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Meet AFS Member, Abigail “Abby” Lynch and get to know a fish word!

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In honor of Valentines Day, please enjoy the first series of post for this blog post on fish mating strategiesCheck back weekly for new additions to the “Fish-ionary.”

  • Promiscuous: A mating system where both sexes have multiple partners during the breeding system.  In fishes, this is the most common mating system.  Breeders make little or no mate choice and spawn with multiple partners, either sequentially or at the same time….read more.
  • Polygamous: A mating system in which an individual of one sex has multiple partners during the breeding system but individuals of the opposite sex have only one partner…. read more.
  • Polygyny: A polygamous mating system where a male has multiple female partners during the breeding season.  This is the more common form of polygamy….read more.
  • Polyandry: A polygamous mating system where a female has multiple male partners during the breeding season….read more.
  • Monogamy: A mating system where partners live and exclusively mate with only each other….read more.



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