02 Jun 2014

Plenary Speaker Abstracts

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Plenary Speaker Abstracts for the 144th Annual Meeting
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 Louis Bernatchez

Photo of Louis Bernatchez

Louis Bernatchez, AFS Plenary Speaker

“To get the most out of public money, it is thus crucial to maintain national funding strategies that will ensure an optimal balance between long-term basic research vs. short-term utilitarian research.” Think/Act Globally and Locally; The Essential Contribution of Basic Science Towards Improved Fishery Management

Ana Parma

Photo of Dr. Ana Parma

Ana Parma, AFS Plenary Speaker

“Strengthened legal mandates introduced to curb overfishing in several regions, while successful on many accounts, have also forced specific management approaches, restricting the range of acceptable options.”
Leveraging Local Experience to Improve Sustainability of Global Fisheries: It Is Not About Tools But Processes

Thierry Oberdorff

Photo of Thierry Oberdorff

Thierry Oberdorff, AFS Plenary Speaker

“This framework should help us answer questions such as: What should be done to slow the spread of non-native species, and what will be the effects of global changes on maintaining aquatic biodiversity?”
Patterns in Riverine Fish Diversity: A Macroecological Perspective

David Bella

Photo of David Bella

David Bella, AFS Plenary Speaker

“Systemic distortions emerge through the behaviors of competent and well-intended people (like you and me), busy at countless tasks within the contexts of organizational systems.”
Systemic Distortion