AFS Staff

  • Provides general administration of the program;
  • Maintains database for current class and tracking for previous classes;
  • Provides liability insurance for students and mentors; insurance forms and instructions are provided to the mentors.
  • Assists mentors in recruitment of students;
  • Publicizes the program through AFS website, press releases, mailings, etc.
  • Matches students with mentors. AFS staff will take into account the mentoring options available and match the students accordingly. Students may be dropped after final selection by the Evaluation Panel if a suitable student/mentor match cannot be arranged. Alternates may replace the dropped students where there is a good mentor match and the student is qualified to participate.
  • Resolves problems.
  • Provides program reports to partner organizations.

AFS Division Hutton Committees

  • Recruit mentors and students with assistance from chapters.
  • Help to identify potential mentors for selected students. Identify local fundraising opportunities. Hutton Evaluation Panel(Composed of AFS members, including the Presidents of the Education and Equal Opportunities Sections of AFS, and representatives of partner organizations)
  • Evaluates student applications and selects students and alternates.

Hutton Oversight Committee

  • Reviews the operations of the Hutton Program and makes recommendations to the AFS President.
  • Contributions
  • Unless there is a specific agreement about how a donation is to be used, any donated funds not used for the current Hutton class will be deferred for use in subsequent years with no restrictions on their use.
  • A contribution does not guarantee that a mentor from the donor organization or agency will be matched with a student, unless such an agreement has been made between AFS and the donor organization or agency. However, AFS will make every effort to ensure that such a match is made if a selected student resides in the same area.


Application Process

  • Individuals interested in serving as Hutton mentors are required to submit an application including a written description of proposed work assignments along with an up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae to an ad hoc committee of the American Fisheries Society. This committee approves work assignments, matches students and mentors, and notifies students and mentors of matches shortly after the final selection of students.
  • Graduate students may mentor students if their major professor approves of the mentoring arrangement and agrees to be the mentor of record.


  • Once the final selection of students has been made, mentors will receive information on the student they have been matched with and must arrange to meet with the student and parent(s)/guardian as soon as possible to assess compatibility, discuss the project, the work requirements, work schedule, accepted behavior, and start and end dates. They should also discuss any special needs of the student, such as preplanned family vacations or other events that may require adjustments to their schedule. If the students make reasonable requests regarding these matters, mentors are encouraged to try to adjust the students’ schedules to accommodate these requests. Should a problem arise at this time, the AFS office should be notified immediately.
  • The students are awarded a scholarship as part of this mentoring experience. AFS has chosen to disperse the scholarship funds in equal payments throughout the summer. However, in order to release the funds, AFS must receive from the mentor via email at the end of each month a brief message confirming that the student continues to participate as agreed upon between the student and the mentor. It is not necessary to notify AFS of any specific arrangements you have made with the students regarding their schedule other than the start and end dates of the schedule. It should be emphasized that the funds the students receive are not a paycheck; they are scholarship funds and therefore no deductions are made.
  • Mentors provide students with transportation associated with field work.
  • Mentors should contact the Hutton Program Coordinator, at any time should a problem arise.
  • Mentors should notify AFS if they will be away from their office for a portion of the program. In this case, they should provide AFS with a contact in their absence.
  • Mentors must provide parental permission slips for overnight field trips or a blanket parental permission slip for the summer.
  • Mentors must submit a final written report to the Hutton Program Administrator. Guidelines for these reports will be provided to all mentors. The mentor should evaluate the student’s performance and make a recommendation for the student continuing in the program the following year. The final report should also include a statement of interest as to whether or not the mentor wishes to continue the AFS-sponsored mentoring experience for the following summer and whether or not the mentor wishes to work with the same student (only if the student is returning to secondary school in the fall).

Mentor Volunteer Time

  • Non-federal mentors will be asked to verify their volunteer time for the purpose of compliance by AFS of any challenge grants.

Mentor Recruitment of Students

  • Mentors are encouraged to recruit students in local schools; promotional materials will be provided by AFS.
  • Mentors may wish to identify in their project description any student(s) thought to be well qualified and with whom the mentor would prefer working.

Mentor-Student Matches

  • AFS has the final responsibility for making matches between students and mentors.
  • If either mentor or student does not feel the match is a good one, they should contact AFS staff immediately so that staff can attempt to arrange a new match.
  • To assist AFS in the student-mentor matching process, it is recommended that mentors include in their project description the names of any students they recommend and would like to mentor.
  • Students will not be notified until all matches have been confirmed. Mentors will keep the confidentiality of all matches until the students have been notified.


Application Process

  • Students must submit as a complete package the application and all associated materials (including an official transcript) by the deadline date established by AFS.
  • Students are selected by a panel composed of AFS members, including the Presidents of the Education and Equal Opportunities Sections of AFS, and representatives from partner organizations.
  • Students are notified of their selection by letter with the name of the mentor that they have been matched with and a description of the project they will be working on. The students meet with their mentor to discuss the projects they will be working on and what will be expected of them. An acceptance form is enclosed with the letter, which the student must return within the specified time to be included in the program.


  • Students are awarded a scholarship of $3,000 as part of their mentoring experience. The students must commit to participating in the Hutton Program for eight weeks during the summer. Responsibilities
  • Students provide their own transportation to the mentor’s office.
  • To continue working in the program, students must perform as they and their mentor have agreed. AFS reserves the right to drop any student from the program who is not participating as agreed and to withhold any remaining scholarship funds.
  • Students must submit a mid-summer progress report by email, fax, or regular mail (July 15th).
  • Students must submit a final report about their experience by August 31st. The final disbursement of scholarship funds will be made upon receipt of this report and the mentor’s final report.