Information for Students


Students who are current juniors and seniors in high school are eligible for the Hutton Program. We regret that no exceptions can be made.

In order for AFS to afford a greater number of students this opportunity, students who have participated in the Hutton Program before are no longer eligible to apply.


Students must submit a completed application, containing contact information, personal statement, recommendations, and an official transcript to the AFS Hutton Program to be considered.

Mentor Match and Summer Assignment

Students selected for the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program are matched with a mentor within commuting distance and will receive notification via email and U.S. mail.

The student, parent(s) or guardian, and mentor are required to meet soon after notification to discuss duties, responsibilities, and the summer schedule. In order to participate, students must return to the AFS Hutton Program an acceptance form signed by the student, parent(s) or guardian(s), and mentor.

Students should consider their participation in the Hutton Program as a full-time commitment. Eight 40-hour weeks, or the equivalent, are a requirement of the Hutton Program.

Students must provide their own transportation to and from the work site. Travel and other expenses associated with fieldwork are borne by the mentor’s organization.

Sometimes it may become necessary for students to spend time overnight at a distant site with their mentors. Parental permission must be obtained by the mentor in advance of the trip, preferably with blanket permission for the entire summer.

AFS provides liability insurance for students and mentors who participate. Forms and instructions are provided to the mentor.

If at any time during the summer program the student does not abide by the agreement made between student, parents, and mentor, AFS reserves the right to drop the student from the program and withhold the remaining scholarship funds.

Scholarship Award

Students receive scholarship funds of $3,000 in conjunction with their participation in the Hutton Program; these funds are paid in equal installments over the summer.

The Hutton scholarships are not considered wages for tax purposes; therefore, no W-4 form needs to be completed by the student when he or she begins the program, and no taxes are withheld. However, the scholarships are considered taxable income according to IRS regulations. Students are advised to consult IRS regulations regarding scholarships.

Reporting Requirements

Students are required to provide a mid-summer progress report via email, fax, or U.S. mail by July 15th and a signed, written final report to the American Fisheries Society by August 31st.

Program Promotion

Students are requested to cooperate in efforts by the American Fisheries Society to widely advertise the Hutton Program.

Students are asked to share their summer experience informally, as well as at a school-sponsored function with classmates, relatives, and friends, if possible.

For questions about the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program, please contact the Hutton Program Coordinator.