09 May 2014

OREGON CHAPTER: 50th Year Anniversary Annual Meeting

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The American Fisheries Society’s Oregon Chapter held their 50th anniversary annual meeting in Eugene, Oregon this past February 25-28, 2014. For a little flavor of the Oregon Chapter, read the beginning of President Todd Buchholz’s letter in their newsletter (then go read the rest here), and scroll down for some visual highlights!

Welcome to our 50th anniversary annual meeting! Back in 1964, gasoline
was twenty-nine cents a gallon, the Ford mustang was rolled out, the civil Rights
Act was signed, and a small group of fisheries professionals gathered in corvallis
to create the oregon chapter of the American Fisheries Society. What began as
a forum where fellow scientists and managers could share their expertise soon
evolved into an active and respected organization that today is instrumental in
shaping aquatic conservation efforts and policy decisions on the local, state, and
national stages.

Here are just a few highlights of the event!

ORAFS President holds the Wolf-Eel

President Todd Buchholz holds the ORAFS wolf-eel!
(Credit: Rich Grost)

Photo of the ORAFS team tossing fish!

Fish tossing action by the ORAFS team.
(Credit: Rich Grost)

ORAFS students hand out raffle tickets!

ORAFS students work the raffle ticket counter.
(Credit: Rich Grost)