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Student, Temporary, PhD
Job # Title Agency, Location Category
10922 PhD Assistantship University of Southern Mississippi Student
10919 Graduate Research Assistant (MS or PhD) ID Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Student
10917 Graduate Assistantship in Stream Fish Ecology University of Wyoming Student
10896 MS Assistantship University of Illinois Student
10887 M.S./Ph.D. Graduate Assistantship University of Southern MS Student
10880 Director, Bureau of Marine Science Maine, Dept of Marine Resources Student, Temporary
10840 MS Assistantship CA Cooperative Fish Research Unit Student
10837 Graduate Research Assistantship Annis Water Resources Institute, MI Student
10786 M.S. or Ph.D. Assistantship Univ of IL/ IL Natural History Survey Student
10765 M.S. Graduate Research Assist. Auburn University, AL Student
10757 M.S. Graduate Research Asst. OK Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Student
10756 Graduate Opportunity Univ of Toledo, Dept of Environmental Sciences Student
10754 M.S./Ph.D. Student Positions Aquatic Ecology Laboratory, OH State Univ PhD, Student
10717 Ph.D. Assist. in Quantitative Fisheries Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, UMCES Student
10691 PhD Assistantship Oklahoma Coop. Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Student
10656 PhD or MS Asst.: Fish Ecology Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, IN Student
10642 Ph.D. Graduate Research Asst./Teaching Asst. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, VA Tech Student
10638 M.S. Graduate Research Asst. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Cons, VA Tech Student