Guide and Checklist for AFS Book Chapter Authors

Please follow these guidelines and the attached checklist in preparing your chapter manuscript for submission
to the project editor or chapter coordinator.

Preparing a Chapter Contribution

  • You are responsible for preparing and delivering any figures, tables, appendices, bibliography, and other
    materials related to your chapter.
  • If previously published material (either text or graphics) appears in the chapter, you must obtain copyright
    permission. Please contact Aaron Lerner at 301-897-8616, ext. 231 or
  • It is advisable to begin your requests for permission to use copyrighted material early, since they must be
    obtained in writing and could take some time.
  • Prior to submitting your manuscript, please refer to the Author Checklist for AFS Book Chapter Preparation

Reviewing Page Proofs
You will be sent page proofs of your chapter. This is the last time you will see your work before publication.
Please note the following requirements.

  • Only typographical, spelling, or other minor errors can be corrected at this time.
  • Substantive editorial changes will not be permitted.
  • Proofs must be checked and returned within one week.
  • Only the AFS Editorial Office staff will review second page proofs to ensure that all corrections were made.
    No additional author corrections will be allowed at this point.

CLICK HERE to download the Complete Guide and Checklist for AFS Book Chapter Authors (pdf)