Job: North Pacific Groundfish Observer

Title North Pacific Groundfish Observer
Agency, Location Alaskan Observers, Inc., Bering Sea/North Pacific Ocean
Categories Permanent
Job # 10227
Salary $4,017.00-$6,340.00 per month, depending on experience, plus room, board, and travel to and from job site.
End Date Until filled

As an at-sea biologist working aboard U.S.-flagged commercial fishing vessels, you will gather data essential to the sustainability of fisheries resources in Alaska. Observers sample catches to determine their species composition, make estimates of total catch, and collect age structures and biological data from target species. Observers are guaranteed subsequent deployment opportunities and salary advances. Please see our website for a more detailed job description.

Closing Date: None; positions available year-round


Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in fisheries biology, marine biology, general biology, zoology, or a related natural science.


Rachel Moore, 888-317-9343,