Policy Statements

Statement Title Statements Summaries
North American Fisheries Policy PDF PDF
Human Population Growth and Technology PDF PDF
Nonpoint Source Pollution PDF PDF
Sedimentation PDF PDF
Modifications to Habitat PDF PDF
Toxic Substances PDF PDF
Two Issues of Environmental Concern PDF PDF
Coping with Point Source Discharges PDF PDF
Effects of Altered Stream Flows PDF PDF
Endangered Aquatic Species PDF PDF
Beverage Container Legislation PDF PDF
Oil and Gas Pipelines PDF PDF
Surface Mining PDF PDF
Stream Riparian Area Management PDF PDF
Introductions of Aquatic Species PDF PDF
Tidal Power Development PDF PDF
Marine Wilderness PDF PDF
Introduction of Threatened and Endangered Fishes PDF PDF
Marine Plastic Debris PDF PDF
Transgenic Fishes PDF PDF
Commercial Aquaculture PDF PDF
Effects of Livestock Grazing PDF PDF
Ballast Water PDF PDF
Hydropower Development PDF PDF
Bycatch Reduction Devices PDF PDF
Conservation of Imperiled Species and Reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 PDF PDF
Special Fishing Regulations PDF PDF
Biodiversity PDF PDF
Responsible Use of Fish PDF PDF
Protection of Marine Fish Stocks PDF PDF
Management of Sharks PDF PDF
Long-lived Reef Fishes PDF PDF
Pacific Rockfish PDF PDF
Dam Removal PDF PDF
Climate Change PDF
Need for an Immediate-Release Anesthetic/Sedative for Use in the Fisheries Disciplines PDF
Lead in Sport Fishing Tackle PDF