Mentor Reports

Instructions for Submitting Mentor Reports and Photographs

MENTOR CHECK-IN REPORTS – due June 30* and July 30*

The purpose of these reports is to confirm that the student is working as expected, so we can continue to send out scholarship checks. Please address the following questions, and email your reports to Kathryn (

- Is your student participating as expected, based on your initial meeting agreement? – Have there been any problems or issues we should know about? – Have your student’s starting and ending dates changed since the initial meeting?


Submitting photographs is optional, but very much appreciated. Our goal is to have at least one photo of every Hutton student and mentor. We use the photos for a slide show at the Annual Meeting, as well as for publicizing the Program through brochures, posters, reports in FISHERIES, and the website. Think quality before quantity. In terms of content, we would like a head and shoulders shot of both the student and the mentor, photos showing the student working (not posing,) and photos of the mentor and student at work together. Underwater photos are often used on the cover of the Hutton CD. Please be sure to include a written description of what is happening in the photos.

If you will be using a digital camera:

- Adjust resolution to highest possible setting on your camera. – Make sure the resolution reads 800 x 800 pixels at 300 dpi, or higher. – When downloading images from the camera to your computer, take note of the size. For the most part, we

will not be able to use images that are less than 800 KB because of resolution problems. You might consider saving the photos as either .tif or .psd files (which are higher resolution than .jpgs.) – Email the images to the Hutton Program Coordinator ( Feel free to call Kathryn

(301) 897-8616, ext. 213 with any problems.

If you will be using a film camera:

- Mail us large prints (at least 8×10.) Or, if you don’t want to develop photos, mail us the negatives. We will

develop 8×10 prints, scan them digitally, and send the negatives back to you.

FINAL MENTOR REPORT – due August 31*

1. Your student:

• Describe your student’s activities and accomplishments.

• Was your student a good participant in the Program? What traits factored into this?

• Did the work habits of the student meet your needs?

• Did you have a good working relationship with your student?

• How did the student’s work impact your project?

• Did the Hutton succeed in increasing the student’s interest in fisheries?

• Did you talk to your student about pursuing a career in the fisheries profession?

2. The Hutton Program:

• What is your opinion of the program?

• Is there anything that could have better prepared you for your mentoring experience?

• Would you be interested in serving as a mentor in the Hutton Program again?

• Would you be interested in recruiting students for the program?

• Would you recommend mentoring in this program to your colleagues?

• What improvements would you suggest for the Hutton Program?

3. Your recommendation:

Please rate your Hutton scholar’s performance during the summer on a scale of 1-3. A score of 1 is awarded for an average performance; a score of 2 is awarded for an above-average performance, and a score of 3 is awarded for an outstanding performance during the summer.

*Please note that delaying these reports will delay checks to your students. Checks scheduled to be sent at the end of June, July and August are contingent on our receiving your reports. Thank you for your cooperation.