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President's Column How Did I Get Here? Policy Column Incorporating Habitat into Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Strategies Student Column The End Parenthesis: How a Fisheries Student Tackled Programming Out in the Field Amber Waves of ... Algae? FEATURES Why It Is Time to Put PHABSIM Out to Pasture Examining One State’s Regulation Development Process to Manage Alien Crayfish Introductions Pacific Salmon Prespawn Mortality: Patterns,... Read More

Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – November 2016

In this Issue: • President's Column Who and What Are We? • Policy Column The Urgent Need for Intern Opportunities FEATURES • Ecological and Economic Consequences of Ignoring Jellyfish: A Plea for Increased Monitoring of Ecosystems • Stakeholder Views of Management and Decision Support Tools to Integrate Climate Change into Great Lakes Lake Whitefish Management • Graphical Function... Read More

Effects of Climate Change on North American Inland Fishes

Introduction to the Special Issue To sustainably manage North American fishes, understanding how climate change will impact, and is currently impacting, these ecologically, culturally, and economically valuable resources is a critical need. Because the effects of climate change on fishes vary by ecoregion and interact with other anthropogenic stressors, synthesis of available information on the... Read More