Job: PhD on genetics of early life history

Title PhD on genetics of early life history
Agency, Location Great Lakes Institute for Envir Resch Canada
Categories Student
Job # 10587
Salary TBD
End Date 10/31

PhD on genetics of early life history (LH) variation in salmon
UWindsor/Ontario, Canada

We are offering an exciting opportunity for an outstanding doctoral student (preference for Canadian citizen and landed immigrants) to address a question central to our understanding of the evolution of LH variation and local adaptation in salmon: does LH variation reflect traditional adaptation to local conditions, or have salmon evolved novel forms of LH plasticity? The successful candidate will use molecular, population, and quantitative genetic methods combined with captive breeding experiments and field-based measurements to partition the relative contribution of genetic, epigenetic, GxE interactions and environmental effects to early LH trait variation in Pacific salmon.


M.Sc. with experience with molecular biology methods and analyses.


Dr. Heath at below email.