25 Aug 2014

Doug Austen Interviewed by ECO – the Environmental Coastal & Offshore magazine

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The Environmental Coastal & Offshore magazine (ECO) interviewed AFS Executive Director Doug Austen to answer these questions and more:
eco magazine

  • How does your structure serve fisheries professionals?
  • Which groups do you advocate for and how? Who are your partners and how have they changed over time?
  • How can we improve the types of monitoring pertinent to fish populations, fish habitat, and harvest fisheries?
  • What types of remediation and mitigation do you think can offer the best long-term solutions for improved fisheries health?
  • Many people say that there are already laws in place to protect our fish stocks and their habitats, but that these laws are not being enforced?
  • Are there any policy changes that have happened in 2014 that will have a substantial impact on fish populations in the U.S.?

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