President’s Plan of Work

Work Plan: Donna L. Parrish, President

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) is composed of approximately 7500 members representing a wide range of scientific and managerial disciplines organized into 4 divisions, 48 chapters, 55 student subunits, and 21 sections. There are three elements of the AFS mission: advancing sound science, promoting professional development, and disseminating fisheries-related information. AFS leadership has recently established a new strategic plan for 2015-2019 with specific science, education, communication, networking, advocacy, and governance goals.

Therefore, the president’s plan of work for 2014-2015 will focus on the following issues/components:

  1. Promote the three elements of the AFS mission and support the implementation of the 2015-2019 AFS strategic plan.

  1. Continue to support and supplement the recent work on fisheries education.

  • Appoint new committee chair to the special fisheries education committee.

  • Urge AFS sections and other groups to develop new educational materials (e.g., online course videos and podcasts) for AFS members.

  • Coordinate work of AFS Continuing Education staff with AFS units on topics and content of workshops needed by AFS members.

  • Participate (with AFS Executive Director, other AFS staff, and Society members) in the National Association of University Fisheries and Wildlife Programs.

3)   Work with AFS members and staff to develop a comprehensive plan for AFS communications.

  • Governing board will serve as focus group to determine what AFS leadership views as important communications for AFS.

  • Appoint a special committee to conduct an evaluation of AFS communications based on results of the 2014 GB retreat and other input.

  • The committee will write a draft plan.

  • The special committee will be composed of representatives from relevant sections and other members representing the diversity of AFS membership.

4)   Provide recognition of a highly select group of AFS members who have been productive fisheries professionals with significant career accomplishments.

  • Appoint a special committee to develop the criteria for an AFS Fellows Program.

  • The inaugural class of AFS Fellows will be named in 2015.

5)   Work with other fisheries societies and promote diversity within AFS.

  • Solicit a symposium proposal for the 2015 AFS meeting that highlights current initiatives of the other fisheries societies, especially those initiatives that illustrate the role of science on fisheries management and policy.

  • Continue work to reactivate the Native Peoples Fisheries Section.

6)  Promote good governance of AFS.

  • Work with Executive Director on developing guidelines for AFS staff support for AFS leadership.

  • Streamline oversight by the President on AFS office expense reporting.

  • Officers continue work on revision of AFS Procedures Manual.

  • Appoint 1st VP to develop proposal for replacing AFS officers as chairs of awards committees, but retain officers as committee members.