Bids for hosting the 2016 7th World Fisheries Congress

TO: Potential Hosts for the 2016 Meeting of the World Fisheries Congress

FROM: Gus Rassam, Secretary-General, World Council of Fisheries Societies (WCFS)

SUBJECT: 2016 7th World Fisheries Congress

Formal letter of intent sent as soon as you decide on submitting a bid. Electronic copy of bid sent to all the distribution list.

Proposal presentations in Edinburgh, Scotland, May 2012

DATE: June 15, 2011

1. Background: The World Council of Fisheries Societies (WCFS) has members in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Our membership is composed of fisheries and aquatic science professional societies.

Our quadrennial congress is held during 4-5 days either in the Spring or Fall, and it is oriented toward scientific presentations of new research and management findings. Additionally, special workshops or symposia dealing with current issues of broad interest are presented. Eight to twelve concurrent sessions are usually scheduled. WCFS holds its business meeting during the week. Our congresses have included Athens, Greece, 1991 (1100 registrations), Brisbane, Australia 1996 (1000+ registrations) , Beijing, China, 2000 (1500 registrations); Vancouver, British Columbia, 2004 (1600 registrations); and Yokohama, Japan, 2008 (1500 registrations).

2. Eligibility for holding a congress: Preference may be given to member organizations of WCFS but non-members are encouraged to apply for holding a congress and to join WCFS as Full or Affiliate Members. All bids must include a feasibility financial and logistical plan, a commitment to work collaboratively, and, most importantly, a local governmental and institutional commitment to the success of such a meeting.

3. Planning groups: Groups involved in planning the meeting include an International Steering Committee composed of representatives from WCFS Member Organizations, an International Program Committee including representatives from WCFS Member Organizations, and conference organizing and program committees composed mostly of members from the “local” host organization. The host for the 7th World Fisheries Congress must commit to working collaboratively with other member organizations on the two international committees.

4. Meeting Format: The format of the meeting has varied, depending on the wishes of the local host and the International Steering Committee of the WCFS. Some of the congresses had a plenary session each morning followed by open contributions in the afternoon. Others followed the traditional model of a single plenary on the opening day followed by concurrent symposia and presentations. Poster sessions and trade shows are the norm.

5. Room requirements: Our meeting room requirements include:

Trade show – 10,000-30,000 sq. ft. of 20-60 10×10 commercial booths, trade show registration booth, refreshments/coffee service, and space for several scattered refreshment tables. Also include space for poster session which usually occupies space adjacent to the trade show.

4-6 rooms to accommodate 200-250 theater style

7-10 rooms to accommodate 100-200 theater style

3-5 rooms to accommodate 100 or less theater style

Auditorium to accommodate up to 1,000 for plenary session (s).

Ten small rooms are needed through the meeting as ad hoc meeting rooms.

Rooms for pre- or post-meeting workshops.

6. Meeting schedule: It is important that flexibility be a key ingredient because attendance at the individual technical sessions is difficult to predict four years out.