AFS Membership: How Much Should it Cost?

by Donna Parrish, AFS President Many professional societies have experienced declining membership in recent years. In AFS, membership numbers are currently lower than some previous years but not all. We know that AFS membership often varies with attendance at the Society Annual Meeting. Attractive meeting locations draw new members to AFS who wish to take.. read more →

President’s Commentary—May 2014

Fisheries Ethics, or What Do You Want To Do with Your Scientific Knowledge in Addition to Earning a Living? Natural resource management involves much more than purely scientific or technological issues; it also involves ethics and values. Bob Hughes In its recent survey of fishery employers, AFS Special Committee on Educational Requirements found that there.. read more →

President’s Commentary: How Many People Are Enough (Too Many)?

*President’s Commentary: How Many People Are Enough (Too Many)? by Bob Hughes In the five minutes that you take to read this commentary, approximately 1,000 new human babies will be added to Earth’s current 7.2 billion people. From the evolution of Homo sapiens, we did not reach our first billion until 1804, doubling again in.. read more →

President’s Commentary—February 2014

A Plea for a Steady-State Economy Bob Hughes, AFS President Recent news stimulated my writing of this commentary. Pope Francis and President Obama decried the growing gap in income disparity globally and in the United States. China largely abandoned its one-child policy to stimulate economic growth, despite being the top CO-emitting nation on Earth. The.. read more →

President’s Commentary—January 2014

Reductionism versus Natural Rights or Why Is Effective Natural Resource Management So Difficult? Bob Hughes, AFS President Although many North American fish populations and stocks are considered healthy or recovering, many others are not, and an ever-increasing number are considered vulnerable, threatened, or endangered (Nehlsen et al. 1991; Musick et al. 2000; Jelks et al. 2008). I believe.. read more →