Job: PHD & MS Graduate Assistanships

Title PHD & MS Graduate Assistanships
Agency, Location School of Fisheries, Auburn Univ, AL
Categories Student
Job # 10373
Salary PhD $20,000/year, MS $18,000/year, plus tuition waiver to qualified applicants.
End Date 6/30

To study ecology, movements, habitat use, age structure, fecundity, and nursery habitats of marine fishes in the northeast Gulf of Mexico. Also, how these ecological functions relate to the recent oil spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico. A requirement is scuba diving ability. In addition, frequent offshore trips (5-10 d per month, 10 to 100 km) for the purposes of SCUBA visual counts, trap nets, gill net, hook-line, and ultrasonic track reef fishes will be part of the prospective students responsibility, and can be used for dissertation or thesis completion.


For Ph.D., assistanships completed M.S., in biology or related science, for M.S., completed B.S., or B.A., in biology or related science. Both require minimum GPA of 3.0 (undergrad), and GRE of 1000+ (verb & math).


For applicant consideration send by email (do not send by mail) CV, copy of undergraduate and graduate transcripts, and GRE scores: Dr. Stephen T. Szedlmayer at below email.

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