21 Feb 2014


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The American Fisheries Society needs your help.
We currently have several policies needing revision (see attached).  We need knowledgeable people to review one or more of the existing policies and help the RPC update them.
These Policies  summarize the  Society’s position on particular issues and they represent one of the principle mechanisms by which the Society advocates on behalf of fish, fisheries professionals, and aquatic resources .  They are used to inform public policy (e.g., our climate change policy was used to comment on the National Climate Change Assessment ), to inform regulatory authorities (e.g., our fish sedatives policy initiated a dialogue with the Food and Drug Administration about changes to the process of aquatic animal drug approvals), or to inform the public and our membership.
Interested members can contact Jesse Trushenski directly, and she will help them tackle the Policy of their choosing.
We hope that you can help us. If you cannot do so, we would appreciate suggestions for persons who might.
Jesse Trushenski  <saluski@siu.edu>



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Resource Policy Status