Fisheries Techniques 2nd edition


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B. R. Murphy and D. W. Willis, editors

732 pages

Published by American Fisheries Society, 1996


A comprehensive reference volume of modern sampling and data collection methods in fisheries science for students and professionals. This new edition includes two new chapters: one on statistical considerations in fisheries sampling and the other on sampling of invertebrate organisms. All other chapters have been thoroughly rewritten to include innovations of the past decade. Each chapter provides a description of various approaches and techniques, with a review of applications, advantages and limitations. A comprehensive glossary of terms has been added.

This book in intended for:

* practicing fisheries scientists * professors * graduate and advanced students

Table of Contents

List of Species

1. Planning for Sampling D. W. Willis and B. R. Murphy

2. Data Management and Statistical Techniques M. L. Brown and D. J. Austen

3. Safety in Fisheries Work C. R. Berry, Jr.

4. Aquatic Habitat Measurements T. E. McMahon, A. V. Zale, and D. J. Orth

5. Care and Handling of Sampled Organisms S. W. Kelsch and B. Shields

6. Passive Capture Techniques W. A. Hubert

7. Active Fish Capture Methods D. B. Hayes, C. P. Ferreri, and W. W. Taylor

8. Electrofishing J. B. Reynolds

9. Collection, Preservation, and Identification of Fish Eggs and Larvae W. E. Kelso and D. A. Rutherford

10. Sampling with Toxicants P. W. Bettoli and M. J. Maceina

11. Invertebrates C. F. Rabeni

12. Tagging and Marking C. S. Guy, H. L. Blankenship, and L. A. Nielsen

13. Acoustic Assessment of Fish Abundance and Distribution S. B. Brandt

14. Field Examination of Fishes R. J. Strange

15. Length, Weight, and Associated Structural Indices R. O. Anderson and R. M. Neumann

16. Determination of Age and Growth D. R. DeVries and R. V. Frie

17. Quantitative Description of the Diet S. H. Bowen

18. Underwater Observation A. Dolloff, J. Kershner, and R. Thurow

19. Advances in Underwater Biotelemetry J. Winter

20. Sampling the Recreational Creel S. P. Malvestuto

21. Commercial Fisheries Surveys M. C. Fabrizio and R. A. Richards

22.Measuring the Human Dimensions of Recreational Fisheries B. A. Knuth and S. L. McMullin

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