Museum, nuptial male, 57 mm TL, Powells Creek, Halifax Co., VA)

64.21 SPECKLED MADTOM Noturus leptacanthus (Shute, Museum, 49 mm SL, Sipsey River, Tuscaloosa Co., AL)

61.23 SPIKEDACE Meda fulgida (Johnson 1987 plate 3.10 by Rinne Aquar.,Aravaipa Creek)

20.2 SPINY BUTTERFLY RAY Gymnura altavela (Flescher, Museum, 579 mm TW, 35o54′N 75o32′W)

14.3 SPINY DOGFISH Squalus acanthias (Flescher, Museum, 523 mm TL, 42o09′N 66o59′W) 15.0

176.1 SPINYCHEEK SCORPIONFISH Neomerinthe hemingwayi (Flescher, Museum, 320 mm TL, 34o54′N 75o24′W)

113.2 SPLENDID DARTER Etheostoma barrenense (Johnson 1987 plate 10.7 by Roston, u/w)

130.8 SPOT Leiostomus xanthurus (Flescher, Museum, 145 mm FL, 37o07′N 75o47′W)

135.7 SPOTFIN BUTTERFLYFISH (Museum) Chaetodon ocellatus (Randall, fig. 202, 5.5 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

135.1 SPOTFIN BUTTERFLYFISH (u/w) Chaetodon ocellatus (Roston)

61.63 SPOTFIN CHUB Hybopsis monacha (Roston, u/w)

163.1 SPOTFIN DRAGONET Fotorepus agassizi (Flescher, Museum, 149 mm TL, 39o17′N 72o22′W)

184.4 SPOTFIN FLOUNDER Cyclopsetta fimbriata (Flescher, Museum, 247 mm TL, 33o25′N 77o03′W)

142.11 SPOTFIN HOGFISH Bodianus pulchellus (Randall, fig. 224, 99 mm SL, Alligator Reef, Florida Keys)

61.86 SPOTFIN SHINER (Museum) Notropis spilopterus (Pflieger, 4 in TL, Gosconde River, Maries Co., MO)

61.85 SPOTFIN SHINER (u/w) Cyprinella Spiloptera (Roston)

113.64 SPOTTAIL DARTER Etheostoma squamiceps (Roston, u/w)

129.3 SPOTTAIL PINFISH Diplodus holbrooki (Flescher, Museum, 163 mm FL, 34o23′N 76o28′W)

112.13 SPOTTED BASS Micropterus punctulatus (Purkett, Museum)

82.5 SPOTTED CUSK-EEL Chilara taylori (Gotshall, page 30, u/w)

113.14 SPOTTED DARTER E. maculatum sanguifluum (Roston, u/w)

130.17 SPOTTED DRUM (YOUNG) Equetus punctatus (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

130.6 SPOTTED DRUM Equetus punctatus (Roston, u/w)

131.4 SPOTTED GOATFISH (Museum) Pseudupeneus maculatus (Randall, fig. 176, 9.6 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

131.1 SPOTTED GOATFISH (Museum) Pseudupeneus maculatus (Flescher, 19 centimeters FL, 27o05′N 83o35′W)

33.7 SPOTTED MORAY (head only-u/w) Gymnothorax moringa (Wallace)

33.1 SPOTTED MORAY (Museum) Gymnothorax moringa (Flescher, 672 mm TL, 34o00′N 76o20′W)

23.1 SPOTTED RATFISH Hydrolagus colliei (Cooke, u/w, Port Hardy, BC)

109.18 SPOTTED SAND BASS Paralabrax maculatofasciatus (Gotshall, page 59 of the first edition of Pacific Coast Inshore Fishes, u/w)

130.2 SPOTTED SEATROUT Cynoscion nebulosus (Flescher, Museum, 265 mm TL, 34o37′N 76o33′W)

36.1 SPOTTED SPOON-NOSE EEL Echiophis intertinctus (Flescher, Museum, 858 mm TL, 32o55′N 78o06′W) 112.22 SPOTTED SUNFISH Lepomis punctatus (Pflieger, Museum, 4.9 in TL, Jacks Fork, Shannon Co., MO)

95.1 SPOTTED TINSELFISH Xenolepidichthys dalgleishi (Flescher, Museum, 88 mm FL, 37o59′N 73o54′W)

184.3 SPOTTED WHIFF Citharichthys macrops (Flescher, Museum, 19 centimeters TL, 27o19′N 83o07′W)

68.2 SPRING CAVEFISH Chologaster agassizi (Pflieger, Museum, spring near Cape La Croix Creek, Scott Co., MO)

93.1 SQUIRRELFISH Holocentrus ascensionis (Flescher, Museum, 221 mm FL, 34o02′N 76o58′W)

113.74 STARGAZING DARTER Percina uranidea (Roston,u/w)

61.131 STARGAZING MINNOW Phenacobius uranops (Shute, Museum, 64 mm SL, Clinch River, Hancock Co., TN)

185.6 STARRY FLOUNDER Platichthys stellatus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 76, Museum, 6 in, Skagit Bay, WA)

176.17 STARRY ROCKFISH Sebastes constellatus (Gotshall, page 45, u/w)

+61.128 STEELCOLOR SHINER Cyprinella Whipplei (Shute, Museum, 93 mm SL, Duck River, Maury Co., TN)


113.81 STIPPLED DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma punctulatum (Pflieger, 3 in TL, Brushy Creek, Miller Co., MO)

113.22 STIPPLED DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma punctulatum (Johnson 1987 plate 10.2 by Roston)

64.16 STONECAT Noturus flavus (Shute, Museum, 70 mm SL, Whitewater River, Franklin Co., IN)

143.22 STOPLIGHT PARROTFISH (FEMALE-Museum) Sparisoma viride (Randall, fig. 252, 10.2 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.23 STOPLIGHT PARROTFISH (MALE-Museum) Sparisoma viride (Randall, fig. 253, 12.2 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

143.21 STOPLIGHT PARROTFISH (YOUNG-u/w) Sparisoma viride (Wallace, Puerto Rico)

109.9 STREAMER BASS Hemanthias aureorubens (Flescher, Museum, 242 mm FL, 39o31′N 72o09′W)

61.102 STREAMLINE CHUB (Museum) Hybopsis dissimilis (Shute, 68 mm SL, Clinch River, Hancock Co., TN)

+61.61 STREAMLINE CHUB (u/w) Erimystax dissimilis (Roston)

44.2 STRIATED ARGENTINE Argentina striata (Flescher, Museum, 131 mm FL, 38o41′N 73o03′W)

113.91 STRIPEBACK DARTER Percina notogramma (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 32, Museum, adult female, 53 mm TL, Craig Creek, Craig Co., VA)

40.1 STRIPED ANCHOVY Anchoa hepsetus (Flescher, Museum, 120 mm FL, 34o39′N 77o00′W)

108.2 STRIPED BASS (Museum) Morone saxatilis (Flescher, 815 mm FL, 35o39′N 75o27′W)

108.5 STRIPED BASS (u/w) Morone saxatilis (Gotshall, page 56)

192.4 STRIPED BURRFISH (ADULT) Chilomycterus schoepfi (Flescher, Museum, 119 mm TL, 38o57′N 74o49′W)

192.3 STRIPED BURRFISH (YOUNG) Chilomycterus schoepfi (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

82.4 STRIPED CUSK-EEL Ophidion marginatum (Flescher, Museum, 241 mm TL, 38o11′N 75o00′W)

127.3 STRIPED GRUNT Haemulon striatum (Flescher, Museum, 138 mm FL, 33o25′N 77o06′W)

143.10 STRIPED PARROTFISH (FEMALE) Scarus croicensis (Randall, fig. 259, Museum, 8.2 in, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall gives this fish the scientific name Scarus iserti)

143.11 STRIPED PARROTFISH (MALE) Scarus croicensis (Randall, fig. 260, Museum, 8.5 in, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall gives this fish the scientific name Scarus iserti)

139.1 STRIPED SEAPERCH (Museum) Embiotoca lateralis (Cooke, Sidney, BC)

139.8 STRIPED SEAPERCH (u/w) Embiotoca lateralis (Gotshall)

177.2 STRIPED SEAROBIN Prionotus evolans (Flescher, Museum, 260 mm TL, 36o23′N 75o11′W)

61.72 STRIPED SHINER Luxilus chrysocephalus (Roston, u/w)

176.36 STRIPETAIL ROCKFISH Sebastes saxicola (Gotshall, page 46, u/w)

181.2 STURGEON POACHER Agonus acipenserinus (Gotshall, u/w)

61.130 SUCKERMOUTH MINNOW Phenacobius mirabilis (Pflieger, Museum, Clear Creek, Clay Co., MO)

184.8 SUMMER FLOUNDER Paralichthys dentatus (Flescher, Museum, 262 mm TL, 34o16′N 76o42′W)

112.2 SUWANNEE BASS (FRONT OF BODY) Micropterus notius (Wallace, u/w, Ichetucknet Spring, FL)

140.10 SWALLOWTAIL DAMSELFISH Azurina hirundo (Gotshall, page 71, u/w)

61.178 SWALLOWTAIL SHINER Notropis procne (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 19, Museum, adult male, 49 mm TL, Beaverdam Creek, Bedford Co., VA)

113.7 SWAMP DARTER Etheostoma fusiforme (Scarola, Museum)

68.1 SWAMPFISH Chologaster cornuta (Bauer, Museum, 37 mm SL, Lumber River, Hoke-Scotland Counties, NC)

113.65 SWANNANOA DARTER Ethestoma swannanoa (Roston, u/w)

11.2 SWELL SHARK Cephaloscyllium ventriosum (Gotshall, u/w, tail partly obscured)

64.19 TADPOLE MADTOM Noturus gyrinus (Pflieger, Museum, 86 mm TL, Stanley Creek, Wayne Co., MO)

61.120 TAILLIGHT SHINER Notropis maculatus (Shute, Museum, Lake Waccamaw, NC)

61.117 TALLAPOOSA SHINER Notropis gibbsi (Wallace, Museum, Uphapee Creek, Macon Co., AL)

113.67 TANGERINE DARTER Percina aurantiaca (Roston, u/w)

109.13 TATTLER Serranus phoebe (Flescher, Museum, 166 mm FL, 34o00′N 76o20′W)

142.5 TAUTOG Tautoga onitis (Flescher, Museum, 250 mm TL, 40o32′N 73o48′W)

61.174 TELESCOPE SHINER Notropis telescopus (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 18 Museum, adult female, 50 mm TL, North Fork Holston River, Washington Co., VA)

61.99 TENCH Tinca tinca (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 29, Museum, 20.2 in, Lake Washington, WA)

61.76 TENNESSEE SHINER Notropis leuciodus (Roston, u/w)

113.28 TENNESSEE SNUBNOSE DARTER Etheostoma simoterum (Roston, u/w)

113.20 TESSELLATED DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma olmstedi (Scarola)

113.59 TESSELLATED DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma olmstedi (Roston)

+61.103 THICKLIP SHINER Hybopsis labrosa (Shute, Museum, 44 mm SL, First Broad River, Rutherford Co., NC)

17.1 THORNBACK Platyrhinoidis triseriata (Gotshall, page 26, u/w)

184.12 THREE-EYE FLOUNDER Ancylopsetta dilecta (Flescher, Museum, 18 centimeters TL, 32o56′N 77o50′W)

102.3 THREESPINE STICKLEBACK Gasterosteus aculeatus (Cooke, u/w, Bedwell Harbor, BC)

140.20 THREESPOT DAMSELFISH (PRE-ADULT) Pomacentrus planifrons (Wallace, partially transformed from yellow to olive-brown, u/w, Puerto Rico)

140.19 THREESPOT DAMSELFISH (YOUNG-Museum) Pomacentrus planifrons (Randall, fig. 214, 43 mm SL, La Parquera, Puerto Rico. Randall places this fish in the genus Stegastes)

140.8 THREESPOT DAMSELFISH (YOUNG-u/w) Pomacentrus planifrons(Randall, Bonaire)

182.2 TIDEPOOL SNAILFISH Liparis florae (Cooke, Museum, Port Renfrew, BC)

109.16 TIGER GROUPER Mycteroperca tigris (Randall, u/w, Bonaire)

176.10 TIGER ROCKFISH Sebastes nigrocinctus (Cooke, u/w, Desolation Sound, BC)

116.2 TILEFISH Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps (Flescher, Museum)

113.113 TIPPECANOE DARTER Etheostoma tippecanoe (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 37, Museum, Nuptial or Postnuptial male, 30 mm TL, Clinch River, Hancock County, TN)

109.44 TOBACCOFISH Serranus tabacarius (Randall, fig. 90, Museum, 90 mm SL, Curacao)

127.1 TOMTATE Haemulon aurolineatum (Flescher, Museum, 173 mm FL, 34o02′N 76o58′W)

61.144 TONGUETIED MINNOW Exoglossum laurae (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 12, Museum, Adult female, 134 mm TL, South Fork Reed Creek, Wythe Co., VA)

61.124 TOPEKA SHINER (Museum) Notropis topeka (Pflieger, 2.5 in TL, Grindstone Creek, Boone Co., MO)

61.87 TOPEKA SHINER (u/w) Notropis topeka (Roston)

180.15 TORRENT SCULPIN Cottus rhotheus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 69, Museum, 2.5 in, Shea Creek, Yakima River, WA)

62.20 TORRENT SUCKER Thoburnia rhothoeca (Roston, u/w)

176.24 TREEFISH (ADULT) Sebastes serriceps (Gotshall, page 49 of the first edition of Pacific Coast Inshore Fishes, u/w)

176.38 TREEFISH (YOUNG) Sebastes serriceps (Gotshall, u/w)

61.125 TRICOLOR SHINER Notropis trichroistius (Wallace, Aquar.)

70.1 TROUT-PERCH Percopsis omiscomaycus (Purkett, Museum)

103.1 TRUMPETFISH Aulostomus maculatus (Flescher, Museum, 275 mm TL, 33o27′N 77o24′W)

102.2 TUBE-SNOUT Aulorhynchus flavidus (Cooke, Museum, Mill Bay, BC)

181.1 TUBENOSE POACHER Pallasina barbata (Cooke, u/w, near Sidney, BC)

61.59 TUI CHUB Gila bicolor (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 34, Museum, 6.3 in, Shiner Lake)

-61.180 TURQUOISE SHINER Cyprinella monacha (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 40, u/w, nuptial male by spawning crevice, North Fork Holston River, Washingtion, Co., VA)

109.43 TWINSPOT BASS Serranus flaviventris (Randall, fig. 94, Museum, 52 mm SL, Boqueron, Puerto Rico)

184.2 TWOSPOT FLOUNDER Bothus robinsi (Flescher, Museum, 154 mm TL, 34o29′N 76o08′W)

189.2 UNICORN FILEFISH Aluterus monoceros (Flescher, Museum, 499 mm TL, 33o05′N 77o47′W)

62.31 V-LIP REDHORSE Moxostoma pappillosum (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 21, Museum, adult male, 250 mm TL, Beaverdam Creek, Bedford, Co., VA)

113.33 VARIEGATE DARTER Etheostoma variatum (Roston, u/w)

176.33 VERMILION ROCKFISH (ADULT) Sebastes miniatus (Gotshall, u/w)

176.8 VERMILION ROCKFISH (YOUNG) Sebastes miniatus (Cooke, u/w, Sealand Aquarium, Victoria, BC)

124.6 VERMILION SNAPPER Rhomboplites aurorubens (Flescher, Museum, 248 mm FL, 34o31′N 75o51′W)

61.16 VIRGIN ROUNDTAIL CHUB Gila robusta seminuda (Johnson 1987 plate 3.2 by Rinne, Aquar., Virgin River)

61.22 VIRGIN SPINEDACE Lepidomeda m. mollispinis (Johnson 1987 plate 3.8 by Rinne, Aquar., Virgin River)

113.46 WALLEYE Stizostedion vitreum (Scarola, Museum)

112.6 WARMOUTH Lepomis gulosus (Bauer, Museum, Big Sandy River, Henderson Co., TN)

+61.73 WARPAINT SHINER Notropis cocogenis (Roston, u/w)

113.18 WATERCRESS DARTER Etheostoma nuchale (Johnson 1987 plate 9.9 by Roston, u/w, AL)

130.4 WEAKFISH Cynoscion regalis (Flescher, Museum, 266 mm TL, 37o47′N 75o30′W)

192.2 WEB BURRFISH Chilomycterus antillarum (Randall, fig. 314, Museum, 6.8 in, Curacao)

124.5 WENCHMAN Pristipomoides aquilonaris (Flescher, Museum, 157 mm FL, 34o34′N 75o45′W)

42.27 WEST-SLOPE CUTTHROAT TROUT (MALE) Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 13d, Museum, 15.8 in, King Lake)

42.28 WEST-SLOPE CUTTHROAT TROUT (FEMALE) Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 13e, 15.1 in, King Lake)

2.10 WESTERN BROOK LAMPREY (mouth only) Lampetra richardsoni (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 1)

2.9 WESTERN BROOK LAMPREY Lampetra richardsoni (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 1, Museum, 4.6 in, Richards Creek, Lake Washington, WA)

108.4 WHITE BASS Morone chrysops (Pflieger, Museum, Missouri River, Boone Co., MO)

64.1 WHITE CATFISH Ameiurus catus (Etnier, Museum, Swift River, Pitt Co., NC)

112.15 WHITE CRAPPIE Pomoxis annularis (Purkett, Museum)

130.18 WHITE CROAKER Genyonemus lineatus (Gotshall, page 63, u/w)

127.15 WHITE GRUNT (Museum) Haemulon plumieri (Randall, fig. 156, 10.4 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

127.2 WHITE GRUNT (Museum) Haemulon plumieri (Flescher, 206 mm FL, 33o46′N 77o30′W)

80.8 WHITE HAKE Urophycis tenuis (Flescher, Museum, 465 mm TL, 43o30′N 66o25′W) 108.1 WHITE PERCH Morone americana (Scarola, Museum)

61.21 WHITE RIVER SPINEDACE Lepidomeda albivallis (Johnson 1987 plate 3.7 by Rinne, Aquar.)

89.1 WHITE RIVER SPRINGFISH Crenichthys b. baileyi (Johnson 1987 plate 7.1 by Rinne, Aquar.)

139.4 WHITE SEAPERCH Phanerodon furcatus (Gotshall, page 66, u/w)

61.108 WHITE SHINER Luxilus albeolus (Shute, Museum, 67 mm SL, Tar River, Edgecombe Co., NC)

24.1 WHITE STURGEON Acipenser transmontanus (Wydoski & Whitney fig. 4, Museum, 28 in, Skagit River, WA)

62.3 WHITE SUCKER Catostomus commersoni (Scarola, Museum)

129.2 WHITEBONE PORGY Calamus leucosteus (Flescher, Museum, 167 mm FL, 33o58′N 77o47′W)

179.1 WHITESPOTTED GREENLING Hexagrammos stelleri (Cooke, Museum, Mill Bay, BC)

115.2 WHITESTAR CARDINALFISH Apogon lachneri (Randall, Museum, 38 mm SL, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico)

+61.74 WHITETAIL SHINER Cyprinella galactura (Pflieger, Museum, 5.2 in TL, Beaver Creek, Taney Co., MO)

176.30 WIDOW ROCKFISH Sebastes entomelas (Gotshall, u/w)

184.11 WINDOWPANE Scophthalmus aquosus (Flescher, Museum, 249 mm TL, 38o02′N 74o48′W)

185.7 WINTER FLOUNDER Pseudopleuronectes americanus (Flescher, Museum, 467 mm TL, 42o00′N 66o14′W)

185.1 WITCH FLOUNDER Glyptocephalus cynoglossus (Flescher, Museum, 541 mm TL, 42o25′N 67o20′W)

85.1 WOLF EELPOUT Lycenchelys verrilli (Flescher, Museum, 181 mm TL, 35o17′N 74o56′W)

157.3 WOLF-EEL (ADULT-HEAD) Anarrhichthys ocellatus (Gotshall, u/w)

157.2 WOLF-EEL (YOUNG) Anarrhichthys ocellatus (Gotshall, u/w)

113.115 WOUNDED DARTER Etheostoma vulneratum (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 27, Museum, prenuptial male, 73 mm TL, Copper Creek Scott Co., VA)

61.46 WOUNDFIN Plagopterus argentissimus (Johnson 1987 plate 5.7 by Rinne, Aquar.)

64.5 YAQUI CATFISH Ictalurus pricei (Johnson 1987 plate 6.8 by Rinne, Aquar.)

61.15 YAQUI CHUB Gila purpurea (Johnson 1987 plate 2.10 by Johnson, Aquar., NM)

+64.3 YELLOW BULLHEAD Ameiurus natalis (Scarola, Museum)

131.3 YELLOW GOATFISH Mulloidichthys martinicus (Randall, fig. 175, Museum, 12.9 in, St. John, Virgin Islands. Randall places this fish in the genus Mulloides)

120.13 YELLOW JACK (Museum) Caranx bartholomaei (Randall, fig. 124, 14.5 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

120.2 YELLOW JACK (Museum) Caranx bartholomaei (Flescher, 200 mm FL, 33o56′N 77o41′W)

113.37 YELLOW PERCH Perca flavescens (Scarola, Museum)

20.4 YELLOW STINGRAY Urolophus jamaicensis (Wallace, u/w, Puerto Rico)

109.32 YELLOWBELLY HAMLET (Museum) Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. aberrans (Randall, fig. 83, 97 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

109.31 YELLOWBELLY HAMLET (u/w) Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. aberrans (Wallace, Jamaica)

113.15 YELLOWCHEEK DARTER Etheostoma moorei (Roston, u/w)

142.12 YELLOWCHEEK WRASSE Halichoeres cyanocephalus (Randall, Museum, 205 mm SL, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)

176.35 YELLOWEYE ROCKFISH (ADULT) Sebastes ruberrimus(Gotshall, page 40, u/w)

176.12 YELLOWEYE ROCKFISH (YOUNG) Sebastes ruberrimus(Cooke, u/w, Tasu, Queen Charlotte Islands)

153.4 YELLOWFACE PIKEBLENNY (MALE & FEMALE) Chaenopsis limbaughi (Randall, 2.9 inch male is the same as fig. 278, the female doesn’t appear in Caribbean Reef Fishes, Museum, St. John, Virgin Islands)

109.1 YELLOWFIN BASS Anthias nicholsi (Flescher, Museum, 189 mm FL, 32o50′N 77o55′W)

130.19 YELLOWFIN CROAKER Umbrina roncador (Gotshall, page 63, u/w)

153.9 YELLOWFIN FRINGEHEAD (head only) Neoclinus stephensae (Gotshall, page 77, u/w)

-64.35 YELLOWFIN MADTOM Noturus flavipinnis (Jenkins & Burkhead Plate 23, Museum, Adult female, 60 mm TL, Copper Creek, Scott Co., VA)

61.35 YELLOWFIN SHINER Notropis lutipinnis (Shute, Museum, 44 mm SL, First Broad River, Rutherford Co., NC)

148.1 YELLOWHEAD JAWFISH Opistognathus aurifrons (Randall, fig. 190, 42 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

142.13 YELLOWHEAD WRASSE (YOUNG AND FEMALE) Halichoeres garnoti (Randall, fig. 229, young = 49 mm; female = 74 mm, Museum, St. John, Virgin Islands)

142.2 YELLOWHEAD WRASSE Halichoeres garnoti (Roston, u/w)

165.2 YELLOWPROW GOBY Gobiosoma xanthiprora (Flescher, Museum, 55 mm TL, 28o40′N 83o46′W)

140.15 YELLOWTAIL DAMSELFISH (ADULT) Microspathodon chrysurus (Randall, fig. 218, Museum, 146 mm SL, St. John, Virgin Islands)

140.3 YELLOWTAIL DAMSELFISH (YOUNG) Microspathodon chrysurus (Roston, u/w)

185.4 YELLOWTAIL FLOUNDER Limanda ferruginea (Flescher, Museum, 288 mm TL, 41o23′N 66o46′W)

109.33 YELLOWTAIL HAMLET Hypoplectrus unicolor, formerly H. chlorurus (Randall, fig. 82, Museum, 3.7 in, St. John, Virgin Islands)

140.2 YELLOWTAIL REEFFISH Chromis enchrysurus (Flescher, Museum, 106 mm FL, 33o25′N 77o06′W)

124.4 YELLOWTAIL SNAPPER Ocyurus chrysurus (Roston, u/w, School)

113.77 YOKE DARTER (Museum) Etheostoma juliae (Pflieger, 56 mm SL, James River, Webster Co., MO)

113.10 YOKE DARTER (u/w) Etheostoma juliae (Roston)

165.4 ZEBRA GOBY Lythrypnus zebra (Gotshall, page 81, u/w. Individual is upside-down in a crevice)

133.2 ZEBRA PERCH Hermosilla azurea (Gotshall, page 64, u/w)