25 Aug 2014

Fisheries Newsletter News Bits – Not Exactly Jellyfish

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“The scientific name is Velella velella,” said David Bader, director of education at the Aquarium of the

Velella velella. Credit CNN

Velella velella. Credit CNN

Pacific in Long Beach, California. “They’re jelly-like creatures, but they’re not exactly jellyfish.”

Velella velella feeds on plankton and fish eggs caught with tentacles that hang down from its jelly-like body.
The creatures float on top of the ocean with their fins sticking straight up, leaving them at the mercy of the
wind and the current.

“Out at sea, they look like bubbles on the surface of the ocean until you get up on them,” said Julie Bursek
of NOAA’s Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.

They don’t live long on the shore, causing their deep blue color to fade until their clear, tougher fins are all that’s
left behind. “A lot of people probably never knew an organism like this existed in the world,” Bader said. “And
you know the winds change, and all of a sudden they…. Click to read more from CNN.