• The International Chapter

    The International Fisheries Section was established to: support and promote worldwide fishery educational, organizational, and research efforts; increase North American fishery scientists’ awareness of the interests, needs and contributions of their colleagues worldwide; increase awareness and cooperation of the American Fisheries Society and its members in international fisheries; assist the international exchange of information, including the provision of technical advice, among fishery workers of all nations.

  • Alaska Chapter

    The Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is a professional organization of individuals interested in maintaining high standards for the fisheries profession and ensuring conservation of Alaska’s fisheries.

  • Arizona New Mexico Chapter

    The Arizona Mexico Chapter (AZ/NM) was founded to facilitate communication among regional fisheries biologists.

  • New Mexico State U Chapter

    The mission of the Subunit is to provide its membership with venues to share information on all aspects inherent to aquatic related subjects, and to serve the surrounding human and animal community in a manner consistent with the highest integrity and ethics.

  • Arkanas

    The goals of the Chapter are to: Promote the wise management, conservation, and use of the fishery and aquatic resources of Arkansas. Facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information among fisheries and aquatic professionals throughout all fields within the discipline (i.e. management, culture, research, academia, administrative) in the state of Arkansas. Increase the public’s awareness of Arkansas’ aquatic and fisheries resources and expand their participation in fisheries and related projects and issues, including habitat maintenance and improvement work, protection of sensitive areas/resources, and the promotion of wise management of all of Arkansas’ aquatic resources. Assist in the implementation and attainment of AFS parent society goals and objectives.

  • Arkansas Tech University

    We are one of the most active clubs on campus. We generally meet twice a month for business, and have several more opportunities per month for volunteer service and/or social functions. Most of our members are Fish and Wildlife Biology majors, but anyone with interests in the outdoors and helping our community is encouraged to join. Some of our activities include stream cleanups, fishing derbies, an annual duck calling contest, fish fries, and working deer check stations. If any of these activities sound interesting, consider joining the Fish and Wildlife Society!

  • University of Central Arkansas

    The mission of the Subunit is to promote the conservation and preservation of sustainable fisheries and aquatic ecosystems; to scientifically investigate and seek to conserve natural aquatic habitats and the diverse, natural biological communities associated with such habitats for the betterment of the scientific community and the public; and to provide effective, scientifically sound conservation, management, and research advisement, strategies, and techniques for the preservation of Arkansas’ natural and effectively anthropogenically-altered aquatic ecosystems to the scientific community, resource managers, and the public.

  • University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

    The Aquaculture and Fisheries Club (AFC) is a student-run academic organization made up of students, faculty, and staff of the Aquaculture/Fisheries Center at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Housed within the AFC are student subchapters of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) and the United States Aquaculture Society (USAS).

  • Atlantic International Chapter

    The Atlantic International Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is comprised of 5 eastern Canadian provinces and 3 New England American states. They are: Quebec (east of Three Rivers), New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The expressed purpose of the Chapter is “to foster communication through total participation (workshop approach) and to exchange applied information and techniques, as well as theory, on fisheries management and culture within the Chapter area”.
    Le Chapitre International de l’Atlantique de l’American Fisheries Society est composée de 5 provinces canadiennes et de 3 États américains. Ils sont: le Québec (à l’est de Trois-Rivières), le Nouveau-Brunswick, la Nouvelle-Écosse, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, Île-du-Prince-Édouard, le Maine, le New Hampshire, et le Vermonte. Le but exprimé du Chapitre est “stimuler la transmission par la participation totale (approche d’atelier) et de échanger l’information appliquées, des techniques, et la théorie, sur la gestion des péche et culture dans la région de Chapitre”.

  • University of Maine Chapter

    UMaine Fish Club. The UMaine Fish Club is an independent student chapter of the American Fisheries Society. Our group is for people who are interested in fish and fishing! Fish Club events include recreational outings (ice and ocean fishing trips, fly tying and casting instruction, and an ongoing bowling competition with the Wildlife Society), community outreach and education (movie nights, the Penobscot River Revival Festival, Penobscot River Keepers school demonstrations, and fisheries restoration volunteering), and fisheries science meetings (hosting visiting lecturers, presentations by local speakers, travel to AFS conferences). We meet several times each semester.

  • Auburn University

    This is a local chapter in the American Fisheries Society that was established in 1973, made up of students and faculty that are interested in both freshwater and marine fishes. There mission is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals.

  • California Nevada

    The California-Nevada Chapter serves the fisheries community through disseminating conservation related information to chapter members and providing a channel for communicating comments by members to the public and legislature regarding fisheries issues in California and Nevada.

  • University of California Sacramento Davis

    The University Of California, Davis: American Fisheries Society Sacramento-Davis Subunit

  • Humboldt State University

    The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for academic discussion and social interaction pertaining to fish, fisheries biology and relates areas of interest of the members.

  • Colorado Wyoming

    We promote conservation, development and wise utilization of the states’ fisheries resources; technological advancement of all branches of fisheries science; and the professional exchange of fisheries information among its members. We do lots of stuff, and all of it is good for fish, even the stuff that’s not! The Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is one of the oldest chapters, founded in 1966.

  • Colorado State University

    The Colorado State University Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is a nonprofit, student run organization. The mission of the CSU Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is to enhance the education and professional development of its members to help them become leading fisheries professionals dedicated to advancing the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems. Officially, we are a sub-unit of the Colorado Wyoming Chapter and national organization of the American Fisheries Society.

  • University of Wyoming

    The University of Wyoming Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society is established with the purpose of preparing students for a fisheries career by providing educational opportunities, promoting interactions with fisheries professionals, and providing opportunities for gaining fisheries experience.

  • Dakota

    The Dakota Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was originally organized as the Upper Missouri River Chapter in 1963. The Chapter is participating member of the North Central Division, one of four North American geographical subdivisions within the AFS. The South Dakota State University Student Subunit is an affiliate of the Dakota Chapter. The Chapter provides several annual awards to professionals, conservation groups, and students as well as scholarship opportunities to students (see Chapter Awards). Two scholarships, the Schmulbach Memorial Scholarship and the Sauger Scholarship, are awarded to undergraduate fisheries students each year

  • South Dakota State University Student Subunit

    The South Dakota State University Student Subunit (SDSUAFS) was founded in 2003 under the auspices of the Dakota Chapter and the Parent Society of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) and was recognized by South Dakota State University as an official campus organization in 2005. Members of SDSUAFS include graduate and undergraduate students at the university.

  • Florida

    The Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was established in 1980 as the result of a number of dedicated Florida fisheries scientists, who were active members of the parent society, deciding that networking with each other would strengthen fisheries management and research in the sunshine state. Chapter members meet annually to present technical papers and to informally get to know one another better. There are no membership requirements other than a minimal annual dues of $10, and payment of appropriate registration fees for the annual meeting. However, Chapter members are encouraged to join the parent society of AFS. Most Chapter members come from The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; various university fisheries schools (including UF, FSU, FIT, FAU among others), and the Federal Government (for example, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Forest Service). However we welcome individuals from commercial aquaculture, commercial fisheries, fishing guides, tournament fishermen, outdoor writers, manufacturers/retailers of fisheries products and anyone else interested in enhancing and sustaining Florida fisheries.

  • Florida Student Subunit

    This student unit was organized as a subunit of the Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in 2005 to promote the involvement of students at Florida colleges and universities in the affairs of the American Fisheries Society and to encourage the exchange of technical and regional fisheries information among student members of the Florida Chapter who belong to this subunit.

  • Georgia

    The Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (GA-AFS) was formed in 1986. Prior to that time, fisheries professional in Georgia were organized as the Georgia Fisheries Workers Association (GFWA). GA-AFS, like the GWFA before it, is the premiere fisheries professional organization in the State of Georgia. With over 100 members annually, GA-AFS is dedicated to the promotion of sound fisheries science and development of our fisheries professionals. Our members come from throughout the Southeast, ranging from natural resource managers, aquaculturists, researchers, conservationists, and numerous biological disciplines; and representing state and federal government, academia, private consulting, industry, and recreational fishing interests. Together, we work towards the common goal of improving the fish and aquatic resources of Georgia.

  • University of Georgia

    The UGA Fisheries Society was formed in 1994 as a student organization of the Daniel B. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and the University of Georgia. The Club is composed of University students, staff, and faculty members with an interest in fisheries, ecology, limnology, and other disciplines involving aquatic resources. The Club has an active schedule that includes informative seminars, community service projects, and fun activities. In the spring of 2000, we were recognized as an official Student Sub-Unit of the Georgia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

  • Idaho

    The Idaho Chapter is a local chapter of the Society. The Idaho Chapter was originally founded in 1963 as the Treasure Valley Chapter by 35 fishery professionals from southwestern Idaho. However, the Chapter soon expanded to include all of Idaho and was subsequently renamed the Idaho Chapter. Today, the Idaho Chapter is a large, diverse organization that has hundreds of members scattered across Idaho and surrounding areas. The mission of the Society and the Idaho Chapter is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by 1) advancing fisheries and aquatic science and 2) promoting the development of fisheries professionals.

  • Palouse Unit Idaho

    The Palouse Unit of the American Fisheries Society is for all students interested in fisheries conservation, health, recreation, management, and production. In addition to annual club events, we are actively involved in many service projects providing opportunities to engage with fisheries professionals.

  • Illinois

    The Illinois Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is the professional fisheries organization for Illinois. Our membership represents the dedicated folks who work in diverse venues including government agencies, universities, environmental consulting businesses, and non-profit environmental organizations. We also welcome membership for anyone interested in conservation of fisheries and fish resources in Illinois and its surrounding waters. The Chapter was founded in 1963 and answers directly to the national American Fisheries Society, the largest fisheries organization in the world.

  • Southern Illinois University

    Welcome to the SIU Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences, a research center for both freshwater and marine science. Southern Illinois is a great location for fisheries, fish biology, and aquatic research, with many lakes, streams, and rivers in which to work. We have a strong marine biology component and are within a day’s drive to the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    The mission of AFS, UIUC subunit is “to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries and aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals.

  • Indiana

    The Indiana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (IAFS) supports the conservation of fisheries and aquatic ecosystems in Indiana by promoting professional excellence in fisheries science, management, and education.

  • Ball State University

    BSU AFS is a student subunit of the American Fisheries Society. Its purpose is to foster interaction between students, faculty and professionals in the fisheries field. We regularly host various talks given by fisheries professionals. We are also active in the community. Every year we clean up a stretch of the White River.

  • Purdue University

    The Purdue Sub-unit of the American Fisheries Society was established in 1992 and has been growing ever since. Our mission is to help promote education and gain experience in the field of fisheries and aquatic sciences for Purdue students. Through projects such as our Indian Creek and Purdue Pond sampling surveys, field trips to various fisheries related operations, and functions such as state chapter meetings, we hope to achieve our goal of providing a forum for the increased understanding of fisheries and related fields.

  • Iowa

    Active membership in the Iowa Chapter of the American Fisheries Society will provide many opportunities to advance your growth as a fisheries professional and allow you a greater voice in shaping the future of Iowa fisheries. The newsletter and the ability to network with other fisheries and aquatic resource professionals from government. Academia, fish culture, and the private sector will keep you abreast of all the latest techniques and issues. T

  • Iowa State University

    The Iowa State University Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society (ISU AFS) was founded in 2005. Since that time we have won the “Most Active Student Subunit Award” three times (2005, 2006, and 2009). We look forward to earning this great honor again this year. The subunit meets on campus once a month to view presentations by local fisheries professionals and organize both social and scientific activities. Past activities include annual kids’ fishing clinics, stream fish monitoring, and fish habitat construction. Members work closely with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and attend both state and regional meetings and conferences.

  • Kansas

    The Kansas Chapter of the American fisheries Society began with a desire to form a local chapter in December 1974. Dr. Harold Klaassen, Kansas State University, mailed a questionnaire asking if there was a desire to form a state chapter. There is no indication how many surveys were sent, but he received positive responses from 24 AFS members and one maybe. Follow up meetings were held at the Kansas Forestry Fish and Game Office on Seth Childs Road in Manhattan in February, 1975 and at the home of Bob Domermuth in Manhattan in March 1975. A meeting to sign a petition for the chapter to the parent society and establish a set of draft by-laws was held at KSU April 5, 1975. At that meeting Harold Klaassen was elected chapter president, Frank Cross was elected vice president, and Leo Dowlin was elected secretary-treasurer. Dr. Otto Tiemeier, KSU, presented a brief talk about his accomplishments with catfish aquaculture. The petition for chapter status and drafted bylaws were accepted by the parent society at its annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV, and The Kansas Chapter of the AFS became officially recognized September 13, 1975.

  • K-State

    The K-State Student Subunit was established in 1999 to actively involve students in the American Fisheries Society. The Student Subunit has been dedicated to advancing fisheries and aquatic science through the professional development of students ever since. Membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled throughout Kansas’s Colleges and Universities. The Student Subunit was established within the Kansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (KSAFS) which was founded in 1977. The KSAFS is committed to the conservation and sustainability of our fisheries resources and aquatic ecosystems by uniting fisheries professionals in Kansas.

  • Kentucky

    Our members generally consist of employees of KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) as well as the faculty, students and alumni associated with the fish and wildlife programs at the various universities and colleges that are located throughout the state of Kentucky.

  • Louisiana

    The Louisiana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society traces its beginning to the spring of 1979. At that time, a group gathered to discuss the formation of a local professional organization for fisheries researchers, managers, administrators, educators, students and other interested individuals. The Chapter was created with the intention of providing a local avenue for fisheries professionals and students to communicate and exchange pertinent information regarding the state’s fisheries resources through annual meetings and midyear workshops. Student involvement is critical to the Chapter and increases each year.

  • Michigan

    The Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is a professional organization interested in maintaining high standards for the fisheries profession and ensuring conservation of Michigan’s aquatic resources. This web site is a source of information regarding the Michigan Chapter and its activities. The Michigan Chapter is an official chapter of the North Central Division. The Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was founded in 1973 and serves about 400 members throughout the state. It is one of 54 local chapters across North America. Members come from State and Federal agencies, Native American tribes, universities, and the private sector. The Chapter welcomes active participation from any discipline or citizen interested in aquatic resources. The primary objectives of the Chapter are to provide a forum for discussion of fishery issues, increase the awareness of aquatic resource problems in the State, and allow networking of people with common interest. Activities of the Michigan Chapter revolve around annual meetings, continuing education workshops, newsletters, and the activities of twelve standing committees. By participating in Chapter activities, members grow professionally, help protect our aquatic resources, have fun, and gain a sense of satisfaction in the process.

  • Michigan State University

    The MSU FW Club has just become a Student Subunit of AFS fairly recently. To further enhance the education and professional development of students interested in natural resources, through hands on experience in management, research, and public outreach, in an engaging community.

  • Mid Atlantic (Delaware, New Jersey)

    The Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC) is one of six geographic chapters within the Northeastern Division of the American Fisheries Society. The mission of the Chapter is to fulfill the parent society’s objectives within the Mid-Atlantic Region: Promote the conservation, development, and wise use of the fisheries. Promote and evaluate the development and advancement of fisheries science and practice. Gather and disseminate scientific, technical, and other information about fisheries science and practice. Encourage the teaching of fisheries science and practice in regional colleges and universities and the continuing education and development of fisheries professionals.

  • Mid-Canada

    The Mid-Canada Chapter (MCC) of the American Fisheries Society was formed to represent fisheries and aquatic scientists working in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. The MCC is part of the North Central Division of AFS.

  • Minnesota

    Welcome to the MN Chapter AFS Website. The Minnesota Chapter was formed in 1978 by dedicated fisheries professionals.

  • University of Minnesota

    The objectives of the club shall be those of the American Fisheries Society and the Wildlife Society as set forth in Article I of the Constitution, and encourage the exchange of information by members of the Society residing within the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.

  • Mississippi

    The Mississippi Chapter strives for the same goal as its parent society by combining the talents, resources, and knowledge of fisheries professionals and students who focus on the biological aspects and ecological requirements of Mississippi fishes and the social and economic importance of recreational and commercial fisheries across our great state.

  • Mississippi State University

    Welcome to the website of the Mississippi State University student subunit of the American Fisheries Society! Our goal is to improve the awareness of conservation and sustainability of aquatic resources by advancing fisheries and aquatic sciences and promoting the development of future and current fisheries professionals. We are dedicated to providing fisheries students with opportunities that will enhance their knowledge of fisheries research and help them become better fisheries scientists.

  • University of Southern Mississippi

    The University of Southern Mississippi Student Subunit (USMAFS) was founded in 2010 under the auspices of the Mississippi Chapter and the American Fisheries Society (AFS). USMAFS promotes collaboration with practicing fisheries scientists through guest lectures, meetings, and other activities. USMAFS also works with local groups such as the Mississippi Coastal Conservation Association on public outreach events.

  • Missouri

    MOAFS is a scientific and professional organization composed of persons dedicated to the conservation, enhancement, and restoration of aquatic resources. The goals of MOAFS are: to advance the conservation, development, and wise use of aquatic resources for optimum use and enjoyment by people, to facilitate the distribution of information regarding the aquatic sciences, to promote and to evaluate the educational, scientific, and professional aspects of the aquatic sciences, and to provide an organizational structure that equitably represents its members, develops opportunities for effective leadership, and generates the resources necessary to accomplish Chapter programs.

  • University of Missouri Columbia

    Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Society (F.A.S.S.) is a student organization whose goal is to promote interactions and activities that will allow members interested in aquatic sciences to develop professionally and to involve members in matters important to the preservation, conservation and enhancement of aquatic resources in Missouri. F.A.S.S. is dedicated to helping future fishery and aquatic professionals expand their horizons. In the past F.A.S.S. has had guest speakers from the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Columbia Environmental Research Center, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the University. We have held workshops for our members as well, such as fish identification and water quality training. F.A.S.S. is stream team #442, and does annual volunteer water quality monitoring. We conduct workshops for other students, attend conferences and have outdoor activities, such as canoe trips. We are the official student subunit of the Missouri American Fisheries Society and the American Fisheries Society.

  • Missouri State University

    This subunit is intended to introduce students to fisheries and aquatic biology, providing opportunities and experience they may not get other places.

  • Montana Chapter

    Welcome to the homepage for the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society! The Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society was chartered in 1967. Among its objectives are conservation, development and wise utilization of the fisheries, promotion of the educational, scientific and technological development and advancement of all branches of fisheries science and practice, and exchange and dissemination of knowledge about fish, fisheries and related subject.

  • Montana State University

    The Montana State University Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society (MSUAFS) is an organization of students, undergraduate and graduate, who have an interest in fisheries management, science, and ecology. The MSUAFS operates under the auspice of the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society and promotes the objectives of the American Fisheries Society.

  • University of Montana

    The American Fisheries Society UM student subunit is an ideal way to get involved, improve your college experience, advance your career goals, and have fun. The organization is open to all students at the university. Being a subunit of the American Fisheries Society provides students with a way to learn more about local fisheries issues, make contacts with professionals, learn about current internships and job announcements, as well as get involved in fishing trips, river clean-up trips, and local stream restoration events. This year there will be a variety of exciting activities from river cleanup float trips, restoration projects, outreach activities, state fisheries conventions, as well as getting together as a group for fishing, fly-tying, and telling fish stories. We will have biweekly meetings with speakers, organizing upcoming activities, and discussing local issues in fisheries

  • North Carolina

    Established in 1988 and officially chartered under AFS in 1990, the mission of the North Carolina chapter is to improve the conservation & sustainability of fishery resources & aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries & aquatic science & promoting the development of fisheries professionals. This includes the exchange of information among Chapter members & with the general public.

  • Nebraska

    The Nebraska Chapter, chartered by the parent society in 1970, is composed of natural resource professionals and other citizens interested in fisheries and associated aquatic resources in Nebraska. Chapter members come from a variety of backgrounds including persons working for local state and federal agencies, universities and state colleges, public power & irrigation districts, and private environmental consultants and aquaculturists. Other conservation organization members and college students also find membership to be helpful to their endeavors. The Nebraska Chapter is organized under the Internal Revenue Code as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.

  • Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln

    This organization is for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the fisheries profession. The purpose of the AFS Subunit is to promote professional development in the field of fishery and aquatic resource science, encourage exchange of regional fisheries and other technical information, and address issues that affect Nebraska’s aquatic resources. Annual activities include co-hosting the Midwest Fisheries Student Colloquium with the Iowa State University Student Subunit, hosting a fishing tournament for members of the subunit and Nebraska Chapter AFS, and assisting the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission fishery biologists with management activities at Bowling Lake in Lincoln.

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