Job: Ph.D. grad assistantship in genetics

Title Ph.D. grad assistantship in genetics
Agency, Location Labrador Institute / Marine Institute of Memorial Univ
Categories PhD
Job # 9923
Salary $18,000/Year
End Date Until filled

Ph.D. graduate assistantship to determine whether the Atlantic salmon population in Lake Melville (Labrador, Canada) is genetically distinct. A secondary objective is to locate the currently unknown river of origin of Atlantic salmon using otolith microchemistry analysis. This project is part of a larger research program aimed at generating knowledge to assist in fishery management and species conservation in the context of rapid economic growth (e.g., hydroelectric development, road constructions and mining). The student will be co-supervised by Ian Bradbury (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) and Marine Clément (Memorial University).


This position is open to all candidates holding an M.Sc. degree in biology, but experience in the field of genetics will be a significant asset.


Marie Clément at below email.
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