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PhD, Student
Job # Title Agency, Location Category
10925 Aquatic Ecologist Illinois Natural History Survey PhD
10913 Director, CalCOFI Program & Professor Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, Univ CA PhD
10895 Asst. Prof. of Quantitative Wildlife Ecology University of California, Davis PhD
10889 Postdoctoral Researcher University of Southern MS PhD
10872 PhD Graduate Research/Teaching Assistantship Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Consv., VA Tech PhD
10861 Postdoctoral Researcher USFWS/USGS/Humboldt State Uni. PhD
10856 Assistant Professor of Biology Pittsburg State University/Kansas PhD
10842 Ph.D. Assistantship South Dakota State University PhD
10830 Biology-Assistant Professor Mansfield University PhD
10814 Postdoctoral Research Associate Gulf of Maine Research Institute PhD
10793 Postdoctoral research scholar OR State Univ, Dept of Fisheries & Wildlife PhD
10754 M.S./Ph.D. Student Positions Aquatic Ecology Laboratory, OH State Univ PhD, Student
10752 Tenure Track Faculty Positions University of Delaware PhD
10743 Nippon Foundation Fellow Post Doc Princeton Univ, NJ PhD
10724 Aquatic Molecular Ecologist Annis Water Resources Institute PhD
10675 Post-Doctoral Researcher Missouri Cooperative Fish/Wildlife Research Unit. PhD
10652 Fisheries Genomics Fisheries and Oceans Canada PhD